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Year 2010 just began. And its nearly over too! Where do the days and years disappear? Days filled with insignificant, mundane chores! Days centred around our pretty selves!!

Perhaps, it is time to take some effort to ‘make a difference’ to those who really need help!

The Ojas Trust does precisely that. The Ojas is a Registered Educational and Charitable Trust.

Please do read their website to learn about all the fantastic work they are doing to help people who aren’t as fortunate.

A quick summary of their projects:

1. To mark its grand opening, The Ojas has adopted “Irular Colony”, near Ponneri, 75 kms from Chennai. The colony has about 1000 residents in 120 tiled and thatched huts. They don’t have access to drinking water and electricity. The Ojas is negotiating with the government to ensure that by end of project, the Colony has these two basic needs. Also, for Diwali 2010 – The Ojas is distributing new clothes to all the inmates along with Rice & Grains. The colony still needs lot of work …and we need you to help us with this! Please contact for more information –

2. The 12th Blood Donation Camp is scheduled to be held on Nov 14th, 2010 between 9.00 am and 12.30 pm at Aditya Ashwin Apts, Dr.Ranga Road, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004. Additionally, we will be serving food to all the donors and volunteers on this day.
3. In order to spread awareness, The Ojas is also inviting people to come forward to “Donate Eyes”. Forms are available with representatives. The duly filled forms can be returned to us, which will be in turn deposited at “C U Shah Eye Bank, Sankara Nethralaya”.  Interested people may please contact Priya at 98840 36200 or email her-

4. Another new endevour of The Ojas to increase environmental responsibility is planting 86 fruit bearing coconut trees in Magaral Village, Tamil Nadu.

5. Representatives of The Ojas have personally visited and surveyed 18 homes (including baby-care units, orphanages, old-age homes, etc.,) in and around Chennai. The sum total of the needs have been clearly listed below.

• 2 ton AC for a Baby Care Unit

• 20 Steel Single Cots for a Old-Age Home

• Fans & Tubelights (50 numbers)

• Huggies (Different Sizes)

• Grinders/Mixie/Washing Machine

• Bedsheets & Pillow Covers

• Mike with Amplifier & speakers

• Large sized Aluminium vessels for cooking purposes

• Pressure Cooker (20 ltr size)

• Steel plates and tumblers (Over 500)

• Wax for candle making (Over 200 kgs)

• Tea Powder (Over 100 kgs)

6. The Trust will also be distributing 250 “AkshayaPatra” Bags that contain Rice, grains, pulses, oil, toilet & sanitational needs etc that cost Rs.2000 per bag. Each of these 250 bags will be given to Irular Colony and inmates of Leprosy Village.
7. Rice, pulses and grains in bulk quantities purchased for these homes. The requirement for each home varies from 100 kgs of rice to 50 kgs of dhal, oil, sugar, etc…

I just received this email:

Our first Grama Seva (Village Project) happened on October 24th 2010 in the Irular Village near Ponneri, Chennai. The inhabitants of more than 800 people were each given new clothes and sweet & savories. Additionally, every family (120 families) were given 25 kilos of rice and the Akshayapatra Bags. The Ojas Trust also gave large amounts of used clothes and other usable household things (such as mixie, vessels, umbrellas, etc..etc…) to the villagers. Chairs, large sized cloth mats (to be used on the floor) were given to the school.

About 35 volunteers representing The Ojas reached the village at about 10.00 hrs. The crowd was waiting in anticipation for their goodies. The organised crowd who were given tokens came forward to receive their gifts. Our volunteers went along personally to place the bags of rice in their respective homes. The village roads were in bad shape owing to rain the previous evening. The place immediately needs proper sanitation and that would soon be the area of focus of The Trust.

We sang devotional songs at the end of the distribution, made photographs along with the villagers and bid them farewell promising to come back again with more concrete plans. The school needs PRIORITY attention. The flooring is almost absent and children are often bit by insects as they sit inside the school. The leaking roof adds to the agony.

Those of us who are interested in promising these people better sanitation and a better environment to study – please write to us at –

Here is a picture update of the project! Thanks to all of you who made this project a reality! We look forward to your continued support!

If any of you would like to volunteer your services (or money too), please email

If any of you would like to volunteer your services (or money too), please email

Priya happens to be my ‘schoolmate’, and I can completely vouch for her genuineness!!

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Of stars that were colourful..

Once again, a very Happy Deepavali!! or Happy Diwali!!! (as you like it!)

If you are reading this post, it means you had a nice and safe Diwali, and I hope it was exciting and happy too 🙂

Our Diwali morning went off rather quietly (I had to go out on some work, so ‘Knight and Baby Hunk’ – read ‘Hubby and Kid’ remained indoors), but the evening was lovely. A new friend had invited us over for a fireworks party, and OH MY! What a range of fireworks there was, and all by the banks of the river Thames.

Also, this is my little boy’s first active Deepavali…meaning, he was a real baby until now, so didn’t actively participate with the crackers et al, but yesterday was different. The first time I showed him a sparkler, he RAN!! I had to chase him and bring him back. Slowly, he got into the groove of things, and by the end of the evening, he had held four sparklers, and had watched open-mouthed, amazed at the countless colourful, sparkling stars that lit up the cloudess night sky.

My only crib is that we didn’t have the foresight to have the camera ready. I wish we had taken a couple of pictures!

[Special thanks to little Pixie, for suggesting that we make fond memories of our first Diwali away from home].

And now, back to AWARDS! Yippee!

Swaram had very sweetly given me all these awards…

  • I love your Blog (goes to all the blogroll) loveblogaward111
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  • Inspirational blogger (I pass this on to ‘TATTOO’, for her beautiful work, though she hardly blogs anymore)

Dmanji had received tons of awards in Sep. and had passed it onto his Blogroll and Commentators.

  • I choose this one – ‘Blogbuddies’, and pass it onto EVERYONE in my blogroll and all those who are kind enough to lurk or leave comments 🙂blog_buddies


  • I also pick Super Scribbler, in order to share it with:superscribbler

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So, that’s it, people!! Have a happy Sunday, and a good week ahead.


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Too much and too less

There’s been too much going on of late, and Time just seems too less.

As most of you who are on FB know, I had an eventful Friday.

I turned over a new leaf and set the alarm to wake me at 5 in the morning. Which it did. And the sleepy-head that I am/was, I walked into the kitchen quite hazily, only to find the washing machine making some queer whirrrrrrrrrrr sounds, as if groaning from stomach-ache. So I turned it off, and opened the door (its a front-loading thing), and guess what? Water GUSHED out! I shut it back immediately (what presence of mind, eh?), but could still hear the water POURING INTO the machine. That’s when I hit the panic button. No outflow, and extremely high inflow!

Knight in shining armour, Hubby, came to rescue me. But Lo! The valve to shut the water inflow was MISSING! The main valve was rusted and refused to budge a millimetre. While knight oiled the valve, the machine threatened to burst open with a vengeance, so I had to succumb and open it myself. This time, however, I placed a bucket under the door, so managed to catch half the water atleast! My exercise for the day/week/month was complete, as I mopped the rest of the water from the floor!

When the precious main valve finally agreed to turn, the entire house went still for a moment. And we took a deep breath! No water for  the next couple of hours, but atleast, there wasn’t going to be any more flooding!

So yeah, that’s how Friday went!

Saturday was better, with a fantastic birthday party at Sanyash’s place. They had kept a Racer theme, and the hosts and guests both did absolute justice to it. I was the official camera(wo)man and had a great time. My little brat, needless to say, raced away until it was time to leave.

Sunday, again, proved mildly eventful. I opened the fridge first thing in the morning, and Lo and Behold! The satchet of milk I had bought on Sat. evening had disappeared!! I looked all over the place. No sign! It finally struck me. The entire thing had leaked out, and the vegetable trays (just below the shelf) were full of milk!! So, another round of cleaning (without swearing, can you beat that? *Patting my back**) and there began our Sunday.

Monday was pretty calm.

Tuesday and Wednesday went in our regular routine… shopping..blah..blah.

And here we are, on the brink of Deepavali 2009! With no plans whatsoever. Infact, this is our first Diwali outside home. We are usually in India at this time, and yes, feeling somewhat homesick 😦

But let’s see… maybe, Diwali will have something pleasant in store for us?

Cheerio, folks! Have a very Happy Diwali too 🙂

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At home for Diwali

As always, we booked our air tickets (to Chennai) at the very last minute. Then, we moved about like we’d completed our board exams. Until, the travel agent called to say the booking was not actually done. So we had to re-book. For a date that was a week in advance! And via Bangalore. All right! As long as we get home in time for Diwali!

So we reach a week earlier. We are all excited to meet our relatives, and have fun planning our shopping and activities for the festival. We fight with all our might, against the strong army of mosquitoes. But we finally succumb. On Deepavali, we lie in bed, drained by fever/cough and cold.

We now wait for Karthigai, to burst the crackers we had fondly bought a week earlier.