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Too much and too less

There’s been too much going on of late, and Time just seems too less.

As most of you who are on FB know, I had an eventful Friday.

I turned over a new leaf and set the alarm to wake me at 5 in the morning. Which it did. And the sleepy-head that I am/was, I walked into the kitchen quite hazily, only to find the washing machine making some queer whirrrrrrrrrrr sounds, as if groaning from stomach-ache. So I turned it off, and opened the door (its a front-loading thing), and guess what? Water GUSHED out! I shut it back immediately (what presence of mind, eh?), but could still hear the water POURING INTO the machine. That’s when I hit the panic button. No outflow, and extremely high inflow!

Knight in shining armour, Hubby, came to rescue me. But Lo! The valve to shut the water inflow was MISSING! The main valve was rusted and refused to budge a millimetre. While knight oiled the valve, the machine threatened to burst open with a vengeance, so I had to succumb and open it myself. This time, however, I placed a bucket under the door, so managed to catch half the water atleast! My exercise for the day/week/month was complete, as I mopped the rest of the water from the floor!

When the precious main valve finally agreed to turn, the entire house went still for a moment. And we took a deep breath! No water for  the next couple of hours, but atleast, there wasn’t going to be any more flooding!

So yeah, that’s how Friday went!

Saturday was better, with a fantastic birthday party at Sanyash’s place. They had kept a Racer theme, and the hosts and guests both did absolute justice to it. I was the official camera(wo)man and had a great time. My little brat, needless to say, raced away until it was time to leave.

Sunday, again, proved mildly eventful. I opened the fridge first thing in the morning, and Lo and Behold! The satchet of milk I had bought on Sat. evening had disappeared!! I looked all over the place. No sign! It finally struck me. The entire thing had leaked out, and the vegetable trays (just below the shelf) were full of milk!! So, another round of cleaning (without swearing, can you beat that? *Patting my back**) and there began our Sunday.

Monday was pretty calm.

Tuesday and Wednesday went in our regular routine… shopping..blah..blah.

And here we are, on the brink of Deepavali 2009! With no plans whatsoever. Infact, this is our first Diwali outside home. We are usually in India at this time, and yes, feeling somewhat homesick 😦

But let’s see… maybe, Diwali will have something pleasant in store for us?

Cheerio, folks! Have a very Happy Diwali too 🙂