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Five tips for effective social media strategy

I spent much of Christmas tweeting and re-tweeting posts on micro-blogging platform Twitter in the hopes of winning a Sony Tablet or iPhone (none of which came my way, in any case!) But yes, the use of social media was extraordinary!! What was more interesting was the fact that retailers did not ‘PUSH’ their products by ‘Selling’. To the contrary, they ‘PULLED’ a huge audience by ‘NOT selling’ but ‘engaging‘ the vibrant online buyer community!! Apparently, research has also proved that products recommended by friends/acquaintances on social networks fare better than those that aren’t!

Social Media platforms

There is no denying it. Social media is here to stay. So all you lovely entrepreneurs and independent retailers, please do consider these points in your strategy:

Don’t just sell!

1) Back to basics – Integrate your social media channels to speak in one voice. It should brandish your USP (unique selling proposition) that can be as simple as ‘hand-made jewellery’ or as exotic as ‘Himalayan rocks’!


2) ‘Engage’ and ‘brainstorm’– As a customer myself, I would be annoyed if a retailer used social media to ONLY Sell. Simple community engagement initiatives like seeking feedback/opinion using Polls and posting pictures of not just celebrities but even the common man endorsing their brand make you endearing!

‘Brainstorm’ with your audience – they are a storehouse of ideas! For example, hold a Twitter contest to solicit brand TAGLINES, thereby ‘engaging’ customers with more than a mundane sales pitch.

3) ‘Extra’s  – Can you use social media to offer that ‘little something extra’? For eg., a Facebook offer of 20% discount or ‘Cash on Delivery‘ could be a deal breaker.

4) Financial and non-financial targets – Let’s face it. You are not running a charity. Ensure to set targets, eg, 500 new Twitter followers.

5) Don’t stop –Most retailers/small scale entrepreneurs do not have the bandwidth to persist with social media initiatives. But do keep the buzz going. Cross-posting a Blog post a week could do the trick.

Social Media strategy is not to ‘sell’ but to ‘Engage’. Speak the voice of the customer, and they will look after you!

Thurs Challenge - picture

Thursday Challenge – 3

This week’s topic is “CRAFTS” (Supplies, Knitting, Crocheting, Woodworking, Pottery, Painting,…)

If you are wondering what is ‘special’ about this picture, it is this :  As you walk past this tapestry, you find that the painting seems to have turned towards you!

That is, when you are standing at one end of the painting, Jesus Christ looks at you. As you walk past and reach the other end of the picture, it would seem that the painting has also changed position, towards the direction in which you are standing, instead of just remaining the other way round!!!

Edited to add:

The tapestry is in Italy.. I think its the Vatican museum, but I’m not too sure. Will re-check and let you folks know. It is truly fascinating, though. You just want to walk past it, over and over again, till you get bored 🙂


Guess what? This is infact the Vatican museum, and do check out this video link.


Christmas in Recession

The world may be in recession, but the Christmas spirit is not dampened yet. A walk into Canary Wharf last night proved us right. The sky-scrapers blinked office lights within, while leafless trees outside stood stolidly, with lovely blue-white decorative lights adorning them. At the entrance of every building stood atleast one beautifully-decorated Christmas tree, that did much to considerably liven up the place. And if this isn’t enough to boost your spirit, take a look at the Big Christmas prizes you could win at the My Voucher Codes site. Its worth a click, anyway.