Thought and Reason

A new year and a lot of questions!

I am probably the LAST one in Blogosphere, to write a post, wishing you ladies and gentalmen a ‘Very Happy New Year’. Still,  couldn’t begin a new post without greeting you first!

And, as you know, we are in good ol’ Chennai, enjoying ‘Ma ka haath ka khana’ and dumping the Brat with the Grandparents while I go gallivanting 😉

Plus, there’s a Chennai Blogger’s Meet coming up on 16th, so a lot of excitement over that!

Coming to the questions…I’ve been watching ‘Raaz pichle janam ka...’ on NDVT Imagine, and it has stirred a lot of thought processes!

WHY are we WHAT we are?

WHY should we carry over attributes from one birth into the next?

WHY cannot we start afresh every time?

Is it Destiny that decides? WHAT role do we play then?

And finally, which is the JOURNEY and which, the DESTINATION?

So you see, a lot of questions. Unanswered. Unfathomable. Ever!

But, on a lighter note, every time I am on the roads of Chennai, I cannot help but observe the huge number of PINK SHIRTS that men wear! The most common colours seem to be Parrot Green, Blue and various shades of red and pink. Most interesting was this shirt I noticed today… Blood red with shades of Orange!! He he he. Couldn’t help but think of IHM’s post.

Cheerio then.. hope I come back with a more coherent post next time 🙂

Awards Thought and Reason

2009 – Year of blogging!!

As you already know, its the last two days for sending in nominations for the Avant Garde Bloggies Award.

All you need to do is check out the Categories here (spreadsheet) and here (additional categories) and write down your nominations in the Comments section on the blog.

I have sent in Nominations Part 1 and Part 2 already, and will be sending in a couple more today.

And I want to thank Hitchy, Dreamer and Smitha , Monika AND Urmila, for having nominated some of my posts in Fiction, Poetry (Lol) and Culinary categories (:roll: ). Thank you so much, people, you made my day!!

Now, these are the posts I’ve written this year. (Thank you, IHM, for sharing the secret 😉 to the archives code 🙄 )

So if you liked any of these, please do remember me 🙂 whenever the voting phase begins.


(Signing off from a snowy land)


Friendship- the Best award of all times!

I started blogging so I could keep my brains in working condition. I had NO inkling that I would make such wonderful friends in Blogosphere!

Every time I do something, or see something interesting, the first thing I can think of is to put it up here for you to read!!

I am so glad when you read my posts and leave such wonderfully kind words.

I am equally glad when you point out the yucky templates I sometimes choose 😉

But most of all, I am so glad that we are friends!!

If we do ever meet some day, in the real world, I don’t think we would be ‘strangers meeting for the first time’.

Dhiman has awarded me with this lovely Friendship Blogger award. Just two months into blogging, and Dmanji is already making waves in cyber world!! Cheers to that!!

Blogger Friendship Award

And I would like to hereby pass on the award to my dear friends and readers.

To dear friends who faithfully spoil me with compliments on my work:-
Barath (see, I even got a blogging-bro!)
Little Pixie

 To my friendly neighbour, who brings a lot of Life into real-life !

And my soul sister from cyberspace

And to the other brave male champions out here…


And a Toast to my latest friends in cyberspace:
Mystic Margarita


And to these really brilliant writers, whose work I read and then shrink into a shell :-)))

Quirky Indian



(OMG, that linking business just took me AGES, half a packet of tortilla chips and half a bottle of cider!!!)

Without your encouragement, I realise I really am nothing at all. So thank you, guys and girls, for being my friends.

(P.S: If I have missed out anyone, kindly refer to my blogroll and collect your award :-))

Edited to add:

Thank you Mon and Roshmi for passing the award back to me… I am now doubly blessed 🙂