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Contest – murder mystery

‘A Mystery is History!!’

Catchy lines from my son’s favourite ‘Tigger and Pooh’ 🙂

I love Mysterys. Always enjoyed reading them. Watching TV serials like Byomkesh Bakshi (olden days), and more recently, Special Squad (especially Aryan Khanna 😉 ) and D.O.N (Remember, Mr.Archana Puran Singh? Er… Detective Omkar Nath)

So when Blogadda wanted to make the community more exciting, I suggested this concept of a WHO-DUNNIT mystery. For the last year or so, I’ve been a huge fan of Ajay‘s stories. When I asked him if he would be interested in writing the mystery for this contest, he very kindly agreed. And what a little gem he produced! On Blogadda’s request (and Ajay’s permission ofcourse), I peppered the story with some clues and distractions 🙄 😛 and it was nice to see the concept coming to life 🙂

To confess, I was really nervous about how the blogworld would respond to this contest. Then, WOW! What a bunch of interesting entries poured in!! What was equally fascinating was the ‘comments section’ with Suranga and the others exuding their sparkling wit in the form of poems, limericks and two-liners 🙂

I am sure Sidin had a really tough time doing his job!! Its a pity though, that ‘only 2 of the entries were pronounced winners’! However, like Ajay rightly said, its the umpire’s decision that is final.

Tiku had asked me/Ajay to comment on the results. Ajay has already commented on the Blogadda website. And I would like to take the liberty to name a few of the entries that I found interesting.

Imho, this was a contest of judging not only the correct answer but also the quality of writing. I whole-heartedly agree with blogger Asheesh who said this is about the inner Ekta Kapoor 😉 😉

Strictly, in my opinion: Lila had killed herself. That’s part I. Part II – the way it was carried out/motive/etc. of course is very subjective.

Bloggers had very seriously donned the detective’s hat and came up with extremely imaginative and creative suggestions of the killer/motive/weapon. Some spoke of poisoned beads, some of liquid HCN (wonder what that means 🙄 ), some others of poisoned roses :mrgreen: It was real fun 🙂 entries by Gyanban – (who also cheekily tried to mislead people into guessing 😉 ) – Gosh! This guy must work with Scotland Yard!!! and Chatterbox‘s who was quite convincing.

I liked the entries by bloggers like Niveditha, Anu and Sudhakar who took tremendous effort to ‘understand’ Lila’s character, and then come up with a solution. They were all, for a moment, or several moments, Lila herself. I loved Urmi’s line ‘She was Lila, she couldn’t bow down even before the wishes of the Almighty’

Avada Kedavra nailed it with these lines: ‘Nobody in this house was capable of killing her. Moreover, nobody had any reason or motive what-so-ever to kill her, after these many years’

Shankha’s entry was very interesting and Soumya’s was straight-forward and convincing.

I also enjoyed reading the very sleuthy (is there such a word even?!!) solutions by bloggers like the Paranormal GuyChandana.

This particular wannabe writer was extremely creative in her presentation of the answer. Her entry was a class apart!!

Ashwini again got the answer simple and straight, but a little explanation would have done the trick.

Enjoyed the way Brindha has given a logical explanation for all those supposed clues, which really were meant to be distractions.

Blogger Archangel very cleverly took an alternate stance, that ‘No smart lady would kill herself’.

Unfortunately, I could not find this particular entry in her blog… hmm.. is this the beginning of the NEXT MYSTERY???!!!

The more I think of it, the more I wish we could have had atleast 3 winners 😉 and even that would be a challenge!!

And now, a totally uninvited vote of thanks:

Thanks to Blogadda for accepting my ideas/suggestions. It has really made me think!! So my blog friends, be ready for more such events!!!!!

Thanks to Ajay for so readily accepting to write a story, when he hardly knew me 🙂 except through Ryze! I am sure we will see your work in print some day. And I will hound you for an autographed copy 🙂

Thanks to Tiku (and the rest of my blog-buddies) for being such a darling friend. If I have got anything out of this entire contest, it is friendship 🙂

Thanks to ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS. You make me feel good about myself 🙂 Thank you 🙂 So much 🙂




Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?! Blogville has been awfully neglected the past few weeks..months.

One devil entered Wedlock and was away for some time, but has just come back with this beautiful song (his own voice, mind it)! I hope he is regular from now! 😀

Another, probably smitten by Rajamma, has decided to zimbly quit blogging. This is awful news.. and I hope he changes his mind.. er.. about blogging I mean. 😯

The Don posts very rarely.. like the Big Khans.. one release a this case, a month! I do miss her insightful posts. 🙄

One little comment monster disappeared sometime back, but has returned recently, with a rocking post titled ‘Qatar Calling’! Hope she stays on now.. no more disappearing act. 🙂

Big Brother (Read: Bhai) recently moved location, and is hardly on the Internet (hmph..not even Scrabble!) Be back soon, Hitchy! All the ladies are a-waiting! 😉

This techie guy says he has no time either.. and has invited guest bloggers..but well, he has cheekily tagged some of us 🙂 in his last post!

And this dreamer, a wonderful writer, has been away too, until just this week! Looking forward to some smashing hits from her now! 😀

Oh, and this Devil-ee too, who leaves loads of comments, but doesn’t post often enough 😦


YAY to the foll. bloggers,who have resumed blogging…

The very sweet Piper!

The already popular Mystic girl, who has resumed blogging..and has recently churned out some really nice stuff (as always!).

At the same time, Kudos to all of you lovely people, who have been blogging regularly and keeping Blogville alive…

Mon, Pix (the upcoming Fictionist 🙂 ), Deeps (who managed to keep our Scrabble board in ACTION, despite being away in Delhi!!), Smitha, Kanagu, Swaram (who is going to Shaan’s concert :mrgreen: ), Kanagu (who has been on a whirlwind trip to Hyd, and has had the pleasure of eating Swaram’s aloo parathas… yummmm), Uma , Supps (who has just tagged me, thereby giving me another excuse to blog 😉 )and ofcourse the inimitable IHM and Quirky!

Now, these are some blogs I’ve started reading recently.. and have found very interesting!

LR of Ginger Chai fame 🙂 who has just conducted the ‘Finish the story’ contest and is now kindly spreading the word on offering FREE BOOKS to bloggers!

Sanz – I am already a fan of her 55-ers!

And the very famous Krish Ashok.. I was bowled over by this particular post.

Happy Weekend people!

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S: To those whom I’ve missed mentioning.. please throw some bricks at my site.. (er.. without damaging your screen, that is…) so I can add you onto the List.. this linking business takes a lot of time.. 😦 )