55-er Short story Thought and Reason

The Golden Jubilee (55-er)

She was bold and intelligent. He was rich and charming.

They met by accident. Got along like a house on fire. Got married in a hurry.

On their golden jubilee, the children popped champaign. ‘The secret of your marriage?’, they asked.

‘Tolerate’, said she.

‘Ignore’, muttered he.

Balloons burst. The party ended early.

55-er Humour Incidents Short story

Secret of the lap-top (Something interesting I saw on a bus-ride, and an attempted 55-er)

She was smoking. Smoking hot.

He looked away, tightly clutching the paper files on his lap. Some very important, secret documents, perhaps!

She crossed her sexy (mini-skirted)-legs.

He arose, evidently hurrying to get off at the next stop. And smoothed the crinkles on his trousers …  accidentally unguarding the secret the papers were trying to hide 😉

55-er Awards Short story

First love (55-er)

They gathered around, roaring with laughter. She flushed, as the tyre went flat when she mounted the bike. “Not my fault!!” They guffawed louder. As they wiped their tears, she spotted him. Watching disapprovingly. His thick crop of hair waved above the deepening furrows on his forehead.

She would be in love with him, forever.


(Shortlisted as a finalist for a Sulekha EYC contest. This is what the judges had to say:“…captured everything in such a neat and small package”)

55-er Humour Short story

The writing on the wall (55-er)

‘Darling, don’t be furious. He’s just a toddler.’

‘He’s scribbled on newly painted walls?!!!’

‘You’re turning exactly into your military dad! Why won’t you encourage the budding artist?’

‘When our landlord realises…’

‘No, he won’t, because we’ll erase it by then..’

‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yeah! You should, infact, be proud!’

‘Right! Those are permanent non-erasable markers!’

55-er Short story

The wardrobe -55-er

He bought her stunning clothes from every country he visited. She put them away, disinterested. She felt fat, ugly and undeserving.

When he left, forever, she paled into a shadow of her former self.

She found them while emptying her wardrobe. They fit like a glove.

She laughed. She cried. And gave them all away.

55-er Short story

The Promotion (55-word story)


‘Everything’s screwed!’

‘Please Sumit, talk softly. Daddy’s awake..’

‘So? The last year has cost me my promotion! Look at his hospital bills!’

‘Click’. The lights went out in the next room.

Daddy slid the sepia-toned photograph beneath his pillow and smiled. ‘1974 -Sumit was born. Missed my promotion. But I couldn’t be happier. Thank You, God!’