That which is called Perfect

Wrote this in response to a poem titled ‘A PityParty’ by my dear blogger friend Pushy.   A pity party Did you say? ‘Count me in!’ I ferevently pray. But shrewd cruel words Are not my fare Ms.Perfect and Me? Don’t you compare! Because you know, Just as I do, That what is ‘perfect’ Is hardly true! Our imperfections make us Real, Interesting..and Adorably Lively! So your poem should really be ‘A p(r)ity party!!’

A walk in the rain

A smile on your lips, That deep, beautiful dimple Your laughter, a tinkle As we walked in the rain!   Starry eyes that danced, Your words, lilting and lovely! Happiness seared through me As we walked in the rain!   Amid the deafening pitter-patter I found Serenity unbound As we walked in the rain!   As I relished every Moment of this journey, You popped the question: ‘Mummy, will you carry me?’   I gather you, Your little toy train And this precious memory, Of our walk in the rain! ———  This is for my dearest little ‘Rishibaby’

Holidays (rotten poem)

The whole world yet to see We finally decide ‘romantic Italy’! Once the papers are ready, We queue at the Embassy ‘Oh! Sorry, we’re busy… ‘Book an appointment’, says she We go away, crossly (So much for forced rhyme!) But finally manage to see The bespectacled lady Who grants a visa to Italy!! So we’re set, to fulfil a dream: Venice, Florence, Rome Though nothing really can seem, Better than Home Sweet Home :-)

Holi Hai!

That lovely parrot green, The purple of a royal queen! A sprinkling of golden yellow A dash of turquoise below. The colourful, intoxicating fusion Suddenly created confusion And made me realise, That it wasn’t awfully wise To wash together, all those new clothes!!! Fetch me a stain-remover, before I receive a dose!

On Teacher’s Day

To my teachers…. “If I can stand up to the world, And speak out my mind. If I am someone today, And one of a kind, It is all Despite you”. (I’m really sorry to be such a wet blanket. I’ve mostly had bad teachers at school/college – ones who played favourites and ones who humiliated – that I never celebrate Teacher’s Day! Its a pity that there are a lot of irresponsible and frustrated people who hold this noble profession).

Thank you, Gpf – rotten poem

“Thanki-Thanki-Dou” How very kind of you! To launch this contest, And put through a fiery test, Sifting the carbon and diamonds bright, The brightest spark being the darkest night! Although good poetry, I’m nowhere near, I really had a great time here. So all I want to tell you, Is a BIG “Thanki-Thanki-Dou”!!