An afternoon with Giri

An afternoon with Handsome Giri, is what this title should actually read. Yeah, now do not get ideas. ‘Giri-giri Peck’ – the dashing Gregory Peck (as my lovely little sister adorably named him once upon a time, when we – my sister and I – were both children). Now, this week has been pretty busy, and with school re-opening today, I decided at noon (yesterday, that is) to ‘enjoy’ what was technically the last ‘holiday‘ for the term, by spending some quality ‘me time’. Lucky for me, this is what we stumbled upon. And I say ‘we‘ because the brat refused to … Continue reading An afternoon with Giri

Little Boys and Littler Girls

Once upon a time (to be more specific, this evening!), a little boy and a slightly littler girl were waiting for their respective parents to finish their work at photo studio. The two kids started trying to communicate with each other. This is how. Boy: Leans back on wall, hands tucked into pockets, stares at girl Girl: Fiddles with her little Dupatta, smiles shyly at the boy . In a few minutes, Boy becomes bolder, walks upto Girl. Girl smiles, touches him on cheek. Boy did not expect this, hurries to hide behind his Mommy. . Boy asks (booming voice): … Continue reading Little Boys and Littler Girls

A song – grab some tissues please!

This is one song you simply CANNOT watch without crying your heart out!! ‘Maa’ from ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is one of the BEST songs ever, and this movie itself is a GEM!! Kudos to Aamir for making this. Who said Bollywood is about sex and violence only?! One cannot sing this without a quiver in his/her voice. One cannot even listen to the entire song without the eyes getting filled 🙂 Heard this a thousand times, but this song NEVER EVER fails to wrench my heart. I feel so sorry for mother who has to send her child away to … Continue reading A song – grab some tissues please!

The final redemption

At 28, he was beyond redemption. Drugs, alchohol, nicotine, women, theft… he had done them all! The de-addiction centres offered no more hope. Her last hope was this pilgrimage by foot. They had covered most of the journey. This was the final leg. The famous dilapidated temple was just across the railway track. She crossed the tracks and waited for him. He dragged his feet along, slow enough to show how resentful he was of her attempts at ‘rehabilitation’. ‘Try to walk faster..‘, she coaxed. ‘You’re pathetic!!‘ he spat angrily. She looked crestfallen. He plugged in his iPod to drown … Continue reading The final redemption

Froggyday Frolic

Happy Friday, folks. I just had an en-lightening conversation with my brat: Me: What does a froggy do? (Eagerly waiting for a cute little ‘ribbid, ribbid’) He: Froggy does ‘Ummmma…. froggy will kiss at the girl’ [Image courtesy: Google] 🙄 🙄 🙄 [ P.S: And here’s a little secret… There’s some exciting stuff on books coming up very soon. If you haven’t already done so, please hop over to Mon’s blog and take a quick poll ] Continue reading Froggyday Frolic