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Airport manners

What makes people think they own a public space? ! We’re sitting at the airport now. . Catching up on sleep inbetween flights. .one of which is long haul.

And this mega family of ten plus members lands at the pepsi Booth. . Kids screaming and whining and fussing about what drinks they want. We give them looks. . They don’t bother. .. we request them to quieten down. .they don’t care a damn. And when the screaming and shouting doesn’t stop I am able to hold it no longer. I get up and ask them. ..’can’t you see people are sleeping. . We all have flights to catch. .is this the way to behave in a public space? ?’

No. .I wasn’t expecting an apology for the nuisance. .. but I thought they would Atleast try to be a little quiet after that.

Surprise! !!! The mother. .I guess. .a hefty woman in her thirties. .just yells back saying they are kids and are adamant and they can’t do anything about it. And shouts to her husband that they will do what they want and I should leave if I want to.

Thankfully the airport staff arrived within minutes and told them they should get ready to board their flight.

I don’t know what would have happened if they had stayed.

Now. ..
1. If you can’t manage kids then don’t have them. If you have had them then you bloody well tell them off when they are behaving like a bunch of country brutes.

2. The moment you step outside the four walls of your home.. you do realise it is not your private space anymore and that you are expected to have some common sense and be considerate towards others.

3. When you are clearly in the wrong. .. the least you can do is apologise. Your Kids are watching you. By acting like a complete Bi*** the only thing you are doing is teaching them that it is Ok to be inconsiderate and get away with it.

4. For heavens sake try a Bullock cart instead of a plane the next time. You and your damn kids can scream with all your might. . Chances are that the noise will just dissolve on the road and not cause a pain in the wrong place! !! My sympathies towards the poor animals Ofcourse!!

5. Lastly. ..If your lovely family gets thrown off the plane for being a public nuisance. … don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Phew. .. it took this to break my blog hiatus 🙂

20 replies on “Airport manners”

ha ha ha… they really got on your nerves eh… btw where are you travelling I suspect yous eem to be on your way back from India to somewhere
You bet they did!!!! I would have probably called the police had they stayed any longer!!!!

I can see how annoyed you were from the tone of this post. I have never had to face this, but I am sure it must be annoying, especially when the offensive party is least bothered about their commotion.
Oh yes Lakku… was damn irritated… not so much with the badly-behaved children as with the bitchy mum!!!

Eeeps! that was scary eh?
Annoying more like it 🙂
But to be honest, I must admit, I had an experience with R when she was about four and had a very bad ear ache and cried her heart out in the aeroplane..clearly disturbing others…Though I must admit, I just spent the entire time between apologising to everyone and giving her something to chew on..Of course, the co-passengers did understand it was a geniune cry..
Exactly R’s mom, as long as the parents put in some effort to calm their kids down, I’m sure people will understand. It only gets on one’s nerves when the parents clearly encourage bad behaviour by not discouraging it!!

but still, I can totally relate to that huge disturbing crowd of kids..and like you say ‘fine, they are kids’ but at least dont behave as if they are not at fault..the least the lady could have done is apologise and ask her kids to tone it down eh?
Sigh… yes.. absolutely!! I wish I had taken a video of that woman shouting. It was like she owned the airport and riff-raff like me were intruding in her space! Gosh!!! Where do such specimens come from?!!!

Oh yeah…I had one of those experiences (as the victim, not the perpetrator) a couple of days back on a train which was anyway 2 hours late. I was pretty sure I was going to end up with a stroke or something by the time we reached the home-station. My sympathies with you…
Oh no, that sounds bad!!!!! Gosh… why can’t these parents tell their kids off? I wonder, if they behave so badly outside the house, how terrible they must be within the four walls of their home. *shudders*

Oh wow! It does seem like they were really bad! I feel really irritated when kids misbehave. I agree they are kids, and will do some bits which cant be controlled, but not bothering a bit is a tad too much!
Yes thank you for the empathy Aathira 🙂 My point exactly. Kids do misbehave, but the least that parents can do is try to control them or if they can’t then atleast apologise for their bad manners!!! They are, after all, their kids!!!

Had a similar incident of sorts in a flight from Mumbai to Kolkata. Hubby and I had caught the early morning flight for some reason and were looking forward to a nice nap during that 2.5 hours. To our bad luck, there was a kid of around 3-4 years who chose to stand up in her seat in the row right in front of us, and speak to relatives sitting one row behind us THROUGHOUT the duration of the flight. We were caught right in the middle. Believe you me, she was shrieking in a shrill voice and she was LOUD. Her poor mother who was sitting right next to her was trying to calm her and make her sit down but in vain. We tolerated for some time but in the end lost our patience. Finally my hubby gave the kid a glare. She froze and sat back down quietly. 😀 LOL
OMG How irritating is that!!! Kids sometimes listen better to complete strangers than their own parents, don’t they?!!! Well, atleast the mother was trying her best. 
We have nothing against kids. But in public places it is important to respect other people in a public space.
SImply can’t stand it when kids do not behave , and worse, parents do nothing to stop them! It’s so annoying.
Exactly my point Ash… I have nothing against kids either… but parents need to try.. or atleast show that they are trying to stop the nuisance!!

Oh yes, we see such kinds everywhere, dont we? And I totally agree with your point no 3. 🙂
I just might forgive them @ an airport if the parents are making an effort to calm them down; but definitely not at a movie theatre. I cant understand why fussy, hyperactive kids are brought to watch movies, which they are least interested in and end up wailing and throwing tantrums all the while.
Ha ha, I can imagine how annoying it must be to try watching a movie with a child shrieking in the background!! Grrrr…….

Goodness! I certainly hope they get thrown off the flight! And what an example they are setting for their children! There was someone I knew who proudly proclaimed that she let her little boy, crawl in the flight, and it annoyed some people because he went and pulled off somebody’s laptop or something. I was aghast at hearing that, but for some people it is just a way of life, I guess! I wouldn’t be surprised if her child grew up into a complete brat.

You back ? Will call then.

I can totally understand your annoyance. I get really put off by such unruly kids and even more so by the parents who defend their kids’ unruly behaviour. I hope they were thrown off!

Can totally relate to this post. We had a bunch of crying babies on one tour and it was so annoying. The parents were so busy talking amongst themselves. Wonder why they even bring kids to public places if they cant calm them. I am pretty sure those kids were crying because they were hungry or sleepy.

Have you tried watch a movie in a cinema hall here? It is a nightmare. Parents leave their kids as if it is a play area and everyone else in the hall have a moral responsibility to look after their kids.
I have come to the conclusion that most of the people do not deserve to be parents.

I can imagine your consternation! Airports, supermarkets, theatres – you name it! The world seems like a grand playground where kids run amok and parents CHOOSE to ignore. I am sure a lot of parents are going to be judging me and thinking ‘baby-hater’. I love kids and I know sometimes they do throw tantrums and they do have their moments. It’s difficult to monitor a child 24 x 7 and make sure the kid is well behaved. I pity my own Mom because I was known to be a terror in my childhood. But I also know that there are parents who do bring up their kids responsibly teaching them about civic sense and behaviour and not that ‘everything will be pardoned because it’s a kid’. As you say, kids learn from adults. The least we can teach them is good behaviour!


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