Sunshine breakfast


(Strictly for kids 🙂 … er.. and for a few greedy adults like me 😉 )


Just broke a croissant into bite sized portions and decorated around a crisp cheese omelette. Needless to say it got polished off in no time at all!!

(Crisp cheese omelette: Just make a normal omelette, cook on both sides, then layer a slice of cheese – I use gouda – and cook on high flame, on the cheesy side, so it turns nice and crisp!!)


13 thoughts on “Sunshine breakfast

  1. Yummy! Hope u had an awesome treat:)
    Thank you Vishal… this was for the kid actually, but I did manage to steal a bite or two!

  2. There was a time in the distant past where this dish would have made me swoon. Now all I can think of is clogged arteries (and bowels)..
    However, this sounds yummy to be given to the kid. Shall try it out on her soon.
    Oh I know exactly what you mean LG!!!! Sigh!! I just edited my post to say, this is meant to be cooked for kids 🙂 (and a few greedy adults ;-))

  3. Slurrrp Pals… whenever I am in a kitchen or in the vicinity of a stove, I’ll try this out… and I do know 2 people who love anything with EGG.. 🙂
    Ha ha ha 🙂 Do try Ash, you will love it 🙂 Esp the crisp cheese 😉 if you can just ignore the calories for a day!!

  4. Good one Pal. When its so beautifully presented, who woulndt polish it off? 😉
    And why dont you post it in kqp too?
    Thank you SK 🙂 Hey, I left quite a few FB groups .. too addictive 🙂 Perhaps I should join Kqp again.

  5. @ Pal

    I’m not going to say anything anymore about this but you know what i’m thinking. 😀
    Grrr… should I even try to guess?? 
    Ohh, BTW Did you go away because the gap in the blog is long.
    It’s been very long now, hasn’t it?

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