Short story

The midnight visitor (flash fiction)

I tossed around in my bed, sweating profusely despite it being winter! I was only 6, and looking for my favourite toy. Only, I couldn’t remember what it was! I searched every shelf, every cupboard.

I wish I knew what it was that I was looking for. I wish I had someone to tell me. Daddy? Grandma? My friends? I looked around. They stared at me with a blank , almost confused expression. When I could bear it no more, I burst into tears. Or was I crying already? I couldn’t make out.

It was then that a hand touched my hot forehead, smoothening out my non-existent wrinkles ever so gently. I knew who it was. Only, I could not remember what she looked like. I looked all over my room  – a photograph? A souvenir from a holiday maybe?! I just couldn’t remember. I tossed in my bed, kicking away imaginary demons!I

The hand gently caressed my forehead, lovingly touching my cheeks, tapping the tip of my nose. Just like when I was a baby. I smiled, relaxed and in peace.

And a soft, gentle voice said ‘Darling, It’s OK to forget’.  I nodded, and reached out to kiss the hand. It was gone. ‘Yes, Mum’ I whispered, my eyes still closed. A tear rolled down my cheek.

21 replies on “The midnight visitor (flash fiction)”

Wow!! Superbly written..
Thank you so much Ti. Welcome to my blog btw 🙂 I hopped over to yours, and really enjoyed some of your posts. My apologies, I didn’t have the time to comment early morning, but will get around to doing it soon 🙂

Wow, poignant and so moving! As always, a treat to read you, Pallu! Keep writing more often! Miss reading you..
Thank you so much Deeps… I hope I get back to regular blogging this year.. I miss reading you too, though that is entirely my fault!! Thank you for missing me Deeps 🙂 That is some motivation for me to get back on track!!

I must admit, I had tears in my eyes…sigh!

Thank you so much R’s mom 🙂 And I must admit I had tears while I was writing this too.. thank you.. this is perhaps a common sentiment that runs through every mum/child?!

A poignant read. I so feel like hugging that little boy. 😦
Very well-written Pallavi…as always! And your flash-fictions are a treat to read. 🙂
Thank you so much SK. So glad you liked it. You never fail to motivate and encourage me 🙂

Pallo….u made me all teary eyed at night. Loved it…have always been a fan,so nothing new there. 🙂
Thank you so much Laks…it means a lot!!!

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