Pull ’em apart!!

And finally!!! After drooling long enough over posts by Mon of ‘Sin-A-Mon’ fame and by lots of other blog buddies (Deeps, Smitha to name a few), I have finally managed to shake the laziness off, and put up these pictures.

The famous garlic-pull-apart-buns πŸ™‚

ImageOkay, so I didn’t have coriander, therefore decided to turn them into ‘Sun-dried-tomato and garlic pull-apart buns’. Warning: The pack of sun-dried tomatoes I had were on the salty side 😦 so next time I’ll have to be more cautious!

(And this is my Little Prince having fun with the dough)ImageAnd these are ready to go into the oven….

ImageYou know, there is a good reason why the ‘after’ pictures aren’t too good. There wasn’t enough time to take pics before these got gobbled up!!!! This is the only one I could manage!!

ImageSo there!! Finally finally. The much-yearned-for garlic pull apart buns. I’m going to try this next time with Mon’s original recipe containing coriander.

Thanks folks!!!! Go try this out. If I could do it, there’s no reason why you can’t!

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