Hot Pants – Hot or Not??

The battle of the Bulge is something most of us are always fighting – and more often than not, losing! When I first read about the Zaggora Hotpants on a couple of blogs, I was sure this was a mere marketing gimmick. I discussed this with my favourite virtual ‘fitness pals’ and the general consensus was that nothing works but working out! Fair enough.

However, I still had that nagging doubt.. What If? What if the claims made by Zaggora were true? (Click here or on the Image to your left, to head over to their website). What if the ‘hot pants’ really worked?

I decided to give it a shot. I got in touch with the wonderful people at Zaggora, who immediately sent a pair of ‘Capri flares’, along with a personalised hand-written note from Ms.Lucy about how/when I could use the hotpants (which was practically any time!)

The very first time I worked out (treadmill) while wearing the Hotpants/Capri flares, I sweated so much that I needed to open out the windows on a cold January morning, to help me cool down. As I wore them more often, they got more comfortable. Two weeks down the line, I clearly felt some of the weight had fallen away. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken any measurements, so I couldn’t be specific.

Then I pencilled in lots of structured work-outs like Zumba fitness, and realised that wearing the Hotpants very clearly made me sweat much more than I normally would. I didn’t want the weight loss to be a ‘water loss’ trick. So I made sure I drank lots of water post work-outs.

And guess what? The Hotpants actually worked!!! Over the last two months, I have lost just over 6 lbs, and have nearly dropped a dress size. I don’t hide behind baggy jeans anymore!

The Hotpants do tend to make your skin sweat a little even when you are simply wearing them on and not actually working out. Unlike some other people, I don’t actually wear the hotpants all day, as I don’t find it comfortable that way. I absolutely ensure that I use them during my workouts (be it treadmill/stepper/Zumba/aerobics).

The only drawback with the hotpants is that they need to be hand-washed and dried atleast overnight! So you really can’t afford to be lazy. Unless ofcourse you have two pairs, then you can alternate using them.

Now, I am not sure if there are any side-effects. I have not noticed any till date, and I hope there aren’t any in the future either.

Needless to say, there is no substitute for working out! But I find that the Hotpants maximise the impact of the workout!

So it definitely is a Thumbs-Up from me!! If you are considering investing in a pair of Hotpants, I’d say ‘Go for it’!!! It makes a considerable difference to your weight-loss and fitness program. These Hotpants are definitely Hot.

Thank you Zaggora!! Here’s to many more such Hot inventions!!

(PS: I received a pair of Capri Flares from Zaggora for the purpose of this trial, no other consideration was received for this review. The review is entirely personal and not influenced by Zaggora in any way).

14 replies on “Hot Pants – Hot or Not??”

I have a cheaper way.. what I use to do ages ago.. you know the black bin bags. I would put that on. (dont laugh ). Put a tee on…
Hot pants he he he he…

But do they have man size I seriously need some , send me some details and tell ms. Lucy to give me a discount yayyyy
Email me

Ha ha, Bikki, these days, some weight loss clinics thrive on using cellophane paper, to increase heat during workouts!! I don’t think they have products for men yet, but I heard they are certainly coming up with something soon. Do contact them, since you are a popular (ahem) UK blogger who would like to take up a challenge! Will mail you.

no seriously???

I dont think they will work on me…because the fat cells are so totally in love with me that they cling and cling so much that its like ‘fevicol ka jod’ totally not leaving 🙂

Hi Pallavi
I’m not convinced unless I see your photo in one, but video would be even more convincing. ……….. H

PS I come and stalk your blog from time to time, for the nice write up.

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