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A guilt-free life

Women’s Day went by quite some time ago. The lovely ladies at ‘Womens Web‘ have this contest till 15th March. And as always, here I am, typing away at the very last minute (GMT!). But here it is. A few random thoughts, about a Guilt-Free life.

The traditional Indian woman – Beautiful, capable, charming, intelligent, cultured.. and family-oriented. Reminds me of the ‘Tu Hi Tu’ Star Plus Anthem that created a little ruckus last year.

Me? I am far from that pedestal. Very, very far. And happily far. I am no Superwoman. I’m just your average woman, trying to juggle her own space with her near and dear ones.

And for all Superwomen aspirants, please may I just add these humble tips to help lead a Guilt Free life.

* Me-time:    I’ve seen women, even the young/hip ones, express guilt about spending a little time ‘away’ from the family. I think ‘me-time’ is rejuvenating. A little time off and you don’t just refresh yourself, you even give ‘them’ time to re-bond and chill out, rather than be under your watchful eyes. Take time off, meet up with the ‘girl gang’, read a book (Even M&B would do ;-)), watch a movie… do anything.. But just don’t feel guilty about it.

* Financial independence.   I don’t quite understand the concept of ‘joint account’. I mean, technically I do. I’ve even worked at a bank, remember? But having some financial independence is something I deem ‘necessary’ for every woman. Have a separate account, even if it has only a little money.

* Keep occupied.     An acquaintance asked me yesterday if I got ‘bored at home’. No, I don’t! I have multiple tasks and little projects on hand. And I love keeping myself occupied. Keep yourself busy, even  if it is only a self-created-task of re-organising your wardrobe. An Idle Mind is… you know better.

* Work-out!     During my growing years, it was very easy to identify a ‘mum’. A typical mum would be overweight, look a little unkempt and quite stressed. It isn’t like that any more. Join the gym, start attending aerobics/Zumba/ anything you like, really. I love what Zumba and swimming have done to my confidence levels. So do work-out.

* Love yourself.    And I don’t literally mean Sheela’s song 😉 Love who you are, the way you are. You may not be the most good-looking or the slimmest chick around. But WTH! You are still ‘You’. Love yourself, and don’t feel guilty about it. Loving yourself can only help strengthen your relationship with other people.

And lastly, Celebrate!!!! You don’t need someone else to wish you on Women’s Day. Wish yourself, wish your mum and your girl-friends. And go shopping Hee Haww 🙂

14 replies on “A guilt-free life”

Good points on how to celebrate yourself 🙂 Women are so guilty about spending some me-time. I used to ask for my share from the chocolate bar I used to buy for my son from the earliest of times, not because I loved chocolates or because I could not buy another one. I wanted him to learn to share. But some of the other mothers found it funny/mean on my part for taking a share of what he proffered. They tried so hard to make me feel guilty about it 😉 As a mother you are supposed to say, “Nahi nahi beta, You have it na! Cho chweet of you.”
Pal, your link at Women’s Web (your comment) is not working. It says ‘Page not found’.

Thanks Shail! And well done, on taking your share of chocolate 😉 LOL @ ‘nahi beta…’ On a serious note, I do the same, because like you rightly said, the kids should learn to share! And Indian Mums especially tend to go overboard with ‘sons’ and treat them like demi-Gods and themselves as doormats.

Very well written. Irrespective of a man or woman, everybody needs their own space to be with themselves and surprisingly i have seen so many couples overcrowding each other either with single email ids / single accounts that its almost claustrophobic.

I love you for this post Pal 🙂 You are truly my soul-mate! I so agree with Indian moms making their sons believe that they are mini demi-Gods – so unnecessary! I identify with the text of your post so much, I think we Indian women really underestimate our own value and I wonder why, especially when we are capable of much much more. It’s just that we devalue ourselves and become typical Bhartiya Nari types for whom sacrifice is everything. Aiiyooo.. the day all this changes and we truly are appreciated for leading a guilt-free life, I will happily celebrate Women’s day!

I love this post!! And totally agree!! 😀
I always make sure my “me-time” isnt compromised! 🙂


you echo my thoughts about financial independence! But, then you know this very well 🙂

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