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Tag you’re it!

I’ve been bitten by the ‘Tag You’re It’ bug too!! Kind courtesy: The one and only Bhai of blogworld. Our dear Hitchy!

The Rules:

1. You must post the rules!
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Here are the questions Hitchy asked, with my answers embedded.

1.) If you could have any superpower, what would it be ? Imagine !
>> To make anyone slim OR fat! I’d round up all the mean folks and make them super-fat, so they are grounded for life. (Er, today happens to be my Mean-Avatar day!!) I’d also grant nice people with a great figure (if they so wish it!). So be in my good books, people!

2.) What was your favorite childhood television program?

>> Spiderman and He-Man.. they both give me a feeling of ‘Sunday’ 🙂 day of rest and fun!

3.) Have / had any celebrity crushes ?
>> Hritik Roshan, who else!!!

4.) If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
>> At the moment it would be India, cos I’ve not been there for almost 6 months!! Yeah, I’m homesick.

5.) Name 1 thing you miss about being a child.
>> A calorie-free life. Not that I ate sensibly then, I was blissfully ignorant of words like Carbs, Monosaturated fat, blah blah blah.

6.) Name the one comic/book character that you loved the most and why ?
>> Er…. Suppandi 🙂

7.) What is the one thing that you are dying to try but haven’t had a chance to do so yet ?
>> After watching ZNMD, I think I might want to try sky-diving sometime, provided my BFFs join me!

8.) Do you have a role model – someone you want to emulate? Whom do you admire the most?
>> Chetan Bhagat.. who else can relentlessly dish out so much crap and still manage to become a best-seller?!!

9.) What do others make of you ?
>> (You mean, on my non-bitchy days, right?) That I’m very caring and pleasant.

10.) Have you ever gotten into a fight or punched someone ?
>> Nah! I’m too nice (read: timid) for that! But there are a lot of people I’d like to punch some day!

11.) For Girls – If you woke up tomorrow to find out you are Brad Pitt, what would be the first thing you’d say upon looking in the mirror !
>> Go, look for Writerzblock and take her out on a lovely date to Paris 😉

Okay, my job’s done. Now its your turn!!!

These are the lovely folks I’m tagging:

1. Ashwathy
2. Urmi
3. Snowleopard
4. Vaish
5. Aaroo
6. Reema
7. Uma
8. LG
9. Shilpa
10. Bikram 
11. Mon

And here are your Eleven questions:

1. If you were crowned ‘Ms/Mr/Mrs/etc’ World, how would you start your ‘thank you’ speech?

2. If you had to turn yourself into a cartoon character, who/what would you choose?

3. What would be your response to a troll comment like ‘Your blog is utter crap!‘?

4. If you found a bag of cash (huge cash), what would you do? Take it to the police station, keep it for yourself, or any other option?

5. Describe your first poo/wee accident as a child. Ha ha ha!:wicked: If you don’t remember, then just invent one!

6. If someone pays you a million dollars to watch a scary horror film, sitting ALONE in a graveyard at midnight, would you do it?

7. What is your one piece of advice to Rahul Baba (Gandhi)?

8. If you could banish the Bacchhan parivaar, where would you send them?

9. What is your proudest moment?

10. What is your most romantic moment?

11. And finally (phew), if you had a time machine, which year would you transport yourself to, and why?

(Needless to say, if anyone wants to willingly become a bali-ka-bakra and take up this tag, please do so!! The more the merrier!!)

27 replies on “Tag you’re it!”

Laughed so much at no. 8 and 11 😀
🙂 🙂 Wanted to Tag you, Usha, but realised you were the one who had tagged Hitchy in the first place!

And He-man! My elder son loved it so much, and I did too… he’s say along with He Man…”Aaaaiiiiiiiii Haaaaaafffffffffff ttttheeee Paaaaaaaawwwwerrrrrrrrrrrrr” Lol!
Oh I loved that tooo…. my son has never watched He-Man.. will introduce him this weekend. 
Nice “it” you are 🙂 Loved your questions too. Really really wicked, asking abt the wee wee/ poo poo accident 😀
Hee hee, and the tag-ees can’t even escape it!

Lovely… I am rushing for a movie Paan Singh Tomar… will get back at you tomorrow morning 😀
 Whhaaaat??? Never heard of it. Google, here I come!
What is BFF btw ?
Silly bhai, it means Best Friends Forever!

Oh my God !!! Pals !!!! U tagged me for that set of questions ??? Aftr reading ur set of answers that set seems to be an easy task… 😉
Ofcourse Uma, you were at the top of my mind!!!!!

Anyway…will try to answer…if I get all the answers then I’ll post it…. 🙂
I’m waiting to read your answers! 
I too loved carbs / calorie free-minded childhood…
Seriously yaar… btw, what are YOU cribbing about? You are super-slim!!!

Innovative tag!
Thank you Shilpa! I’m just a messenger, or bali-ka-bakra if you wish!
LOL @ Role Model 😀
Hee hee, I can’t stand his writing!
Smiling at 10…. tell tell, who are on your hit list??!! 😀
Oh lots of people, but no body from the virtual world 😉
And prey, why do you wanna banish the Bachchans?? 😐
Grrr…. they seem to be everywhere all the time… and this media obsession with Beti B and Ash’s weight… its sickening!!

Haha…Loved reading through. And thanks for tagging me 🙂
Pt 3 – same pinch. Me too louwve and jollu vittufy at Hrithik 🙂 What machoman he is!
Pt 7 – ooh sky diving!!
Now I’ve been tagged by another blogger with different 11 Questions..wondering how I’m supposed to do both of them :O

I myself have always loved Supandi ! 🙂

and what the wicked lady wants Brad to take her eh… ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛 :mrgreen:

and that super power wish… ! Lol I had a sort of sneaking suspicion you would have that thought surely :mrgreen: Wonder why though 😛 😛

OMG listen i am already on the bloated people list please make me thin..i promise to behave
you are the best, India ki shaan,har dil ka armaan( see i am nice to you)pleaseeeee superpower ki jay
loved the answers..good choices 🙂

I was forced to watch He Man and Spiderman because of the heartless brothers I have 😡 Ohh but I lou lou Suppandi 😛

eww first Hrithik and now you want to go out with that 6 ya 7 baccho ka baap eh? 🙄

psst psst I loved your set of questions more than Hitchy’s 😉

Hey… your questions look even more tempting than Hitchy’s…. but since he tagged me first, I’ll have to take that up instead of yours. (I guess you missed seeing that in his post!) You can add someone else’s name to make yours to 11 😉

I love that super power idea!! Help me also na 😀

Totally with you on the calorie part… sigh 😦 good old days!!

Yep me too… I wanna try skydiving… but I’m probably too chicken to try! 😛

Hey how can you writerzblock on a date when you have just turned into Brad Pitt? You are taking yourself on a date kya? 😛 😉

Ha ha, Ash, I was only hoping to plant the idea in his head, and once I turn back into myself, then I can reap the benefits 😉 You’ve been tagged already? Oh no!!! Ok, will find someone else.

Date to Paris… aha ha! 🙂
A calorie free diet sounds so awesome. You know, one which will be very filling and sumptuous but easy on the system. I tell you, these diet and gym people are corrupting minds. 😀

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