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Yo Partner!

‘And they lived happily ever after…’ – I’ve spent many a summer afternoon buried in fairy tales and adventures woven in a red-coloured hardbound, rather worn-out copy of Grimms. Three decades later, I had the privilege of visiting Disneyland Paris. Who said Disneyland was for kids?? I loved every bit of it, especially the parades where Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella and the likes were dressed in all their finery. With a deluge of thrilling rides (rain too!), good food, shows and parades, the trip was a dream come true.

However whenever I think of my trip to Disneyland Paris, one particular incident, a person actually, stands out in my mind. We had exhausted two days at the Disney resort, and were at the Marne-la Vallee-Chessy station, waiting for our train to arrive, so we could make our way back to London. The savvy travellers that we were, we decided to reach early (though the station was hardly a few minutes away from the resort!) and waited. And waited. And waited some more! But our train was nowhere in sight! In the meanwhile my little son, all of 4 years, managed to trip, fall flat on his face, and cut his lips! Murphy was right, you know? We needed the first-aid kit, and guess where it was? Right at the bottom of our bags! So, while we haphazardly unpacked, dug into and re-packed bags that overflowed unimpressively with  dirty linen, we heard an announcement that the train had arrived at the platform. There began our race!

We gathered everything we could find and stuffed it back into the boxes, grabbed the wailing child and ran like hell all the way to the platform, that was (in)conveniently a long flight of stairs down! However, the gates were closed! Panicking, we looked around and found another gate at the opposite end of the crowded station. Five minutes to departure. An entire length of station to cross! So, for the second time, we ran. Ran. And ran. Voila! The second gate was closed too!

Now with less than a minute to go for the train could depart, realisation dawned upon us! We were supposed to have checked-in through the security gates way before, when the announcements were being made cleverly in French. All we knew of French was the ‘kiss’ and that a guy called Sarkozy had a really hot wife! Just kidding!! We did not know ‘any’ French (well, we knew about Sarkozy.. bah!)! By then it was too late. We watched helplessly, as the picture-perfect train chuffed out of the picture-perfect station.

Our marathon wasn’t over though. We ran back all the way to the customer service desk. Imagine, to our surprise, a Mexican guy, aged about 30, was also carrying a bag and hurrying towards to desk. He too, had missed the train, exactly like us. Yo Partner! We sighed and cribbed in unison! Then we jointly explained the situation to the customer service officer. We had missed the last train to London. We had no place to go, no other trains to catch that day! Luckily, the Mexican spoke French, and kept gesturing to our poor baby with the bleeding lip, and garnered sympathy from the officer. He was relentless, sincere and so genuine!

We were so touched by his evident concern. Here we were, fellow passengers in the face of adversity, connected simply, by an invisible thread of humanity! This is exactly where life teaches us valuable lessons. In faith, in partnership, etc. Truly, humanity knows no boundaries. Colour/race/country…nothing matters as much as brotherly concern for another person in trouble!

Pic courtesy huddle dot com

The officer was a really kind gentleman. He offered a solution! Catch the local train (that was leaving in 10 minutes from the local station that was at the other end of this international station) to Paris Nord station, and catch the last Eurostar train from there to London! Yippee!!! We all but clapped with glee!

But wait! He added something in fluent, rapid French. The Mexican listened carefully. By that time, he had stopped gesturing to the bleeding lips. He stared at the officer. And back at us. Then, back at him. He wasn’t even attempting to beg for help any more!

And without a word, he made a rapid dash towards the exit that led to the local train station!!!

Perplexed, we waited for the officer to explain. He said, slowly and clearly, ‘There are only two seats left on the last train from Paris’. And there were 3 of us adults, and one bleeding child. So THAT was why our Mexican Partner ran for his life!!!

Anyway, with no hard feelings, we dashed too. Racing pulse, swollen lips.. we were quite a sight by the time we boarded the local and reached Paris Nord station. The check-in queue was winding all the way down from the first floor! We were quite sure that by then, the kind Mexican had hitched a ride to the station and was comfortably grabbed one of the two remaining seats on the train to London! Like I said, no hard feelings! We managed to reach the staff in-charge, who were incredibly kind, and who also checked us onto the train.

In true Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge style, we RAN towards the train, tugging child and luggage, and boarded it just a second before the doors shut!!

To our utter surprise, guess who jumped in just after us? Our Mexican friend!!!!

Huffing and puffing, we made our way through the aisles, and found our seats, co-incidentally next to each other. We sank into our seats, heaving a huge sigh of relief.

Then, our friend turned towards us, flashed a huge toothy grin 🙂 and gallantly did a High-Five. ‘We did it!’, he added.

Yo Partner!! Ofcourse ‘we’ did! So much for teamwork. Remember those life-lessons I told you about.. the ones on faith, partnership..yada yada.. er, let’s just say, they were lessons best unlearnt!!

But hey, it made one hell of an interesting tale for the Indiblogger Expedia contest, didn’t it?

28 replies on “Yo Partner!”

Can’t stop laughing at your reference to the DDLJ scene 😉 What a riot it must have been !!
Sigh! All my dreams came crashing… running with bag and baggage, and child.. is simply not romantic!!!

aarreee for the 1st time ever! I’m the first to comment 😀 😛
Yippee!!!! How come, Urmi? With the time-zone-difference and all!! Too muchi!

Tch Tch better luck next time 😉 Pal, somehow I had just logged into blogger then so I got here first 😛

whattttttttttt noooooooooooooooo .. it says 18minutes u posted this post and i still cud not make to firsttttttttt now i am heart broken …
LOL! I can always edit the time-stamp of the comments here 😉

he he he he … you see you did not take me to disneyland thats why this happened .. mere ko leke jaate to I would have made sure to listen to that french thingy that was being said .. you seee …
Ok a serious question how expensive if this disney thingy .. Planning to go ot paris or the florida one but looking at prices and all florida one looks way expensive .. do you have any details etc .. email me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 pretty pleaseeee
Yep it is expensive, unless you look for some deal and travel on those particular dates!!! Waise, you can stay in a lesser expensive hotel in Paris and make a day-trip to the resort. That might work out cheaper if you find the right deal!

yours is the first blog I am reading after getting back and it was totally worth it!!

😀 😀
Aww thanks Pix, I missed you (and the rest of the gang, that simply does not make a come-back!!)

LOL! You had more adventures outside Disneyland than you did inside 🙂 It must have been so scary with R hurt and a train missed! All is well that ends well, I guess 🙂 LOL, so true Smitha!! Our actual adventure happened outside Disneyland!! R was really howling that day.. not something I want to see again!!

And whoever says Disney is for childrne – has no idea!! We have been to Disney 3 times – twice with daughter and once before she came into our lives and you know what, we are tempted to go again – to Paris and Disney – just one more time 🙂
You went three times? Wow!!! I only went once 😦 Adopt me!!!

loved loved loved the way you wrote it….Gosh it was a total adventure na!
Thank you very much R’s mom. It was total adventure.. but not something I want to repeat!

I think I started hyperventilating when I got to the part about the medicine kit being at the bottom of the suitcase — I was like, ‘Oh oh!’
LOL! Imagine my plight then 🙂  
Phew! That was one helluvan adventure 🙂
Thank you very much Chocoholic.

LOL, it sure did make for one hell of an interesting and fun read! Although I am sure with the wailing child in tow it must been quite a stress and utterly chaotic, but you did have quite an adventurous trip! 😀
Hope R is fine 🙂
Thanks a ton, Deeps. It was truly stressful! But makes the trip even more memorable!  
And I have the same ques that Hitchy has asked- where are the pics?? Added, madame!

ROFL…damn funny this is…except for the poor lil one and the bleeding lip.
Thanks Scorpia!! 
Amma and I once had this DDLJ thingie happening…we were boarding the 5.30 am janshatabdi from chennai to blore (for which my cousin conveniently delayed us and made sure we reached the station at 5.27)!! in true filmy style, i threw in two big suitcases (i was on my way from trivandrum to blore, to join my first job which i quit in a month of course 😀 :D), pushed amma into the train where a porter helped her onto her feet, ran a bit more, and managed to get in 😀 😀
OMG orey too much vonly!!!! 
and we look at each other in utter shock and disbelief, let out a huge sigh of relief and say “wow! we did it” 😀 neither of us can still really believe this happened.
LOL!!!! Must have been amazing, and equally frightening too.

Hahah… I actually imagined the way the guy stopped gesturing to the bleeding lip…and looked at u…and ran for his life!! 😆
Thanks Ash, the cheapo had first-mover-advantage! 
And not to mention the DDLJ scene!! :mrgreen:

What an awesome narrative! 🙂
Aww thank you SO much, glad you liked it. 
BTW I second the others…where are the pics?
Added now!

The typical DDLJ scene happens everyday to me 😉 lol
Oh no!!! Atleast, do you find a ‘Raj’ to pull you up?
But very true..who said that Disney land is only for kids. I and S enjoyed it with our bunch of friends at the adventure zone! Uber cool rides!
Absolutely Vaish, I want to go there again!!!
But the last few minutes until you catch the train is so adventurous.
Thanks a lot!

LOL Love the pics and the narration… though I am sure it must have been not so funny when you were going through the ‘adventure’ 🙂
Thanks a ton, IHM. Oh it wasn’t funny at all. I was close to tears myself. I forgot to add, that we had bought R a beautiful helium balloon in the shape of Pooh bear. When we dashed into the local train station, all that was left of the balloon, was its string 😦 R remembers it even till date!
I think I am going to copy your idea of hearting the faces 🙂
Ha ha, by all means dear IHM.

Egad! What a tale told Pal! LOL at “We did it’ 😉 Gr8 demo of team work thr buhahahah 😈
What abt R’s bleeding lips? When did u dress them up?
Ha ha, thank you Swaru!!! R’s lips stopped bleeding after a while, but they were badly swollen! We got back late night, so took him to the Doc the next day to check for broken teeth/etc, but thank God, he was fine by then!!

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