Rain (WW)

Rain drops

20 thoughts on “Rain (WW)

  1. cant we enlarge the pic size.. for people like me !!!
    Bhai! Just click on the picture and it will open up in a new window, and that picture can be enlarged.

  2. Two translucent raindrops, pearly glow
    A tiny bunch of red berries with them to go
    Served up, sweet and dainty as they go… 🙂
    All I can say is, give us some more 😀

    Pardon the silly rhyme 😛 .. Lovely pics!

    That rhyme you call ‘silly’
    Really is quite lovely!
    I’d love to write some more..
    Before the rain starts to pour!!

      1. grr…brr…prrrr….you never said this is a contest to declare a winner… no?? 😡
        Er… actually it wasn’t, but when our dear friends started counting drops without being asked to, why spoil the fun 😉

  3. Lovely..rains!! Did you & R get wet? 🙂
    We do, most of the time, deeps. But unlike Saks, I don’t quite like getting wet, because its bleddy freezing when it gets wet 🙄

  4. little over a week ago, Rihanna was caught in the middle of one big food fight during her perrofmance on X Factor in London. Today she was back on the X Factor but this time it was for Italian version

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