Wordless Wed

Rain (WW)

Rain drops

20 replies on “Rain (WW)”

Two translucent raindrops, pearly glow
A tiny bunch of red berries with them to go
Served up, sweet and dainty as they go… πŸ™‚
All I can say is, give us some more πŸ˜€

Pardon the silly rhyme πŸ˜› .. Lovely pics!

That rhyme you call ‘silly’
Really is quite lovely!
I’d love to write some more..
Before the rain starts to pour!!

Lovely..rains!! Did you & R get wet? πŸ™‚
We do, most of the time, deeps. But unlike Saks, I don’t quite like getting wet, because its bleddy freezing when it gets wet πŸ™„

little over a week ago, Rihanna was caught in the middle of one big food fight during her perrofmance on X Factor in London. Today she was back on the X Factor but this time it was for Italian version

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