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Friday Frolic – The art of choosing a Name

One of the most difficult decisions in our lifetime is choosing a name!

A name for anything important or special to you. Like your child, for example. Or a new venture. Its amazing how we want to find that most unique name of all, a name that no one else would think of! Only to realise, a couple of days after choosing it, that it is not so uncommon after all!!!!

Some of us ofcourse, think radically different, and assume we believe we have ‘hit the nail on the head’. Like these names (of shops/enterprises) that I came across during my last visit to Chennai

* V-Solve Consultancy (Really! You solve things? Awesome! Didn’t know consultancies did that!!!)

* Sibling Revelry (This was the name of a children’s nursery/day-care. They probably assumed that the common man/woman uses ‘revelry’ in day-to-day conversations??! Or perhaps they hired V-Solve consultancy to come up with a name so unique ;-))

* Brainobrain academy (Naaiiice! One look at this name and you know your child is going to be the next Einstein, or atleast a home-grown IIT->IIM->Chetan Bhagat!!! No wonder parents fall for this! Btw, did they mean Brain-o-brain or BrainNObrain!)

* Interestingly, most boutiques here are one-word-names. Anokhi, Ananya, Shilpi, Pallavi (ahem!), Vastra, Lasya, Varsiddhi….you get the drift? They all seem to want to lean on heritage of some kind. Well, I’m not cribbing.. just commenting 😉

* The most creative names ofcourse, are those on the lines of Simla Snacks (What? The snacks are from Simla? Or is Chennai enjoying some Simla weather!), Babu Tea Stall (congrats, Mr.Babu!), Five Star department store (Really? Its more often than not, just a dingy little shop where underpaid shop-girls hover around you, lest you decide to nick something precious!!!), Classic tea shop.. and so on.

* And now, the best for the last. Very often people write words in English as an exact translation of the regional language. Like this one: ‘Swapna’ (a beautiful word that means ‘dream’). In the process of converting this from Tamizh to English, look at how they decided to name the venture: ‘Sopna Tailors’. Creativity at its best 🙄

So then, folks, here’s wishing you a very happy weekend. Have a great time.. and the next time you come across a name as creative as something above, do drop in a line to let me know 🙂


(PS: This post is especially for Urmi and Ash, both of whom have been gently nudging me to revive ‘Crocodile Tales’ – for my newer friends, that was the erstwhile name of this blog :lol:! Now don’t ask me how or why I happened to choose that name!! 🙄 :mrgreen: 😉 😆 :lol:)