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Chetan Bhagat – you’re stressing me out!

A recent ‘open letter’ by Chetan Bhagat has been doing the rounds on email. I, for one, could not stand it. To read more, please click this link.

Thank you!

(PS: My apologies, for not having replied to your previous comments… in Chennai now, and sleeping like a sloth… assuming a sloth sleeps!!)

14 replies on “Chetan Bhagat – you’re stressing me out!”

What is it that you find unpalatable about his advice? I find it super sensible.
You’re probably an Indian male!

First time I’m reading his open letter Pal and I must say, I am on your side. I cannot believe that he is advising women on what to do when in fact, the families (husbands and kids) are the ones who should be given the advice.
Thank u PB. My point exactly.. its the men/supporting family members that need counselling!!

As you rightly said, in the US (and other western countries) where women are also workaholics, they have their partners sharing household and child-rearing responsibilities. And both husbands and children can learn to pick up ttheir own smelly socks, put their own clothes in the laundry or make the bed! It’s not that hard!
Bang on!! Its not that hard to fold one’s bedsheets and throw smelly socks into the laundry-bag!

Oh well, he’s spoken like a typical Indian male…

Happy Holidays Pal!
Thx Pix
I found his article condescending, irrtating, patronising..
he doesn’t mention men in his article.. and that how much it helps when everything is shared and divided (the house work I mean)
Absolutely my point Pix. His ‘open letter’ was just so disgusting and condescending.
Even if one is a stay-at-home mom/wife – this work sharing really helps everyone in the family!
we need to stop expecting, stop trying to be perfect and really as the lady says – Indian men need to grow up and stop being pampered!
Exactly… Imho, many Indian men suffer from Peter Pan syndrome!

As a thumb rule and for the dignity of expressions & writing I do not read Chetan Bhagat. Am glad you did not post the whole document in here, I did hear he has been saying Indian Women are the most stressed. He hardly respects women….who is he to speak about us! SIGH he is so called Youth Leader or whatever….
Seriously, Chintan, that is a wise decision.. to not read Bhagat! I feel sad for our youth, that we have such pathetically low standards to make someone a youth icon!!!

Dear me, that does sound condescending! Mr. Bhagat’s humor notwithstanding, I disagree with the argument that stress is entirely a function of one’s mindset. That’s not how it seems to work. In my experience, the mindset is indeed important, but EQUALLY important is the environment. If you put a person in an environment which is not at all conducive to their deepest personal ambitions and goals, they will tend get stressed irrespective of their coping skills or mindset.

Not getting any kind of support from your partner certainly qualifies as a non-conducive situation. It’s enough to get anyone stressed!
Absolutely with you on that. The lack of support certainly makes a huge impact on stress levels. And quite frankly, Indian households don’t quite believe in the ‘man’ of the house having any share in ‘household’ work!

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