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Reverend Father

Rev. Father

The Principal of a boys only school. He was jovial, old and respectable. The boys loved him. The parents respected him immensely. He was after all, ‘Reverend Father’.

He was kind to the boys, and insisted on meeting the friends and relatives of the boys. So every fun-fair day, or ‘fancy fete’ day, as it was called in those times, the boys would take their sisters and their friends to show them around the school. Rev. Father would call them into his room. Brightly-lit, spacious room, the shelves respectably lined with thick volumes. The children loved the room. It was, after all, the safe haven that belonged to ‘Reverend Father’.

Rev. Father would always offer the children lollipops. While the boys sat on the chair opposite the huge teak wood table, Rev.Father would call the girl over to his side. One hand would go protectively around the back of the little 6 or 7 year old child, drawing her close to him. The huge table almost hiding her, so her brother/friend could only see her neck and above. Rev.Father would stoop to the child’s level, and ask normal questions very kindly, ‘What is your name, my child?’ ‘What does your daddy do?’. You know, the sort of questions any caring, elderly person would ask!

While in the meanwhile, his right hand would creep up the little child’s thighs, get into her panty, and fiddle away, until the barrage of questions stopped. Usually, the child would remain silent. WHAT DOES A 6 YEAR OLD KNOW OR UNDERSTAND?

* First, the child is taken aback.

Second, the child is confused.

Third, the child has no escape!!

Once her turn was over, he would give her more lollipops, and wait serenely for the next child.

So this went on, until one of the kids realised SOMETHING WAS WRONG, and complained to her mother. The mother was SHOCKED. She questioned the other children’s parents. Then, she was FURIOUS.

Reverend Father had molested several little girls who had entered his room. Sadly, some of the boys even KNEW ABOUT IT, and despite that, they went ahead and brought their unsuspecting friends to him.

And then what?

Well, what do you expect? A Bolly-wood style Morcha? A protest or a people’s movement against the sick Rev.Father? A formal complaint against him, after which he was thrown out from his post, or probably even imprisoned and punished?

Ha! HA! HA!

Nothing happened.

It was best to keep quiet. Nobody would believe it. Nobody would talk about it. He was above all this. It was a respectable colony. A respectable school. A calm and wonderful neighbourhood. All that was not to be sullied. It was best to keep quiet, and avoid the sleazy old man.

He was, afterall, ‘REVEREND FATHER’. 


This happened two decades ago.

I wonder, had this happened today, will our reaction be any different?

Will we fight child abuse? Will we take up the issue with other parents, will we protest against such molestors? Will we put any effort to get such perverts punished?

Or will we, as always, simply ‘hush’ it?!!!!

To read more about Child Abuse Awareness, please head over here.

32 replies on “Reverend Father”

aweful and these are the men of faith the so called men of GOD … tragic we need to teach the kids what the TOUCH is at a young age so they know .. such incidencts make me mad and i dont wknow what i would do if this happened in front of me or around me I would probable end up killing the person …

I dont know what to say other than a mouthful of words

Sigh, Bikki. I’ve told you this earlier, and repeating it now, I wish there were more people like you around. Good people with clean heart! Rather than a bunch of old perverts who hide under a black garb of purity!!

Btw, Bikki, this is the first time you have not CLAIMED first place!!! Shows how angry and affected you are.

OMG!! Shocking!! But, I guess, even today, it would be the same, hushed up and never talked about for a long long time, till one day, somebody raises his/her voice!
Exactly my point, Shilpa. Decades later, we are still in the same situation!!!

Yeah. Same old story.
But a few days ago I heard something on the radio about something similar. They were giving instructions as to what kids and even parents should do… I felt nice.
Really? Wow, please share the link, Kshitij.
i think the situation will improve pal. Parents and siblings need to play a major role. I think they will. We will. Going across to the link you shared now.
I really hope so…. parents do need to play a major role. They have to be courageous, bold and make sure the child realises that he/she is not at fault!!!

I completely understand that the young girls would not understand what to do, but would just know something is wrong. Its so difficult to make the child understand what is the right touch…especially without scaring the child too..
So true, Aathira! Kids would know, but not be certain, and it is very difficult to explain to a child! I can only pray and hope that children are saved from this sort of horrible experience!

Its shocking!! How could a Reverend Father be like this? I wish we had system to punish ppl like this..
I wish too, Seena!!! This was twenty years ago. Quite unfortunately, we are still in the same boat! I really do not know if things have changed for the better. CSAAM is a great movement, though.
Btw, Seena, I seem to have forgotten my manners. Thank you for visiting my blog and being so kind to leave comments. I am yet to hop over to yours. It is on my wishlist 🙂 and now on my Reader too. Just clearing up around 250+ posts in my reader and will visit yours soonest!!! 🙂

arent they just about everywhere
More common than we ever imagined. CSAAM has shown us that!
makes me heart bleed… the stories that we have been getting are making me that there is no hope at all
I don’t know what to say, Mon.

As I read more and more account of CSA, my trust in the human being beings dwindles precariously.
It is unbelievable how deprave human nature can get.
So true, Lakshmi!

Well I am not surprised. These so called spiritual leaders and those who claim to have chosen to remain celibate for spiritual reasons are regular offenders. Nityananda, Premananda and a whole lot of ‘aanand’ seekers have left me disillusioned by the whole process of dedicating one’s life to God. I think the lecher on the street is a shade better. One would know what to expect of him.
BRILLIANTLY SAID, Padma. The lecherous ogler on the street is far far better than such reverend basta*ds!

And believe me all religions have their share of Godmen who are anything but godly.
Absolutely! Absolutely!
As for times having changed now, well i am not so sure. Would the religious order to which they belong ever have the courage to disgrace and punish such people? It is the same as a mother hushing up her daughter rather than confronting the abuser.
No. No way. That would NEVER happen. People are so insecure. So shady. So greedy about power and money. They would never let down someone belonging to their coterie, even if he/she has committed a grievous sin!

What the….!!!!
I swear, if I had been that mother, Reverend Father would have transformed to Father In Heaven! i swear!!!!
🙂 I wish there were more parents like you, Priya.
And heaven, coz it’s the real hell where all these so-called nice people end up. God just didnt bother to change the name boards at the gates. Am sure hell is a better place 😛
Ha ha! That being the case, hell would certainly be better 🙂

Disgusting! And whats more disturbing is that its the same even now, despite all the reporting and awareness :(.
EXACLTY MY POINT DEEPS. Exactly! It is the same. Ok, maybe marginally different. But more or less the same.

How sick!! Is there anyone that can be trusted??I don’t think so, anymore, Trish!
I don’t know if you have read “The Perfect Match” by Jodi Picoult.. The victim there,a boy has been abused by a priest!! The outraged mother killed him only to find out it was another priest.. Can it get any worse??!!! Sick!
OMG! I am a fan of Picoult, but haven’t read this one yet. I think it will be too disturbing.

OMG!! 😐

If any jerk touched my little girl, I swear I’d have made sure she’s the last he ever touched…! Asshole!!
OF COURSE I’d protest…..filthy bastard! How dare he’d think he can get away wtih that!! 😡
The anger of a parent…. understandable, but Ash, parents also have an inbuilt fear. Fear of the child being shamed by society. People like him are certainly filthy. And they should rot in hell. I wonder if there is any justice!!
But unfortunatley as u rightly said, society prefers to hush it up rather than speak about it….so yeah… 😐
Exactly, Ash!

Something inside me is turning.. awful feeling! things like this always brings me back to one question- what was the GOD doing?!! the creeps i tell you!
Good question, Vidya. Very good. No answer, though 😦

Devil’s in Angels garb! Yes, the institution would try to hush up the things and brush them down. In one of the link i read “National Review Board’s own estimates that there have been some 5,000 abusive priests in the US, to date only 150 have been successfully prosecuted” Knowing these are Satan’s , they are still let off. How sick it could be!
Oh God!!! Seriously!!!!! That is just disgusting!!!
Making children aware of the right and wrong touches and also to make them open up in case they met with any offenders is a very delicate issue. Being a new parent, right now I am not sure how I would be teaching my kiddo but have to. Its a necessity to make our kids aware as well as open up to their parents incase of any wrong.
Earlier the better, LR!!!!! What can I say… the CSAAM posts are very informative. I wish EVERY parent would read it as a manual before starting the journey of parenting!!

YUCK 😦 😦

If I were that mum, I would have made sure that ‘reverend’ was humiliated in front of the whole town!! 😦 I would done whatever it was in my ability to do but I would have never stayed quiet!!
Doubtful, Urmi. Today,we live in a world where media is powerful and we can actually work wonders and see some change. HOWEVER, as a MOTHER, will you risk putting your child to ‘shame’?
I don’t know which place we can trust to send our kids anymore now…even the school buses are so unsafe. Just last month a 4 year old girl was molested in a ‘top-end’ school here in Dubai, and a week ago the courts passed a verdict in favour of the school and released those molesters. The three guys in question are now roaming around freely, and guess what, they still have their job at the school. So what now? The school exercised their clout and hushed up matters. Now the b******s are free to go on with molesting more children and no one to stop them or watch them.
That is just so unfair!!!! How can the law set them free? They should be castrated and stoned to death!!!!!
Such is the case of justice around the world. I wish we parents were allowed to take the law into our own hands and mete out the highest punishment ever to these beasts :(:(
Oh yes, if we could do it the ‘Anniyan way’ 🙂

We have to fight this. Him and all other sick people like him. Thats why the initiative, thats why the noise. We have to speak up.
Hardly happens, Iya. Easier said than done. Sadly.

This is pathetic… I just don’t understand why just WHY do they have to do all this and for how long will girls have to go through this…
Some people are perverts. Simple! And sadly, it is not just girls, even boys. Anybody who is in a vulnerable position!!!
We all have had some or the other such experience but then the maximum that we did was to tell our parents and take their help to silently get away with it with a feeling of disgust rooted for years and years… Such people should be killed without any second thoughts…
Right, Tan. And most kids don’t even have the confidence to tell their parents, because they will either not be taken seriously (See IHM’s comment) or they will be scolded!!!
P.S – Hey I’ am reading your post after so so so long… Its good to see you back 🙂
Aww thank you dahling!

At this point in CSA month, I am actually beyond shock. But the anger and pain…no, they rage on in me more violently than ever.
Yes, Baisali, I guess we are all beyond shock now!!
Disgusting man! Poor girls. I hope he burns eternally in hell!
Ha ha! I don’t think that ever happens!

Very very believable given the state the world is in. That doesn’t make it less shocking though. For such men of God, do we actually believe Judgment day punishment wouldn’t be late? Or for that matter, sufficient?
I wish I could believe in ‘judgement day’ but sadly I don’t think that happens. I wish one could see their karma unfold before their eyes, and that atleast serves as a deterrent?! Sigh!

Oh dear !!! Did this happen for true, Pal ????
Yes, Uma!
The parents shldnt have kept quiet…I know…and there are many who still keep quiet. To stop the abusers, its required to stand up against it.
No, that would never happen. Imagine the scandal it would have caused. That too, a religious figure. No way! Such things will sadly continue until someone can be bold enough to put their foot down and raise their voice!

It is sickening anyway, yet somehow more so when a religious figure is the perpetrator. So many cases of priests molesting choirboys are coming to light only now, decades after the actual abuse. Bah.
So many cases – yes! Sadly, these go unnoticed because people are afraid of ‘scandals’ 😦 Thank you for reading, Dipali!

Nothing has changed, most parents still don’t teach their children that they have the right to say “No.” to something, some people, some touch etc they do not like.
I guess the parents have to first learn the art of saying no!! They put their foot down for all the wrong reasons. Like the kid wanting to eat an ice-cream! But for something of this magnitude, it gets shushed!
We don’t take children seriously, the general attitude is ‘they don’t understand’.
The only thing children are taught is to be ‘respectful’ and ‘obedient’ to any and all adults.
So true! So true! Parents are more concerned about how the society will rate THEM as parents, rather than what they should really be teaching their kids or learning from them!!!

A great post..
Thank you Asha.
I hope there is better awareness these days.. CSA has certainly increased awareness! Kudos to the team behind it!
The likes of such “fathers” deserves the worst punishment on earth.. more so since they hold a “respectful” position in the society and is least suspected.
The kids are helpless; not all will realize what happened until they grow older.
Absolutely, Asha. They deserve the worst punishment that is possible! But who is going to do it, and when?! One can only hope and pray that they meet a painful end!!

Hello and am a new visitor to your blog (courtesy:Life under the sky) and this is one topic that enrages me to no end. They kept silent? Bloody hell! Any person that touches a child inappropriately needs to be castrated and thrashed in public. Law is an ass on this subject.

Hello and am a new visitor to your blog (courtesy:Life under the sky) and this is one topic that enrages me to no end. They kept silent? Bloody hell! Any person that touches a child inappropriately needs to be castrated and thrashed in public. Law is an ass on this subject. These selfish monsters shall rot in hell with no reprieve forever. It breaks my heart to think of the children’s state of mind. foot

Welcome here, Venkatesh. I agree, anybody who molests a child is simply not a human being at all, and should be denied his/her basic rights. But will this EVER happen? I guess not. It is a real pity. And a shame, to humanity!

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