Tree Tree Tirty Tree

Officially completed 33 years yesterday, and was completely overwhelmed by the wishes that all of you poured into my FB page 🙂 Danke Danke one and all!!! And since Count Bratula asked for a Cake, here it is… my all-time-fav Black Forest cake….


Specially for you!!!


I had a great time, folks … made my little kiddo bunk a swimming lesson 😉 and introduced him to some yummy chaat (without spice) 🙂 On the whole had a very nice time. And before you girls ask, my Knight-in-shining-armour gave me a lovely perfume and Kiddo claimed that he drew a heart for me at school. Now I’ll have to find out the truth behind that this Friday, when the teachers give us the kid’s ‘work’.

Cheers 🙂

47 replies on “Tree Tree Tirty Tree”


AAAAAP miliye to ..lots of tricks

Yeh to ishq ne Bikram nikamma bana diya
warna hum bhi the aadmi kaam ke 🙂

Hey Happy Birthday Pall. Wishing all your dreams come true!
That’s very sweet of your kiddo. Whether he drew or not, he was cute enough to say that he did it for you!

Pal, I luvvvv Blackforest cake too 😀 But, err if Brat has already dug into it, I dnt want a piece! Nw dnt tell me u never offered too Brat 👿

Awww so sweet of R baby 😀

I wish you good times.
thk u kshitij. Been planning to visit your blog for a long time, I think I’ll hop over right away.

Oh !!! So sweet a cake and a damn good gift for you… 🙂 🙂

Put up pic of the heart, which R drew… 🙂

Thank u Uma. Where did the cake come from , btw? 😉

I am waiting still….did u get the picture from school ????? 🙂
Yes I did Uma, surprised that u actually remembered 😉 The pic was beautiful 🙂 and there really was my name and a heart too 🙂 This is the best birthday card I’ve EVER received 🙂

Many happy returns of the day ..

Dont know about bratula.. but i am just 2 hours drive away.. you shud have given a piece to me .. you see for foood i can drive to any corner.. but i am sure you been greedy and eaten it all by now .. thats so cruel and on birthdays you are supposed to be good and GIVEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

Happy birthday Pallavi…

He drew you a heart? Awww how sweet (pssst…also find out if his girlfriend’s bday is on th same day :P)
And a perfume? hmmm… 😀 which one?

Belated wishes, Pal 🙂
Hee hee, thank u. I’m sure he’s drawing hearts for all his little girlfriends out there 😉

Happy Birthday girl! 🙂

I had a great time, folks … made my little kiddo bunk a swimming lesson and introduced him to some yummy chaat (without spice)

Chaat minus spice means that the chaat has lost its soul. That would be ‘mummy chaat’ and not ‘yummy chaat’. What? 😉 😀

LOL, good one Rosh 🙂 Hope your little brat is keeping you on your toes too 🙂

Awww, R made a heart for you?? How sweet!

BTW, is that cake meant for just those who wished you on FB or can those who sms-wished you also dig in to it for a share?? 😛 😛

Hey, I seem to have missed a lot of your posts. What has my reader been upto!!! Your reader is probably right, Smitha, I’ve not been posting!!

So you turned 33 🙂 I just crossed over to 34 🙂 We are almost exactly a year apart 🙂 No no, we are exactly a week apart 😉 I just crossed over to 34 too!!

R is the cutest! He draw you a heart! I am sure his teachers must have gone ‘awwwww’ 🙂 Ha ha, I have to ask them 🙂

Oh, missed this….very belated wishes to you! Big hugs!

Aww thank u so much Starry!!! Bookmarking you right away so I don’t miss out on your posts!! I happened to very cleverly delete my google account, therefore lost my Reader too!!

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