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Friday Feast 2 – Utterly simple

I was wondering if my Friday Feast posts were turning boring, when Deeps said she was actually looking forward to it!!! So I plunged into writing this post, on a Tuesday, and scheduling it to be published on Friday (Whoa @ my commitment to blogging, no?).

This Friday, I have not one, but Two Feasts for you!


As always, a quick n easy one-pot meal idea :  Stir-fry noodles/rice

Utterly simple – Roughly chop up loads of veggies – Spring onions, onions, baby corn, carrot, capsicum (all colours), cabbage, mange tout, beans – toss them into a pan with a tablespoon of oil. Stir-fry them on high heat, for about 2-3 minutes, until they get slightly brown, but not fully cooked. Do remember to keep the veggies crunchy.

Now add in some salt to taste. I don’t usually add Ajinomoto as I cannot serve that to my little brat. If you like, you could add in a tablespoon of soy sauce and vinegar. Or a ready-made packet of Knorr hakka noodles masala (which tastes quite good!).

Finally, throw in the cooked rice or noodles (as you like), toss briskly, without mashing either the rice or the veggies. Basically, you are doing a stir-fry and not cooking food.

Knorr goodies for foodies

For the more enthusiastic folks around, a side-dish (cauliflower manchurian or paneer manchurian and the likes!) could be made as well. I usually just stock up on the Knorr Manchurian or Knorr Schezwan packets, and use them sparingly on my feeling-lazy-days!

They are extremely simply and taste divine. Just follow the instructions on the pack and its really easy to make the side-dish. Otherwise, ofcourse, you can do it from scratch, and there are loads of recipies on the internet, that I don’t want to bore you with now!!

Personally, I am very happy with this one-pot meal. Its simple, easy to make, tasty and well, let’s face it -what could be healthier than vegetables?



The second Feast for today, is specially meant for your Kiddies and Kiddos: A yummy dosai in the shape of a Thomas train (with wheels!), decorated with cooked potato and spinach 🙂

My mum used to make dosais in the shape of Ducks and Houses when we were young!

The important thing to remember while making dosai in different shapes, is the temperature of your tava. Heat your dosai tava slightly, not too hot (otherwise the batter will become clumpy), and not too cool either (as then, the batter will not cook!!).

When the tava is warm, ladle the batter onto it. First draw a circle, and then a little rectangle adjoining it. Lastly, spoon a tiny bit on the top to make a funnel! Don’t forget the wheels!!! Cook little circles of batter, and just arrange them under the train before you serve.

You can top this with any veggies to make a face. The possibilities are quite endless, really! I am quite sure your child will wolf this down in no time 🙂

Do try and let me know!

And – Happy Weekend, folks!!!

31 replies on “Friday Feast 2 – Utterly simple”

Pal , this is great ! I am on the verge of pulling my hair with my DD . This train will surely work out . May be I will also try out a barbie and dora . Who knows !!

And I am also big fan of one pot meals .

Yummyy!Thomaa-thain (Thomas) is a huge hit with my little one. Yes, cars, vans, trains, apples, oranges, A, B, C, D, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 are some of the dosais i make. With chappathi, i stick to simple ones. Cut thin strips out of rolled-out chappathis, put together A, C, D, apples etc and press the edges so they stick. Taan-te-dain!

I also love the one-pot meals! and the thomas dosai looks sooooo cute !! – a friend of ours in Dubai used to make alphabet dosais for her kids when they were tots 🙂

Wow, Pals! That is fun! I love that thomas dosa! Have to give it a try sometime! Mine loves ‘iglis’ (idlis) so I stick with them normally, but have to give this a try sometime 🙂

And Knorr Manchurian? I had no idea you get those! Where do you buy them? I need, need them!

How long do you take to chop all of that? Spring onion, onions, capsicum,carrots, beans, cabbage even if it is roughly? I am so slow, that would take me years 😦

On the other hand, one pot meals are just so yummy with all the medley of flavours. Me shall try this 😀

You must be kidding no? when you said “The important thing to remember while making dosai in different shapes………” Well whatever the temp of my Tava, I never ever get a round dosai 😥 I tried pouring it slowly, dumping the entire batter and even pouring the batter while I did my Shakira jig!! Nothing works….and the sonny boy discovers shapes of countries and states every single time I serve him one 😡

I better not introduce him to the idea of a Thomas Train Dosai…what if he insists and I end up with a Rakhi Sawant Dosai? 🙄

I’m a major fan of Knorr too. Very useful during lazy days as you say, Pal. The ‘shape’ly dosas seem a fab idea. My mom used make chapathis in various shapes, but this is the first time I’m seeing it done on a dosa 😀 .

Wow, Pals the one-pot-stir-fry meal is a super idea! Oh, I’m definitely going to try it..Namnam loves noodle so I’m sure she will take this one really well! Tomorrow her school opening aftre a long holiday, will give this one a shot for her lunch 🙂

And that Thomas-Dosa rocks!!

Thanks heaps for the recipes, da! Your easy-peasy Friday Feasts have made this super-lazy-mom very very happy :D. You bet I’ve begun to look forward to reading them 🙂

And you have a fantastic vacation. Try and see if you can squeeze Delhi in your schedule, will def fix up to meet when I’m there next month then 🙂 🙂

The stir fry looks great! And I’m a great fan of noodles, so must do this one soon. Al those veggies.. for once my mom will be happy i am cooking something without chocolate as one of the ingredients! 😀
LOL! Seriously? Ha ha 🙂
Thomas engine train is ingenous! I can barely get a round dosa to begin with (of the few times i tried).. so probably other-than-round shapes is my calling!
ROFL! Trust me, thomas dosai is far easier than a round Dosai. Infact once I Attempted a Dino dosai for a little boy and he adamantly rejected it and said it looked like a Starfish 😦
*Sets off to ask mom is she can make Spongebob Squarepants Dosai*

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