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Thursday Challenge – 3

This week’s topic is “CRAFTS” (Supplies, Knitting, Crocheting, Woodworking, Pottery, Painting,…)

If you are wondering what is ‘special’ about this picture, it is this :  As you walk past this tapestry, you find that the painting seems to have turned towards you!

That is, when you are standing at one end of the painting, Jesus Christ looks at you. As you walk past and reach the other end of the picture, it would seem that the painting has also changed position, towards the direction in which you are standing, instead of just remaining the other way round!!!

Edited to add:

The tapestry is in Italy.. I think its the Vatican museum, but I’m not too sure. Will re-check and let you folks know. It is truly fascinating, though. You just want to walk past it, over and over again, till you get bored 🙂


Guess what? This is infact the Vatican museum, and do check out this video link.

24 replies on “Thursday Challenge – 3”

Have been to Vatican museum, but don’t remember seeing anything like this! Amazing work!!
Thanks for sharing pallavi…
We end up not remembering most of the stuff we see, Anu, don’t worry 🙂 We just happened to have an awesome tour guide, so some of the things he said stuck on!!

Fascinating indeed! Who painted this? Da Vinci??
Don’t know, Priya. Most probably yes. Our tour guide at the Vatican told us this ground rule, whenever anybody asks us ‘Who is the painter’, answer ‘Da Vinci’ and you will most probably be right!!! 😉 😉

Jeez you mean like a stalking Jesus? One of the reason I love love Italians. They are awesome with Art and can take your breath away with their masterpieces.
ROFL!!! Stalking Jeejus was awesome, Saks. Oh I miss Rakhi Sawant now!! You like the Italians for their art? Hmmm.. I will have to agree! 😉
oh Lady so you have travelled far and wide haan? Did that make you wise too like they say? :mrgreen:
LOL! Not at all. I’ve only seen a couple of places , and I just happen to flaunt them at the drop of a hat. Empty vessels make more sound… heard of that, Saks? 😉

WOW !!! Thats interesting…. 🙂 🙂

Sounds like the Pondicherry Mother’s eyes….which seem to be looking at us directly, from whichever angle we see the pic. 🙂
That’s right, Uma. I feel its also similar to Sai Baba’s pictures – Putaparthi.

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