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WW – 3 – Four seasons

Perhaps every person living in India would agree with me, when I say that we have only two seasons – 1- Summer. 2- Winter. Finito.

We simply do not have the concept of Spring or Autumn, because that’s just what our country has been blessed with! (Note the sarcasm, please!!). My Mum used to say, very often, that Chennai has only two seasons too – Hot. And Hotter. The last few years have ofcourse changed this perception, as now we experience ‘Hotter and Hottest’ weather! (Which brings me to another question ‘When does one say ‘weather’ and when does one resort to ‘climate”. But, I digress.)

So, the last few years in London have given me such a beautiful glimpse into the four seasons of Nature. Each season is marked by the weather, the time of sunrise and sunset, and many other factors.

However, to me, the leaves tell all. While I enjoy the bright green leafy trees whose branches sway merrily in the summer breeze, I also love the striking beauty of stark naked trees, that go into a hibernation of sorts, every winter.

But what I truly and dearly love, is this time of the year, when leaves turn from Green to Gold, and that too in phases. One day its all green. The next day, they have turned a most beautiful shade of Orange. Then a mesmerising yellow with Golden hues. And finally, ofcourse, they fade away.

I simply cannot get enough of this….








Or this…

In just a week...









And this… one tree is completely green, the other turning golden yellow, and the third, who has quite been stripped of its leaves already!








And most of all, this… a beautiful carpet of golden , orange leaves…

41 replies on “WW – 3 – Four seasons”

Autumn is so beautiful, isn’t it? I just love the way everything turns golden 🙂

Love your pics, Pal. Is that R in the header? He is having a lovely time grabbing those leaves 🙂 We have planned to pick some leaves today and do some craft work with it 🙂

ah, amazing clicks! I agree with you..we have three seasons actually as this year around, Mumbai saw 3 whole months of monsoon! but that didn’t give us a relief from heat in any way!!

Yes, we have monsoons in India too. I actually think we don’t have much of a winter (In Bombay atleast). Its either summer or rain.

The pics are so gorgeous. The last one is my fav. 🙂

I luv luv luv the fall colours too 🙂
What I hv read and know is that climate is a sum-total of the weather conditions of a region over a period of time 😉 It was an important examination qs in some class 😛 😛

Winter 😛 I thought we only had two seasons, summer and monsoons… But like you said, I can’t get enough of the fall season, when will I be somewhere when the leaves turn golden and spread a carpet… !! love love love your pictures Pals

I agree with you. Growing up in Chennai we either had hot days or rainy days – no semblance of winter or spring or autumn… Spring & Autumn are my absolute favorite times of the year. I like the snow-covered winter too, but here the winter is not that harsh and I hear shoveling snow is not fun 🙂

Nice pictures Pallavi! Me too likes Autumn 🙂 Some trees change their colors to orangish/pinkish too…
To me..these colors look like a kaleidoscope….and it’s truly a “golden affair” 🙂
And it gives some of the best sunsets too….

Pal Boston is a part of what they call New England here and we have the same seasons like you English Speaking folks 😆 So I know how blissful is Autumn and of course the rest of the seasons. Booo.hooo i miss Boston now. This place where I am now doesn’t have those beautiful fall colours 😥
Oh really!! I had no clue, Saks!!
Awesome pics and let me share my fave fall poem by Emily Bronte
“Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.”
Wow!!! Saks, you a Lit student or what? U seem to be so fluent with poems!

I wish I could see autumn and spring someday !! Like Chennai….Dubai/Abu Dhabi is also hotter and hottest for nearly 7 months a year. Nice photos Pallo !! 🙂 I really loved the last one, the orange leafy carpet!!
Yeah, Urmi. We never get to see this in countries like India and UAE

Its amazingly beautiful Pal. 🙂 Yes, I need to visit some place like that, to really experience the four seasons…. 😉
Visit me!
That carpet is worth a million…. 🙂 🙂
I agree 🙂

thanks for these beautiful pics Pal.. something I have never seen live here.. 🙂
Most welcome, Kanagu!! Infact I have myself appreciated the beauty of this particular season only this year!!!!

More than the pics, I loved the way you’ve written. Beautiful! Flowing smoothly like a serene river. I would even say the pics were rendered redundant by your writing. At least for me 🙂 And very true about the seasons in India. Now I know autumn and spring exist only in textbooks! Lol@ the weather and climate bit. That was spot on 😀
PS: The last pic somehow reminds me of the movie Mohabbatein. The exact same leaves! Nice click 😀

I love the colors of fall and I am most sad that we dont get them in India, however blore somewhat makes up for it in Jan/Feb with whole streets covered with pink flowers
I know Mon, we are quite unlucky in terms of weather in India. Really, BLR is strewn with pink flowers everywhere? I’d love to see that!!! Pics pleaseeee…

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