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Friday Feast – Cheese Paratha

Simple cheese parathas are a sure hit with Kids (er… and non-calorie-conscious-adults too ;-)). And the best part – You don’t even need a side-dish 😉 This is tasty just on its own!

All you need: Dough, Grated Cheese. Roll dough, pile on the cheese, fold from all sides, roll again, and cook on both sides! Finito!!!

More enthusiastic cook-ers can even try out variations by adding in some chopped onions, coriander, blah blah blah!

For lazy bones like me, this is a simply perfect one-meal dish!

Recipe courtesy Sanyash!

Now I leave you with two pictures that will leave you hungry…

Roll dough, pile on ball of grated cheese, roll again
Cook on both sides, crunch asap

(Due apologies for such bad quality pictures)

I hope you try this out soon-est and let me know how it turned out.

Humour Incidents MommySpeak Thurs Challenge - picture

Thursday Challenge 2

My second attempt at Thursday Challenge!! An extremely easy challenge this time, as my place is ALWAYS always and always messy!!! This picture was clicked the day we returned from our India trip. Little R was so excited to be back in ‘his’ space!