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Another non-post

Now where do I begin? Its just been so long. There are a hundred thoughts running criss-cross in my mind. Every incident, every emotion – turns into fodder for a new blog post, that I have very sadly, neglected to follow up on! So here are some tidbits…

1- What the heck is Arundhati Roy thinking?! While most people simply do not think, some successfully think crooked and turn into politicians. Others choose not to think at all, and turn into PMs. Some others think radically different, and make inflammatory speeches. I wish everyone who supports ‘Azaadi’ for Kashmir, actually charts out a ‘What Next‘ map as well. Where does Kashmir go from there?!!! By the way, I liked God of Small Things, but it was too dark, a little confusing and altogether depressing.

2- I was very upset to read that ‘….The United States has no stronger partner when it comes to counter terrorism efforts against the extremists who threaten us both than Pakistan’. Sad. Very sad! My pro-Pakistani friends, please, don’t bother to ‘try explaining’ things to me.

3- I read this post at IHM’s blog and also the original post at TBG’s blog. Now I have never been a ‘feminist’. Atleast not the sort of feminism they show on TV. In my own way, though, I firmly believe in independence and space – as a matter of birth right – for any human being, man or woman! And if Indian society dictates that women MUST be in the kitchen, ‘enjoying’ doing ‘her’ activities, then that is ridiculous. Every woman is an individual first and only then a wife or mother or daughter-in-law. If she is denied this basic right, whether explicitly or in unspoken words and behaviour, then there certainly is something wrong!

4- For those of you who have not yet read this, please do click on Greatbong’s post and Khamba’s post on the latest Super Hero: ‘ArnabMan‘.

5- For those of you who did not watch Rakhi Ka Insaaf, shame on you. You missed something profound. The audience screamed ‘Rakhi Rakhi’ and the woman meted out justice, by asking the lover to marry the woman he has been having an affair with, with absolutely no consideration of the fact that this man was already married and had 4 children!! Rakhi had better join Muthalik. Together, they can get every couple in India married. Again, read Greatbong’s hilarious post on this.

6- And for those who have not been following our one and only Sultan Bhai, he’s been flooding Facebook with his Rajini wisecracks. This latest one steals the show:

Basketball player: I can spin a ball on my finger for 2 hrs… can u..??
Rajnikanth: How do u think the earth spins…??

Which reminds me that I am one of the very few people who has not yet seen Enthiran!!!

7- We have two new additions to our family – They are called Andy Juju and Radar Chichi. Who are they? Any guesses, anyone??

8- The weather has suddenly changed from ‘bright, sunny and hot’ to ‘grey, windy and cold’. Brrr….

Anyway, I leave you with a beautiful picture… a place that everyone must visit, atleast once in a lifetime!!!

33 replies on “Another non-post”

Ehh what is Rakhi ka insaaf? Why am I so out of the loop…
If you haven’t seen it, then GOOD FOR YOU!!! On the other hand, you are missing something seriously base and ridiculous, so you should probably watch one episode to get a feel of how crappy the show is 🙂

And the weather? Thinking of winters in London makes me go Brr… All the best 😀
Awww…. its terrible….last week was nice and sunny, and this week is just the opposite 😦

I too haven’t seen Enthiran yet…

Still Rakhiiiiiiii rocks???? man $%$£$%%^^
Ayyo, watch the episode on Youtube, you will want to break your own computer screen!
and those two are two new robots you borrowed from Rajini :P?????
ROFL!! What a creative guess. Not right, though, but still, a very clever guess 😉

me toooooo!!
Girls you must go… its a once in a lifetime thing to do!! Quite honestly, though, the pyramids are not as impressive in REAL as they are in the pictures. But a visit to Egyptian temples is awesome, so is the Nile cruise

Hey..some random lines from me

1. God of Small things – God! I have never read such a morbid novel before! I was depressed after reading that book 😦
He he, anybody would 🙂
2. US and Pak – They are both crazy countries.. so a comment like that isn’t surprising. They probably didn’t understand the meaning of the statement they were making or the impact of making it! They are a bit slow…
Agree!!! I guess they created this Frankenstein, and now the entire world is suffering!!
3. Rakhi!! – That lady needs to be banned!
Did you say ‘Lady’? 😈
4. Love the Rajini joke…btw I haven’t watched Endhiran either. Don’t seem to have the inclination..
Me neither , btw 🙂 Loved the songs though.
5. Egypt – Hope I can go some day ….. sigh!
6.Andy Juju and Radar Chichi – Fancy names for characters from Toy Story??? Will keep thinking about this one 🙂 Also seems like Yes to something and No to something else….
Good guess!! But its not from Toy Story, they are actually real objects 😉

Eh yeah I saw Rakhi Ka Insaaf. Very soon I am sure, a participant on her show will stand up and yell back ‘Tum khud kitni badchalan aurat ho, pehle apne aap ko sudhaaro aur phir baakiyon ko’ !! She is no saint herself and has hardly led a virtuous life so she had better end this stupid ‘Insaaf’ show before the tables turn on her !! 😀 😀 😀 and the audience on that show goes ‘Haay Haay’ as if it’s a morcha or andolan 😛 Maaaaaaan, ridiculous !!
Yup, Ridiculous would be quite apt 🙂 I don’t know much about her personal life, Urmi, and quite frankly, I did appreciate her for being so gutsy. But in this show, she is just doing dramebaazi, and in a manner by which the seriousness of the show is lost on the viewer!!

P.S: Andy Juju and Radar Chichi. Are they hamsters? or Goldfish? 🙂
No no no 🙂

1. I think you are the first person I know who actually liked the book. Most people I know, including me, hated the book. It was morbid alright, but to me, I didn’t understand the point of the book. It looked as though, she wrote a novel just to show the world that she is someone who doesn’t conform to stereotypes – didn’t understand the point of the book.
He he, I liked it only for the rich characterisation. Otherwise, like you said ‘morbid’ is the perfect word! I think the point of the book was just to show how lives were twisted, how an orthodox society influenced lives in a politically turbulent setting. If that makes any sense 🙂

2. Sad, very sad indeed.
3. I agree with everything you said there.
4. When you go to Raakhi for insaaf, what else do you expect to get? 😉
LOL!!!! Seriously, I was hoping she would make some sense. The show was ridiculous!!
6. Reminds me of the Chuck Norris fwds that were flooding a while back 🙂
Haven’t seen them 😦 SOS, Googleji 🙂
7. Gold fish? Cats?
Neither 🙂

“Every woman is an individual first and only then a wife or mother or daughter-in-law.”
Isn’t that what feminism about. So how can you say you are not a feminist??
Shail, Please see my answer to Sangitha. The way feminism is projected by Indian media is in quite a negative sense. It portrays women branding ALL men as bast**ds and as women being suppressed by THEM. I do not agree with that. Women are suppressed, I agree, but not only by Men. They are equally harassed by other Women and society at large. That is why I said, I am not a feminist in the way they are normally projected. I believe in individuality, and if that is indeed the core of feminism, then I’m glad about it. If not, then I’d rather just not belong to a group that unfairly and squarely blames ‘men’ for all their problems!
You have company. I have not sen Endhiran yet. We tried for tickets last weekend, but they were all sold out!
Aww, your boys didn’t insist on First Day First Show??

That picture is awesome. Yes, a place that must be visited at least once. Some day, perhaps…. sigh!

Quoting you,
“The way feminism is projected by Indian media is in quite a negative sense”

So media is at fault. So I’d rather point fingers at the media for their wrong representation than the word feminism itself 🙂
I agree, Shail. Feminism is projected as ‘belligerent women who love male-bashing. That isn’t what feminism is about, really. Its just about respecting the self, and standing up for each one!!!

Are you crazy?? My boys would not touch Endhiran with a barge pole!! Really! BTW, I saw it yesterday and have not recovered yet. Dazed, that’s what I am. I don’t understand what all the hype was about. (OMG hope your comment box doesn’t start getting overfull for that blasphemy!)
Seriously?? Wow!!! LOL, Shail, did you notice? Nobody bother to attack you for that. So I guess its all hype, really. I still haven’t watched it, btw!!!

BTW, I liked God of small things’ 🙂
If I may ask, what did you like about the book , Shail? For me, it was the really rich characterisation and local flavour, rather than the story itself.

Yeah, the local flavor, the rich characterization… and her writing was able to touch, make you feel what her characters were going through. I liked that ability of hers to make the reader empathize.
🙂 🙂

Hopped over from IHM’s. One question – why do people feel the need to qualify their status as a feminist? Are we all so brain-washed in patriarchy that it is not okay to call ourselves what we are without qualification?

Have heard this from so many people – ‘I am not a feminist, like I don’t burn bras or anything’. And all these people believe in gender equality. Am just curious on what drives your qualification.

I guess I should have explained in clearer terms. I am not the sort of feminist that people project on TV and media – the ones who aggressively denounce men. Luckily, I am surrounded by sensible and gracious men, so I haven’t needed to ‘fight’ for anything. Though, I do believe women are individuals first. If that is the core of feminism, then I’m glad to be a believer 🙂 Thing is, ‘feminism’ is portrayed in a very different light from what it actually must be!

BTW, have also not seen Enthiran. Actually, the last movie I saw of Rajini was Thillu Mullu from the ’80s. Since gravity does exist, decided to give the other movies a pass. 😀
You must be joking!! 1980!!! Btw, I am yet to watch Baba and Shivaji!!

oh well… I’m still thinking about TBG’s post and those comments and I did feel what IHM has written is quite an apt answer… I agree with what you say on it too…
IHM is an awesome woman!!! What are your thoughts on it, Pix?
Sigh! Missed Rakhi’s one-woman show! My bad!! 😉
LOL!! Youtube is the last resort 😉
Haven’t read God Of Small things – I don’t think I will either! 😉
I’d say, Good decision ;-)!!
and.. what else? oh yea – haven’t watched Robot/Endhiran either! I’m giving it a miss and watching an old true-blue Rajni movie instead! 😀 😀
LOL!! None of us has watched Endhiran!!!

Wow those were a lot of things…. and I agree with you on Egypt…Its a place on my to go list 🙂
Do go, Mr.Published Author 😉 Congrats, Prats. I saw the beginning of your post on my Reader, but have not yet caught up with the backlog!

If Hitch was sending super smses on Rajnikanth, hope u got my mail, to make u go mad…. 😉 😉
Boo hoo , I did get it! And even dedicated a Video to you today. Chk FB!!
Raakhi – Can she be away from media ????
Andy Juju and Radar Chichi – Some new toy, which R has named like this !!!! Come on, tell me….

Whoa! What a lovely khichdi post? 🙂
Who are those – Juju and Chichi? Sonny’s robots 😛 LOL!!
I hv nt seen Endhiran too 😉 Interesting, many of us have not watched it, and I was thinking I was the last person left on the face of earth 😉
Err r u watching Rakhi’s na-insaafi 😛 😛 I am scared to even switch to that channel during the time slot 😉
ROFL!! I just saw one episode 😉

Pallavi, God of Small Things is on my ‘one of the best books ever’ list and somewhere, a part of me is still with Estha and Rahel, trying to hold and comfort them:(
Really?! Did you not go into depression after reading it?

And there are so many ppl before her who need to be lined up first and need to be asked the question you are asking her.
I agree!! We have truckloads of such people. Why not start with her 😉
And I belong to your club of ‘yet-to-watch-Enthiran’!! I think the Rajni jokes will break all records of Sardarji ones:)
LOL!! But you know, IMHO, the Rajini jokes only serve to build up his already gigantic persona. He’s awesome!

aree aap itna tension nahin lo.. 🙂
He he!!
and the rajnikanth joke beautiful 🙂 loved it god bless him, for rotating earth so slow warna hum sab Gir jaate na 🙂
He’s an icon!!!
the shpynx i think , yes next on the iternary 🙂 Great!!!!
and yes weather has changed hey Winters are coming … 🙂 more brrrrrrrrrrrrrr
I know 😦 Too much Brrr….

I love this non-post of yours! Thank u 🙂 !

A Roy? Well, after debating on her for the last few days, have come to the conclusion that all we can do is ignore her- all she want is free ka publicity. What was she thinking? Well, I think her strategy is very well thought out – figure out which ’cause’ can get the most publicity and then go and root for it 😦 As for her book- I did not like it too much – but I read it a long time back – when it had just come out. So I do wonder if reading it now will change my perspective..
Guess so, Smitha – about her ‘strategy’. As for the book, I think reading it once is MORE than enough ;-)!! Way to depressing for a second read!

Rakhi Ka Insaaf – I have decided to steer clear of her this time 🙂 I really don’t want to get addicted to this one 🙂
ROFL!! We said the same thing about Rahul Mahajan and we both watched it end to end 😉

Please tell us who/what is Andy Juju and Radar Chichi! Dying to know!
And why are you tempting me so much with Egypt pics 😦 Just when we cancelled our plans for Egypt 😦 Guess this will make us go in Feb instead 🙂
Ejjakataly. If I keep posting pics, its going to make sure you go there!!!

Even i’m down with Rajni fever :P:P:P haha my last 2 status msgs was exclusively Rajni..!!!
LOL!! He deserves the adulation, though. What an awesome persona, man!
and rakhi phew…. i have awarded her na….aise hi thodi na diya…;)
What did you award her? Linku to Postu pleasu!!!

now what is this rakhi ka insaaf???? Nahinnnn!! You haven’t watched it yet? Mon, you are missing something, lady.

and sigh if dhiren comes in front of me he will be killed, i am sick of those jokes LOL!!

pyramids are on top of my bucket list right now Aww, I hope you do it soon!! Don’t miss the Nile Cruise either!

i liked god of small things, i think she has lost it… a PJ i present to u on her: Problem with roy is before all of india was saying booker booker and now they are saying book her book her LOL!! I saw this too 🙂

God of Small Things – oh my..only I know how I finished reading that book.. 😐 LOL!!
Rakhi – err less said about her the better.. Sigh!!
Egypt..I want to go..He went without me and shows off no end 😥 Oh no!!!!! When is it your turn?
Andy Juju and Radar Chichi – Cats?? Will be revealed today 🙂

Did you reveal it, yet? Didn’t find it in your post though…
He he, not yet. Taken the pictures only last weekend, so a new post follows 😉 Thanks for reminding me, akay!

I havent seen Robot either !!!!
Same pinch 😈

Not really a Rajni fan… but I love his jokes… !!! here is another one :

Rajni once taught a small kid how to open doors without ringing bells… Today that child is called Office “DAYA” !!!!!
Brrr… I didn’t understand that 😦 Btw, what do you mean ‘Jokes’? They are all real!!! Didn’t you know Rajini is an incarnation of God?!

Hey, first time here. Nice blog you got.
Haha. Soooper funny post or non-post FWIW

My two paise here :
1. Arundhati Roy : No words. To substantiate whatever little I have to say, read Oh and God of Small things was depressing, to say the least.
ROFL! That was awesome! Thanks for sharing that, Anu!
2. Rakhi ka insaaf : That lady is incorrigible, isn’t she? Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but wrote a post last year sometime when she was busily hunting for a match for herself here is is :
I seriously used to admire her for her simple non-filmy background and the sheer guts she had to face up to all the criticism. But after watching this episode, I lose all respect for the woman. She seems crazy!

3. Watching Enthiran this Saturday. Free tickets . Songs look fine atleast. Thank heavens, atleast the aarti showing to his posters and milk-pouring is over.
LOL!!! Free tickets to Enthiran? Wow!! Will you accept my fraanship request please? 😉
Will visit again


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