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Secret of the TV Wall – My first 3WW

I’ve been following the very interesting 3WW at Intrepid Dreamer’s blog for the last couple of weeks. Every week, I manage to miss it… and today, finally, I landed at the page on a Wednesday 🙂 So here’s my entry:

3 words: Engulf, Imminent, Tamper


Daughters. Sons. Grandchildren. They huddled around the hospital bed. She was 90. Frail, weak. ‘Some water, Ma?’ the youngest daughter asked. Ma shook her head. Very slightly. ‘Wi…’ she muttered. Nobody heard. They were far too engulfed in sorrow. Much as they had hated the old hag, the fact was, they had spent a lifetime with her. Living off her ancestral wealth! ‘Wi…’ Ma said again, this time, a little louder.

The eldest daughter heard. ‘Did you want something, Ma?’ A look of exasperation crossed Ma’s wrinkled face. She motioned to the  wall across the huge hall, on which hung a massive TV. The ‘TV wall’ was famous within family circles. It was supposed to have a secret brick, which, when removed, would reveal the ‘Keys’. Keys to what? That nobody knew. Except Ma.

They crowded closer by her bedside, to get a better view. Or to hear better, as the case might have been!

Go on Ma, tell us..’ the eldest grandchild coaxed.

Wiiiiiii…’ Ma urged, motioning wildly towards the ‘TV Wall’ with both hands.

Murmurs arose within the closed room.

‘Wall? Is she pointing at the wall?’

‘Shush…quiet.. I think she means her Will. That’s what she’s been hiding behind the TV all these years!’

‘Tee hee, Granny wants to wee ;-)’ giggled the youngest of the brigade.

‘Wow.. a Will.. Wow!!’ the older ones whispered in sheer admiration. A real mystery, that too, in their otherwise mundane, insignificant little lives!

The macho men in the room took big strides towards the TV wall, and tried to pry the TV off from its stand.

Ma raised her eyebrows in alarm.

‘Don’t worry Ma, we will give you the Will in a minute..’

Ma shook her head, and lifted both hands towards the heavens above.

The daughters nodded wisely. ‘We know, you’ve waited all these years to share this moment with us…’

Ma clutched her head, and with all her energy, managed to pull out some perfectly silvery hair.

‘What’s wrong, Ma? Are you not happy? We won’t tamper with your Will, don’t you worry! Your wish will be our command! We swear!!’

Ma shook her head, rather vigorously.

‘My end … is imminent!!’ Ma cried.

‘Be brave, Ma, it is us who will be left alone..  Come, let’s atleast read your last wishes in the will now‘, the daughters sobbed. A small, empty bottle of glycerine lay in the dustbin under the bed.

The men were still working hard at removing the TV. ‘Fetch the screwdriver, you fool! We don’t have all day!!’ shouted the elder son to the younger.

There was chaos all around. Men hunting for a Will. Women waiting for the hunt to end! Children whispering animatedly, at what would be in the Will!

Until finally, ‘Crash!’ Ma grabbed the glass of water by her bedside, and threw it on the floor, with all her might.

‘Can you dumb fools stop breaking my new flatscreen TV?’ she managed to scream.

The daughters looked at each other, in disbelief. Sons and grandsons heard it loud and clear. They turned around, confused!

‘But.. but what about your Will?’ the daughters questioned, tears having disappeared rather magically.

‘My Wi…’  Ma whispered again.

‘Your will, dearest Ma?’ the youngest daughter cooed.

‘Shut up, you useless fools. No damn will. And no bloody money. I’ve donated everything before you vultures came to my deathbed. Now give me my damn Wii from the rack beside the TV. I want to play one last game!’


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44 replies on “Secret of the TV Wall – My first 3WW”

LOL! I hope I’m the same way. Donate it all, flat screen and PS3 for while I’m lying bed, and somebody bring the tea. Not too bad a way to go out. Well done!

Thank you, Bohn!! Yeah, that’s a fine way to go, isn’t it? Thanks once again 🙂

Wwow I jsut came back from work an read this … and now i am awake he heh ehe

BTW what game did she play, i want ot know that.. cause i want that GAME for myself 🙂

Loved the story and all the build up… NICe one Pallavi.. Very nice
LOL! YOu want the same game on Wii. I will have to check with her and let you know 🙂 My guess would be Prince of Persia 😉

WOWOW really .. I am being a kid here my favourite game PRince of PERSIA.. sands of time and the two throne .. I can play and play and play and playyyyyyyyy (u get the idea he hehehe )
LOL! I see exactly how enthu u r about Prince of Persia 🙂 May you play lots and lots!!!

LOL, if I was one of those children, I wouldve strangled her for all the hopes she gave ! D: 😀 😀

Good one Pal; the twist was out of the blue !

LOL! I bet you would have done that!!! Thanks, Vimmu.

LOL Pal,
That is why I like to read your posts in the mornings.
A great way to start the day . With a big smile on my face.
Nobody would have guessed it !!!
Awww… thank you soooo much Ash!! Now you’ve made my day too 🙂

WOW !!! Twist and turns are the wills and ways of life… 😉

Gr8 story and a superb ending to it….Tech savvy grandma, unwilling to die before she plays a game, huh !!! 😉 🙂

3WW – damn gud yaar. 🙂

LOL @ ‘wills and ways’ of life. Thank you, Uma. Yeah, paatis are all becoming tech-savvy these days!!

This is a great story with a wonderful ending. I especially like the small details.. the brick in the wall that holds the key..the bottle of glycerine..all add to give depth to the story..

Loved it.

Thank you so much, Nam!!

Damn…i write a looong comment and it doesn’t come. I write 3 words, and it’s saved. Grrrrr!

Oh no!!! And it didn’t even enter Spam!! Wonder where it went. But thanks a ton, Scorpia, for liking this 🙂

Ha ha ha! Awesome Pal. Loved it 😀 Am glad I wil get to read something nice every Wednesday 😀

Btw, think u hv missed out a word 🙂
‘ which, when removed, would the ‘Keys’’
Aww thank you, Swar! I will try to live up to your expectations!! And thanks for pointing out the typo, rectified now 🙂

Enjoyed reading it… u r good at fiction…. :)))

I used to do this 3WW regularly, now outta touch, need to get back!! thanks!!

Thanks Aaroo… I’ve been wanting to do this 3WW for a long long time now, and finally managed to get some time last night!!! Will see your entry too, soon 🙂

That was hilarious, Pal! Wii, I tell you…ROFL 😀 . And guess what I’d just been reading this article in The Outlook about senor citizens who are totally into social networking and gaming. Hope you get hooked to 3WW. Cheers!

Dreamer, you’re my inspiration for the 3WW. Thanks!!! And lol , about the co-incidence of tech-savvy senior citizens and this post 🙂 Btw, I (mis) read your comment as ‘hope you get hooked to wii’ and was wondering why you decided to throw me into the senior citizens club 😉

This is a very interesting story, Pallavi. Your writing is very good. I have to read your other stories and I had been reading some from sometime now!
thank you so much, Sandhya. Your words mean a lot to me, really!

PAls.. you should try more short stories and try to release it as book.. I am sure it will be loved.. 🙂

Consider it..
Will u buy a copy? LOL 😉 Thanks, kanagu, for your faith in me. I’ll try to write more fiction!

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