A for appal, B for ball

R’s school serves the kids a few pieces of fruit every day, at snack time. Milk too, which R promptly pours out into some other child’s tumbler! Fruit, he eats, I presume!

Every day, I ask him the same question: ‘What did you eat today?’ And every day, he gives me the same answer: ‘Appal‘. Today was slightly different. This is how:-

Me: What did you eat today?

R: Appal. A for Appal.

Me: Wow! (Clearly impressed, that the school is teaching him to relate alphabet to objects)

R: B for Ball.

Me – excited, wanting to hear more!: Well done! And ‘C’ is for…. ?

R: C for Cider!!!

***@@@%%% WTH??!!!!***@@@%%%


33 thoughts on “A for appal, B for ball

  1. Haha… It’s just Cidar, a juice…thera munna bhigad nahi jayegha yaar…How long can we listen to the same a,b,c version 🙂

    He he, ‘same old ABC’ given an alcoholic twist!!!

  2. imagine he is all smart and kinda bored with his mom asking the same question all the time… !!! and just said that word to get her to shut up !!!!!!!

    It sure worked… 😈 :mrgreen:

    Sigh! Guess it did!!! 😦

  3. hmm..now iam wondering why B for Ball not Beer.. or may be my little man is learning from the family.. 😉

    LOL! Yuva, you were the only one to have guessed it correctly!!! But its supposed to be a secret 😉

  4. 🙂 Let him learn…..anyway it is an extract of apple…soon he will come up with more advanced version:-)

    LOL! Good interpretation Subhashree 🙂

  5. LOL a britisher in the making

    cider 🙂 cool

    he is too cute

    Totally, Mon! I hardly understand his accent these days! And now his new teacher is American, so the other day, he says, ‘not Box – it is Bax!!’

  6. 😀 Me waiting to see what innovative replies he’s gonna come up with for the rest of the alphabet. Ah! The possibilities are endless 😀

    What can I say, Dreamer!! Kids!!! Way smarter than the parents.. always!! Sigh!

  7. @ Pal…too good…but thank god A was for apple and not ale and B was for Ball and not Beer:)

    LOL!! Now, R can learn a thing or two from you, Karthik 🙂

  8. Wait till we reach the M.. will it be MALT 🙂

    he he he Ok Reading from the comments I gather you are in UK somewhere, because in earlier comments you mentioned coming here sometime .. anyway Welcome to the British education …
    But its good that he is getting to know the cider or beer etc in a early age, he can pick up that they are not good .. SO its helps .. unlike in india where we pester the kids this is good or bad, they tend to go for the BAD things 🙂 but if one learns at a small age they wont go for it 🙂

    anyway hats of to R… God bless him …

    Thank you, for the warm wishes for R, Bikram 🙂 And yeah, what is ‘bad’ is naturally more attractive 🙂 So might as well educate them right away!!

  9. Thats just a juice, rt? you moms are always hyper !!!! Just be glad that he didnt say anything else with C !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Hmm… yeah… a very slightly alchoholic juice 😉 Btw, Vimmu, what else can there be with C?? 🙄 Enlighten us, please!!

    But like Dhiren mentioned, he sure knows how to keep his mom shut her mouth !! 😀 😀
    Bhery Phunny!!

  10. Few days back one of senior colleagues was narrating how her son told her some joke he had learnt from school..It was v embarrassing for her but the kid is too small to realize the meaning of the joke. So there are many more such moments to come 😀 😀
    LOL! Its always funny for a third person, but scary for parents 🙂

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