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An afternoon with Giri

An afternoon with Handsome Giri, is what this title should actually read.

Yeah, now do not get ideas. ‘Giri-giri Peck’ – the dashing Gregory Peck (as my lovely little sister adorably named him once upon a time, when we – my sister and I – were both children).

Now, this week has been pretty busy, and with school re-opening today, I decided at noon (yesterday, that is) to ‘enjoy’ what was technically the last ‘holiday‘ for the term, by spending some quality ‘me time’.

Lucky for me, this is what we stumbled upon. And I say ‘we‘ because the brat refused to nap, and insisted on watching the movie with me, sitting ‘quietly’ on the other sofa!

As the curtains unfolded, I grabbed a mug of hot chocolate (Sigh! In reality, all I had was a plastic throw-away cup with some plain old water!), and curled up on the sofa. To watch the movie I’d last seen about two decades ago 🙂 with my mum (who had this huge crush on Giri-giri, which – at that time – I found utterly silly!)

Scene 1 – Dainty Audrey Hepburn (I’m sorry I only managed to find this video from Youtube and didn’t get the direct scene from the movie)

As I watch the movie unfolding, grinning stupidly, I am interrupted by this…

Lovely Audrey

‘Is she a Princess?’

I am amused by the brat’s interest. I reply ‘Yes darling’ with a huge smile. Yay! My son and I can actually enjoy a movie together!

‘Why is she removing her shoes? Is she naughty?’

I grin again. My sweet little funny, silly boy.

Wicked Witch??!!!

‘No, she isn’t naughty, her feet are aching, so she wants to take off her shoe for a few minutes’.. I venture to explain.

‘Is she trapped in a palace? Is there a wicked witch? Is that woman there the witch?’

I turn my head away from the TV, squint at the brat, just to check ….

Nah! Can’t be. He’s hasn’t even turned four. He can’t possibly… he can’t actually be doing this on purpose… !

‘No, there is no witch, now let’s keep QUIET and watch the movie’, I mutter.

A few seconds of golden silence. The spell is broken by this:

‘Why is she crying? Why? Why?’

‘Because SHE WANTS TO RUN AWAY from the palace… ‘ I say rather loudly, emphasising the ‘RUN AWAY’.

An innocent: ‘Why?’

‘Because she wants to enjoy life irresponsibly – like you – but cannot’ – I say, scathingly.

A few sober seconds. He watches TV. I watch him.

Next, the scene where Audrey Hepburn actually manages to run away from the palace.

The barrage of questions resumes. Reinforced.

‘Has she run away now?’

I refuse to answer.

Please speak! Has she run away?’

I give a cursory nod.

My eyes are now glowering, smouldering.. whatever.. at the little nuisance.


Now, THIS look is going to keep him quiet. If this doesn’t, I swear I will change my name.. to.. to.. Oh sod it! Let’s just see if he can shut up now!

My brat looks uncertain for a moment. Then, he replies – BOTH to the nod AND the look, by a simple (and unflinching) – ‘Wwwwwwhyyyyyyy?’

And I’m thinking WTFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙄 😦

The brat didn’t let me reach even this scene… that has been made, and re-made without shame, into every Indian language available.

So, guess what I very wisely did – turned the TV off, and took the brat outside instead!

Sigh! So much for an ‘interesting’ afternoon with a handsome hunk!!

I leave you to watch this: (well, if your children/grandchildren/neighbour’s children.. ANY children allow you to watch!)

Finito! The End!

49 replies on “An afternoon with Giri”

Looks like the afternoon didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be
I would suggest that you spend time with Rishi when he is free
You will see that when he grows up, at your sight he will flee
Giri-giri-Peck and the others can wait,I am sure you will agree.

When it comes to hunks I prefer Arnold Shivasankaran to Giri-Giri. 🙂 🙂

LOL!! 😀 Shame you didn’t the arvo you wanted…kids and their ‘whys’ can be funny…as long as you are not the one responding to all the whys! On a different note, I decided to not go to the movies with mum for a while because she was like your son…just without the excessive whhyyyyy. But she kept asking questions when we went for the 2nd Harry Potter movie years ago because she hadn’t seen or read the first….sigh…

Giri-Giri-Peck… how cute!

Since my baby has not yet turned into a brat and is safely ensconed in the baby cradle – for now… I could watch this enchanting movie… 2 weeks after my discharge 🙂

P.S. I did not time my labour and actual delivery. I underwent a c-section… wherein I was able to decide on the time (of the surgery and baby’s appearance, that is). There was no labour involved…

Aww lucky u 🙂 Enjoy, Rosh! Once the baby begins to walk, you’ve had it 🙂 So enjoy, this is your honeymoon period 🙂
Thx for explaining the c-sec thingy, I was so surprised when I first read your post 🙂

OMG !!!! Darling little R was quite naughty, huh ????? 😉

LOL @ ur total movie watching episode, which ended rather abruptly….now, watch all that u want when he is in school. 🙂 Thats what I do…even now, I dont watch English movies with my girls…unless I’ve seen it before, I dont want to be disturbed while watching – with silly questions. 😉

I remember the time, when I watched Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (the BBC Serial) on Zee Studio. It was during summer holidays and the girls were at home. First 4 / 5 episodes, they were not at home (gone to friend’s place), I enjoyed the show. Then later, the questions bombarded like bombs near me, I got totally irritated and switched off the TV. 🙂

Loved your whole narration, particularly Giri Giri Peck Peck !!! 😉 😀 😀

Giri -Giri-Peck!! Wow what a cute name 🙂
I could actually relate to this post for not long ago I too used to pester my mum the same way your brat did :mrgreen:
It’s a very delightful movie….thank you for sharing it, I’d try to catch up on it this weekend 😀 😀

Ha ha ha. I prefer an afternoon with this adorable brat than with any Giri 😛 😛 😛

I luvvvv Audrey Hepburn; esp. in this one and My Fair Lady 😀

Hahahha…your brat is adorable! I dont know of any kid who will watch a movie uninterrupted 🙂 I just LOVE this movie. I had seen this the 1st time on TV and promptly went and bought a DVD. I have spent many a afternoon with Audrey and Gregory 🙂

I know, the feeling… we can laugh at it now, but when it’s actually happening it’s ‘glowering, smouldering.. whatever’!! 😀
Hope you get to watch it again but in peace sometime soon!
Cheers 🙂

Heh heh. Been there, my friend. Now all sorts of remonstrations did not work with the brats. So then I had to adopt a ‘hatke’ method. When the dreadful duo were glued to their Pokemon/Ben 1o I sat with them and kept asking them – Why is that thing? Why is Pikachu tired? Where are Ash’s parents? Why does Ben not seem to have only one set of clothes?….You get the plot. Cruelty to kids I know but it worked like a charm. So now I watch my fav movies uninterrupted!

OH MY GOD, I’m laughing hysterically at your ‘Giri-Giri not the actor, but the way you’ve renamed him 😆

Its beyond me how our kids have their inquisitive levels at peak just when we are watching an interesting movie or reading a magazine or book 🙄 . Those whyyyyyy’s seem never ending, dont they??!! 😀 😀

Am off to gape some more at Giri-Giri Peck * scoot*

He he, my sister said that, Deeps, not me 🙂 Ayyo, kids are soooooo curious when it comes to what they needn’t care about!!! The Whyyys – it just started two weeks ago… phew.. Did you gape enough?

sheesh !! There was a time when I used to watch 3 movies in a week. After marriage, its reduced to hardly one a week. I just cant imagine how its going to be if I have a kid like this ! 😦 😦

He he ehe Nice one .. yeah I liked watching gregory peck some of the ones i have seen of his are Guns of NAvarone, and off course My first ever OMEN.. Havenot seen this one you mentioned..

When i was in India I saw a movie in theater every Wednesday and Sunday, cause these two days they had a english movie show, evening on wed and mornings on sun.. and then In hostel every Saturday after dinner they would show us a movie, on a big projector SO yeah movies galore …

But then I came over here and now the last i went to a cineam was a year ago or at least 6 months .. booo hoooo… but yeah Sky movies is great so weekend goes in watching stuff or whenever i get time to see …

and kids do have so many questions , I would never go to a cinema with friends who brought kids so much talking and then right at the end or at THE MOMENT they have to go to the looo toooo

LOL Pals 😆 my advice… never watch anything other than cartoon with kids..

In that only they will be glued to the screen… else they will kill us with WHYYYYYYS 😀 😀

Giri-giri Peck! That is one cool name for handsome giri 😉

As for the ‘Why’s’, don’t even remind me. I had to endure 18 hours of ‘why’s’ yesterday – from the time we got to the airport till we reached home. Forget watching movies, I can’t even watch an advert without being interrupted 🙂 R sounds so so so cute though!

err giri-giri.peck at first sounded like some distant relative of the wood pecker 😳 But what a cute name and I have a person in mind who i can irritate by calling giri giri adding with his surname 😉 Thanks to your genius sis!

Haa the infinite WHY’s!!! :why: At least R asks cute why’s no? I shudder the moment mine opens his mouth and to top it husband says he got this Why Bug from me!! Can you believe it Pal? me and talk too much? sobs…

Hee I laughed at many of R’s innocent qs and your Abhi expression.

I watch my kind of romantic mushy movies only when both the boys are away from home. Otherwise the bigger boy is the one who irritates the hell out of me with his unromantic questions 😡

Giri-Giri-Peck!! hahah…

Gosh, kids and their questions.. my cousin keeps going why. what.. who and then my mom told her = lakshmi, no more y.. so from there on, she calls my mom Z… and each of us has a nickname “why not”, but then.. etc…. 😀

Seriously yaar, this Why thingy goes too far. These days, I keep asking R ‘why’ all the time, so he just shuts up 😉

LOL mine is just turning one and i was hoping for a couple of years to pass soon and he’ll be easier to handle 😛 😛 guess it wudnt be the case!

Huh? Never gets easier, Verbi!! Wait for the Terrible Twos and Threes.. OMG!! So glad that phase is over! Phew.. even the thought of it tires me!!

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