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On Liberation – Chennai Diaries – Part II

You read it right!! Chennai liberates me. Staying here un-binds me from formalities and etiquette 🙂 For example…

  • You do not have to smile at people on the road or wish them a Good Morning/afternoon or evening, as the case may be! In London, people are uber polite. Well, most of the time. So it can get quite tiresome at times, to have to smile at a stranger and wish good-day. Back home, one is free to smile, smirk, frown or even growl!! No one feels bad at the lack of etiquette 🙂
  • You can bump into someone on the road, and continue to walk like nothing ever happened! You don’t have to say ‘Sorry’ or even look apologetic 🙂 We are above such formalities!!!
  • You can jump queues, cut traffic, take a U-turn right in the middle of a traffic-packed road. People will scream at you, with the choicest words and colourful language. But you don’t actually need to pay much heed. Just yell back and move on. Such is life here. Smooth as can be 🙂
  • Finish a tetra-pack of juice and you don’t necessarily need to look for a garbage-bin. Just contribute your pack to any growing pile of garbage at the corner of any road. And voila! Job done 🙂

This, my friends, is true liberation.

Well, I have no complaints! So far, I’m loving it.

And on that note, wish you all a very happy Independence Day 🙂