Incidents Short story

A promise unkept

Just before Granny’s surgery, we spoke. ‘When you come here, meet me FIRST, Ok?’ she made me promise. I landed, jetlagged. She was feverish. I forgot all about the promise I had made.

I went this morning, to see her body.

I hadn’t forgotten to bring her favourite chocolate. It now lies untouched. Like my promise, unkept.

19 replies on “A promise unkept”

Oh dear…so sorry about this loss. Patti is a wonderful relation, so close to heart.

Keep strong…May her soul RIP !!!

Very true, Uma. Paatis are so wonderful. unfortunately, I did not get a chance to be close to this paati, but still, I feel bad that I did not go to see her as soon as I landed here.. that’s my only regret!!

So sorry to hear about your granny, Pals. May God give you and your family the strength to withstand this terrible loss.

Loads of hugs!

Thanks a lot, Deeps. She was 80+, but had a surgery (hip) and finally gave up.. the family was actually expecting this for the last week or so, but you know, when it happens, it is still a blow.

So sorry to hear this. Grandmas are the best relationship ever! May her soul rest in peace.

True, Anu, we always share a very special relationship with grandmothers.. its like having a mother but without rules/strictness 🙂

Oh! So Sorry to hear that…. but Your Granny is surely watching you and blessing you…also grandmas are so nice that they will not mind the little promises not kept …..

Sorry to hear about your grandma.. YEs sometimes we forget things in a rush but i am sure she has already forgiven you an she knows all about how sad you are

May her soul rest in peace .. God bless you and gives you the strength to bear the pain..

@ Dhiman : Thank you so much… esp. for what you said about Grandmas being forgiving 🙂 made me feel so light 🙂

@ Scorpia: Thank you, dear!

@ Nive: Thank you so much!

@ Bikram: Thank you too, for telling me that she must have forgiven me 🙂

My family was expecting this for the last two weeks, because she had just undergone a hip surgery and was in immense pain. But yeah, when it did happen, it came as a jolt. We’re Ok now, thank you so much 🙂

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