DDLJ Live!!

Picture this awesome scene from the movie DDLJ – SRK and Kajol are running to catch the train, he hops aboard first, then heroically lends her a hand and she manages to get in too! 

This is pretty much what happened on our recent trip to Disneyland Paris!! 

Well not exactly, but something similar… 

On a sudden whim, we decided on Thursday, to make a quick trip to Disneyland Paris 🙂 


Our onward trip was rather uneventful, except for the fact that I (un)wisely decided to take only my old dabba (not so good) camera and leave behind hubby’s new one!! 

Once we boarded the train, the tummy let out a rumble, so we opened out the aloo parathas that were meant for dinner (!!) and gobbled them up, quite oblivious to the glares from fellow-passengers 😉 In fact, I wanted to open even the Achaar and Yogurt (but I wasn’t carrying any of the former, and the latter was a HUGE tub, and even I felt embarassed to dip the paratha into it ;-)) 

As we reached, the weather Gods decided to make our trip rather memorable. We looked out of the train, to find, that everything to our left was Bright and Sunny and absolutely beautiful 🙂 ! While, everything to our right was CLoudy, Dark and morose 😦 🙄 Then, a light drizzle, followed by slightly heavy rain, and in a few minutes, LIGHTNING!! Luckily, the sky cleared up just before we reached our destination – Marne-la-Vallée. 

We had read mixed reviews of our hotel on the internet. So our expectations were not that high! Thankfully!! The room was clean, no doubts, but it was Teeeeeeeeeeeeny Tiiiiiiiny!! There was one little sofa-bed which, once pulled out, left no space to even walk around the room! The bathroom was huge, which was really nice. There was also a tiny kitchenette, which pretty as it sounds, was also rather useful. Typical South Indian that I am, I actually carried a little rice cooker, paruppu-podi (and yogurt ofcourse, which is my staple diet :razz:) 

Saturday morning was rather strange. As we ate our minimal breakfast (yummy croissants with jam) – and I say ‘minimal’ because the hotel didn’t provide fruits or cheese! – a thunder storm had broken out!! It was pouring…and we weren’t quite equipped for it!! All we had was one umbrella between the three of us (but the smart Mommy that I am, I had packed a raincoat for the Brat). 

Anyway, we brave soldiers marched onwards to the mini shuttle that took us to the Disney Park. The local store made some massive business that day via Raincoat sales!!! So we donned our disposable raincoats and went all around the Park. We took a ride in the little train. The MAP looked rather daunting! What with all those mountains, forests, little rivulets and all. But soon, we realised the actual Disney Park wasn’t all that difficult to manouvre around. 

It was amazing, how clean the park remained even with all the rains. There was no litter, no dirt… it was actually magical 😉 

In a couple of hours, the rains stopped, and then we had a ball!! 

We went on several rides. There was one Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, that spun us round and round. Then, there was this other Merry Go Round. Remember the ones we find on beaches in India? Same thing. Just a little more colourful and cleaner. For a change, instead of hubby and me taking turns, all three of us went on the ride together!! The brat sat on the horse in the middle, while we were on either side. I loved this part!! And to my luck, obviously, when the ride stopped, my horse was high up in the air, and I struggled to get off it!! I am so glad I didn’t fall and make a fool of myself, which I am normally bound to do!! 

Pic courtesy: Google


There was this Big Thunder Mountain Train-ride.. which was a breath-taking experience. The train was super speedy (as my brat calls it) and the carriages threatened to THROW us out horizontally!! The train went through tunnels that were PITCH DARK and steeped really high/low in turns!! We were all screaming our lungs out. At one point, I actually thought one of us would just fall into the ravine beside the little hill!! But this was the most memorable ride of all 🙂 Little R loved it 😉 

There were beautiful parades, of all the cartoon characters… Pooh bear, Piglet, Tigger, Mickey and gang, etc…. Infact, I got pretty emotional when I saw all the fantasy Princesses and their respective Princes. I’ve lived on fairy tales all my life, so to see them in ‘pseudo-reality’ was rather moving 🙂 Call me crazy, if you like, but I did get senti!! 


We also went in a Maze with a little castle at the top. From our prior experience, we have no luck with Mazes. At Hampton Court palace, we actually forgot to visit the maze!! At Leeds Castle, we did enter the maze, but 30 minutes down the line, we had just made three trips to the ‘EXIT’ and not reached anywhere near the centre! Now, this Disney Maze, for a change, was really quite easy. We found it in about 20-25 minutes and were rather thrilled as we reached the centre!! 

As we sat to refresh ourselves over coffee, there was this HUGE tea-pot from which a little Rabbit would pop out every few minutes. I put R on it to take a photo. After which, there was this other Indian family, with 3 boys all climbing the tea-pot. One of them was standing at the very tip of the spout and YELLING OUT LOUD to his parents to take a pic before he fell down!! The parents were busy drinking something and chatting away happily 🙂 I’m not sure if they even got a picture of the heroic stunt 😯 

By end of day, we were poooooooped!! We got back to the hotel, to eat our precious ‘curd-rice’ 😉 and crash into the lumpy sofa-bed!! 🙄 

Sunday was Hot Hot Hot. We were also tired from the previous day’s excitement, so we spent the first couple of hours, in the Disney Village (window-shopping) and went on a quick ride on a beautiful Hot Air Balloon. It was stationary though..meaning, it was tied down to the base by a thick rope. Made me wonder.. what if.. the rope snapped and we went far far away… gosh.. it was both scary and fascinating. 

We spent the second half of the day at Disney Studios. This had many shows – animation, live puppet shows, etc. etc. And yes, we had a good time at all these. Especially a Motor Stunts show, which I vehemently opposed, but ended up enjoying thoroughly. 

Yeah, so back to our DDLJ in Real Life scene! 

It was 6 pm, and our train was to leave at 7:34. We decided to be extra cautious, and reached the station by 6:30 itself! And waited. And waited. AND waited. There were no signs, and all the announcements were in French, which neither of us knew!! (The only thing we know now, thanks to R, is ‘Bonjour Come Es Stas’). 

At about 7:15, little R had a bad fall – right on his face – cut his lower lip really badly – and was bleeding and howling with pain and shock!! 

And in all that chaos, at around 7:25, the departure board announced that our train was to depart at platform 3. we were right at the gate. But… the gate was closed!!! 

So we ran – literally ran – with bag, baggage and a screaming child – to the other end of the station – and tried to get through the other gate. And guess what? Even that was closed!! 

Then we asked the Info guy, and he pointed out that we had to ‘check-in’. And as we discussed what we ‘should have ideally done’, we saw our train slowly chugging away!! 

The Helpdesk however, on seeing R’s lip wounds, suggested that we catch the local subway to Paris city, change to another train, and then take the Eurostar back to London. 

We were left with no choice!! We again ran ran ran all the way to the ticket counter, managed to get onto the subway and counted every minute as the train slowly slowly slowly pulled into Paris. 

After a heart-stopping and breath-taking one hour, we finally made it to Gare Du Nord station. And guess what? It was 9:05, and the LAST Train to London was to leave at 9:13!!! And, to top it all, there was a serpentine queue for immigration and security check!! 

I tried to get some sympathy from one of the female staff, thinking she would understand our situation with the missed train, baggage and wounded baby!! She was rather unsympathetic though. 

Then Hubby worked his magic on one of the staff, who finally helped us jump the queue. And by this time, it was already 9:20. We were sure that by the time we completed our check-in process, this train too, would have left!! 

Anyway, we continued to run, run and run. So there was my SRK running in front of me, carrying the brat, who was by now, screaming his life out, in pain, shock and sorrow!!!! And me, running right behind, panting, almost about to throw up (sorry for the graphic description) and carrying a trolley and two backpacks and some other junk that I could have easily just left behind!!! The staff watching on, had a taste of DDLJ 🙂 Just that, instead of a lovely Kajol, all they got was a panting fatso 😉 and screeching baby 😯 !! A couple of the staff actually said ‘Don’t worry, you have time!’ :mrgreen: 

And you know what I realised after this incident – Kajol was carrying an EMPTY suitcase!!!! 🙄 Cheats!! 

Like my friend commented on FB, ‘ordinary people huffing and puffing, with REAL luggage, is not romantic at all’!! 😦 

And just as we jumped into the train, the doors shut……..but YAYYYYYY!!! We actually made it!! We reached home by 12:00 am. Exhausted, but so relieved just to be back!! 🙂 

So there ended our Disneyland adventure 🙂 And guess what? No matter how awesome a holiday is, there is nothing better than Home!! 🙂 

Happy Weekending, folks!

29 replies on “DDLJ Live!!”

ROFL @ your dramatic description of the DDLJ scene in real !!! 😆

But I am so happy that you took off just like that and enjoyed every moment of it.
Yeah, Uma, these unplanned trips work out better than planned ones 😉
Anga poyium sadham & paruppu podiya ??? Rama, rama…. 😉
Definitely! Our rice cooker and podi go wherever we go!!
But I love ur obsession with that yoghurt dabba – my younger one is like that. 🙂
Hee hee 😉
Glad that the little one enjoyed that train ride…but is he hurt badly ??? Extra special hugs to the little one !!! 🙂 Where are the pics, darling ???

See, uploaded all the pics on FB after u asked! And u haven’t seen them yet 😦

LOL that was dramatic. But I’m sure it’s an experience that will stay in your memories forever just for how dramatic it was 😀

How was Disney?

Oh you bet it was Tix!! Disney was amaaaaaaaazing 🙂 A dreamworld for sure!!

Lol pallu!!!so funny!! Hope rishi is better now.

Thanks Neeru 🙂 R’s lip is better now, thx 🙂

ROFL at the descriptive running scene paragraph 😀
But glad you guys had fun.

How s th lil’ lip now? 😦

Thx Scorpia.. little one’s lip is much better now, thx again 🙂

Phew! read without stopping to breathe 🙂 Glad you made it andofcourse home is home .

How’s brat now? This must have been tough on him.
And I have no doubt Kajol carried empty suitcases.

Oh, Home is definitely Home, even with all that pending laundry and dirt on the carpets.. nothing like being back here!!

Eh south indian! You don’t carry coffee filter or what?! My mum carries EVERYWHERE! And awesome pics! Disneyland must’ve been AWESOME!
And I agree with your friend about all the baggage thing! 😀

Goodness! I could not stop reading! That must have been such a nightmare!
Certainly was da!
Poor R! He must have had such a bad time, what with a cut lip and you guys running with him! I can only imagine the relief you guys must have felt when you finally reached home! It must have been such a wonderful feeling!
I know, poor kid! Shock of his life…didn’t have a clue as to what was going on. The end result was a washed out kid when we got back home 🙂
LOL @Kajol was carrying an EMPTY suitcase!!!! 🙄 Cheats!! That is true! And they made it look so romantic! Wonder how many love birds must have tried it out 🙂
I know!!! Cheater-cocks 😉 as we used to say in school!!

and all that romance with a screaming kid !!! That didnt quite sound like DDLJ to me, but I am sure, the second part of DDLJ will be on these lines. SRK with a crying kid trying to pull in a fat Kajol into the train, this time no smile or romantic look on his face, only cuss words !!! 😀 😀 😀

Btw, thanks for taking me back to disneyland once again and you mentioned all those places that I hadnt 😀 😀

Btw, I hope the brat is fine now !

I am waiting to see DDLJ Part II now 😉 Kid is better thx 🙂 Hey, u didn’t go on the thunder mountain ride? Did u see the Horror Tower? I didn’t quite go there. I saw Lifts dropping with full speed, and lights flickering, etc. AND people SCREAMING… so decided to stay away 😉

Hello Smart Momma, nw thatz a gr8 post. Loved reading it 😀
Hope R is dng better nw 🙂
Yay! So u finally found out Kajol had an empty suitcase 😛 😛

Saw the pic too .. lovvved the collection 🙂

Thx dahling 🙂 Yeah, I finally realised 😦 And R is better now, thank u girlie 🙂

ROFL very eventuful trip indeed but than these are the memories that stay with us forever 🙂

Oh yes Monu… of all the things , this episode of missing the train will definitely last a while 😉

This is one exciting trip and post 🙂 🙂

surely lot of action… 🙂 🙂 Why u missed the french food and sticking to South Indian paruppu podi?? 🙄 🙄

hope R is fine now…. 🙂 🙂

/*And you know what I realised after this incident – Kajol was carrying an EMPTY suitcase!!!! 🙄 Cheats!! */

ROFL 😆 😆

Don’t even start me on that.. wherever we go, our little Rice Cooker, rice and podi come along too!!!!

lol!!! what a mess!!!! But am sure u must be laughing now when u think of it!

Lovely account!!! I was able to imagine all of it 😀

Yeah Smita, but I have always hated having to run to catch trains in the last minute. The aggregated testosterone power in my household, however, thrives on such chases!!

Seems like u had an wonderful time, the end part being the most memorable. As for Kajol’s empty suitcase, I have a strong suspicion that all movie suitcases are empty. In reel life folks carry huge cases with perfect posture. I real life though when I have to carry even the teeniest weeniest case I end up tilting to one side, strongly resembling a bus in our metros during rush hour 😦

Yep, Dreamer!! And LOL at your description of us normal people carrying luggage 😀

Sounds like an amazing trip! And after reading your post and Vimmuuu’s – I so wanna visit Disneyland Paris now!
Good to know kiddo is doing better now! 🙂
And LOL@DDLJ style running! 😉 very romantic! 😉

Very sensible to carry the rice cooker and yogurt! we used to do it too because I have lived on curd rice most of the time!! 😀

Happy Weekend Pals! 🙂

wowo , you had a great trip and to top it RELIVE THE ddlj MOMENT .. what more can you ask for … 🙂

now this means spending some money on disney travle for me .. 😦 but anyway will have to work a bit of overtime to maange that he he he he

You live in england …

Those aloo parathas look yummy Pal. You made it ?

DDLj scene is great . I almost felt like I ran with you .
We had a similar experience while at college . One of the girls was about to miss the train and you can imagine all the fun that followed .

That was some trip.. can’t stop laughing at finally having realized Kajol was running with an empty suitcase..they always do..always 😀

Thanks so much Nam!! Yeah, they cheat us big time, Bollywood .. grrr… 😯 🙄

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