Chasing Rainbows – fiction

‘Chasing Rainbows’ Fiction on the topic ‘When an NRI Returns… Observations and Experiences’ ==== ‘You must be out of your mind!’ Neetu bangs the bowl so hard the shiny black table, that it cracks. The bowl, ofcourse, not the table! From where I can see, they are having one of their routine weekend arguments. Come Friday night, and these two start off their incessant bickering. ‘Ravi! Did you meddle with my iPhone again? Something’s not quite right!’ ‘Not pizza again, Neetu! Let’s have some ‘proper’ Indian food. Why don’t we just hire a cook?’ ‘Ravi, your dirty clothes are supposed … Continue reading Chasing Rainbows – fiction

Live Death

Innumerable homes in London are built on the banks of the river Thames. Every weekend, we see lines of middle-aged men seated patiently by the river, with a fishing rod in hand. They just sit there from morning till noon, calm, serene and absolutely content (atleast, that’s the way it seems). Once the Brat actually went up to an elderly gentleman and asked him ‘Excuse me, Mr.Fisherman, can you teach me how to fish?’ To which the old man gave him a wry look and said ‘I’ve been here all day, and haven’t caught a single fish!‘. The brat didn’t … Continue reading Live Death

Lie, sound, colour, number, etc. [a light exercise] from Caferati

I came across this delightful writing exercise on Caferati, on the Ryze network. Pushpee has written a lovely poem  on her blog here and it was so interesting that I took it up too. These are the guidelines: Lie, sound, colour, number, etc. [a light exercise] Line 1 – Write down something that happened this morning. But make it an out and out downright lie. Line 2 – In the spirit of 1 – write a sentence with a sound in it. Line 3 – Write a sentence with a colour in it. Line 4 – Write a sentence with a … Continue reading Lie, sound, colour, number, etc. [a light exercise] from Caferati

A song – grab some tissues please!

This is one song you simply CANNOT watch without crying your heart out!! ‘Maa’ from ‘Taare Zameen Par’ is one of the BEST songs ever, and this movie itself is a GEM!! Kudos to Aamir for making this. Who said Bollywood is about sex and violence only?! One cannot sing this without a quiver in his/her voice. One cannot even listen to the entire song without the eyes getting filled 🙂 Heard this a thousand times, but this song NEVER EVER fails to wrench my heart. I feel so sorry for mother who has to send her child away to … Continue reading A song – grab some tissues please!

Mein Kampf and a Verdict

This post has been published by me as a team member of Tiger Trails Team for the SUPER 3 round of Bloggers Premier League (BPL) – The first ever unique, elite team blogging event in the history of blogging world. To catch the BPL action and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai . . . WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD. PART FICTIONAL, PART HISTORICAL. I held Mummy’s hand tightly. For one, I was meeting her after so long! Almost six years. I’d almost forgotten what she looked like. So I wasn’t going … Continue reading Mein Kampf and a Verdict

DDLJ Live!!

Picture this awesome scene from the movie DDLJ – SRK and Kajol are running to catch the train, he hops aboard first, then heroically lends her a hand and she manages to get in too!    This is pretty much what happened on our recent trip to Disneyland Paris!!  Well not exactly, but something similar…  On a sudden whim, we decided on Thursday, to make a quick trip to Disneyland Paris 🙂    Our onward trip was rather uneventful, except for the fact that I (un)wisely decided to take only my old dabba (not so good) camera and leave behind hubby’s new one!!  … Continue reading DDLJ Live!!