Breaking news again – 55er

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The first call was at 4:00 am. Within an hour, every reporter worth his salt had arrived.

The chief doctor emerged, nervous.

‘Sir, this is BREAKING NEWS?’
‘Matter of national importance…..’
‘….Our right to information’

Do you realise We are THE MEDIA!’ 

The mob threatened dangerously.

‘Okay!’ the doctor relented.

‘Its a boy. bABy Bacchhan’


P.S. The above topic was: Comic/Power of media (I have tried to combine the two, and write a comic 55-er on power of media :-))


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P.S: This AWESOME magazine cover has been designed by our Tiger Sudhakar 🙂

43 replies on “Breaking news again – 55er”

Hahahaaa! Breaking news: u were so busy designing this beautiful post that u forgot me on my big day..(u may wish me NOW…the only friend who forget me…:))
BTW..wishing u first position this time….the cover is lovely…quite a hard work!!!!!

very innovative.. Baby BACCHHAN… now this could actually be a reality , would be a laugh if BACCHHANsee this and do exactly the same 🙂
Aishwarya kaisi hai he he he he

All the best for this round …

A bigger breaking news – how does the baby look like? kispe gaya hain? baap pe ya ma pe??? 😉

Lovely, Pal… The effect of the last line is stupendous 🙂

SRK Style: Inshallah! we shall defend the title 😉

That was a great one, Pal 🙂 And I suspect the real drama, when it happens, will be eerily similar to this 🙂 You can become a fortune teller then, Pals 😉

All the best for the contest!

@ Smitha: Oh yes, if the media could help it, they would do a LIVE relay!!

@ Magiceye: Thank u so much, I loved your blog too, but was unable to comment there. All your posts are so ‘genuine’ and give a lovely flavour of the locale!!

@ Sudhakar: Thank u King 🙂 I wish though… you know already… sigh!

@ Ritu: Thank u!

a nation where…..Ashwariya ko chaand dikha ki nahi ??? is a breaking news…….this one would be a prime time story….woh bhi kum se kum…….ek ghante ki…..which will be broadcast …at least 4 times a day…..till next 3 days

Matter of life and death that one..this one is staying on all the news channels for months at end. Starting she..isn’t she.. To speculations of what are they mobbing them when the time comes near..cut to where your story ends.. 😀 😀

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