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Of Faking News, Rahul Baba, Dalits and Gays..

I have been a huge fan of Faking News since its inception. But this latest post was in poor taste. And the jokes that readers cracked on this were deplorable.

This is the post I am referring to:

Faking News:

Rahul Gandhi turns 40 today. Let’s celebrateRahul Gandhi will turn _______ next year
option 1:41
option 2:Prime Minister
option 3:Dalit
option 4:FN Reporter
option 5:Papa

Now, this is actually quite funny πŸ™‚ As of now, 187 people ‘Like’ this and there are 73 comments!

Unfortunately, most of the comments were in such poor taste. Can you guess what most of the comments are?

Rahul Gandhi is ‘gay’, turns ‘Dalit’, ‘becomes Papa of a Dalit’… one guy even said ‘will be assasinated’. Another said ‘a kick out of this country’.

Is any of that even remotely funny?

1) Being Gay

For one, how does it change things if Rahul Gandhi IS indeed gay?!! (Other than the fact that many young girls would be broken-hearted πŸ˜‰ )

We talk of being educated and broad-minded, and then we promptly try to ‘insult’ someone by ‘calling him gay’!Β Being ‘gay’ is not abnormal. It is simply, an alternate state of normalcy! (Thanks to my friend Megha, who worded that for me πŸ™‚ ) Our notions of love and rules are etched so deep in our minds, that anything beyond unwritten societal norms is disparaged and degraded. And this is what I had mentioned in my earlier post too.

I don’t think the people who call Rahul Gandhi ‘gay’ have anything against him ‘actually being gay’. I think these people just believe ‘gay’ is a ‘swear word’. And that is what irks me. If this is the mindset of the average educated middle class bloke, then GOD SAVE OUR COUNTRY.

2) Courting Dalits

Second, so what if Rahul ‘baba’ is courting Dalits? Isn’t every other politician attempting to do the same? Or something similar? If its not Dalits, its some other Minority community. I am confused about why this isΒ so ‘unusually’ wrong.

Indian Politics, as we know, is a thriving business. And this business has its foundations on ‘Vote banks’. Now either we believe that there are indeed ‘good and honest’ politicians who get their votes because of their noble deeds. Or we accept the fact that politicians survive because of the vote bank. Either way, every politician courts the ‘aam junta’ in some way or the other.

3) ‘Papa’

Now, I know this is the ‘Fathers Day’ weekend. But really! This was in deplorable taste.

Some people have actually answered ‘papa of dalit’. I found thisΒ simply disgusting. Again, this is a clear reflection on the commentator, rather than on the person he is referring to. To me, it shows that he has sex on his mind. And perversion too.

Now, if I had to vote for a PM and my choices were ‘Dalit-courting-Rahul-Gandhi’ OR ‘sex-obsessed-commentator’, I think I will actually go for Option 1.


Now now, I am not a ‘fan’ of Rahul Gandhi. (Though, he looks chocolatey cute πŸ˜‰ *drools* )

IMHO, he does not seem capable enough to be PM, atleast so soon. I remmeber reading on another blog, quite some time back, of how the blogger actually met Rahul Gandhi, and the latter just seemed so over-whelmed, had no idea of how to handle the issue and merely deflected it, more often than not, to the wrong department!!

But my point here is,Β if we believe Rahul Gandhi is unfit,Β then call the bloke ‘inefficient, unwise, immature.. whatever suits’ but certainly not ‘gay’, ‘dalit’ or ‘papa of dalit’. Now, THAT is just in very bad taste.

And yes, if it came to it, I will choose Option 2 – Rahul becomes PM. If we believe that all politicians are corrupt and useless puppets in any case, then why not give a chance to someone who seems educated and is atleast presentable!!

I guess a lot of people who read Faking News are ‘inspired’ to be funny too. Sadly, such jokes sometimes go haywire.

46 replies on “Of Faking News, Rahul Baba, Dalits and Gays..”

I am not a political person. If Rahul can stop communalism and give everyone a level playing ground (since he is part Italian and does not really belong to any one religion or community) I would love to see him as P.M.

Phew, that was quick! I just hit ‘publish’ πŸ™‚

I don’t agree with that however, Ritu.

Like I said, I am NOT a fan of Rahul Gandhi. But if all we have is corrupt bunch of puppets, then atleast I would like to see a seemingly educated one.

Again, is being ‘full-blooded-Indian’ better than ‘part-Indian’?!

I had recently read a lot about the ‘faking news’.
People often go stray in their minds and words just in an attempt to sound ‘funny’ or ‘different’.
I have no clue about political aspect of this situation, but indeed, if we can’t say anything good, let’s learn to be sober with our choice of words.

Interesting read Pal πŸ™‚

Thank you, CB. It is quite annoying when (like you rightly said) people TRY to be funny and end up insulting or offending someone instead!!

I agree with you Pal. When cracking a joke involves insulting somebody, it just fails to be funny.

And as you rightly said, if we have an issue with Rahul Gandhi, based on his competence(or lack of it), then that should be the talking point. But then, come to think of it, he might not be any worse than all our other ‘leaders’. With his education, one would have hopes of him being better. So, at the end of the day, he might be a better PM, for all we know..
Couldn’t agree with you more, Smitha. He might just turn out to be a good PM after all. Or if he disappoints, then it won’t come as a ‘shock’ to anybody!!

As for being full/part Indian, I don’t think that matters at all.. If we can cheer when an Indian born becomes an MP/senator, in the UK/US, surely we can make allowances for part Indians in Indian politics? What matters is what they do, not what they are, at the end of the day. If he can clean up politics, I would vote for him.

Again, completely agree with you. You are so correct when you say ‘……….If he can clean up politics, I would vote for him……….’
I would choose a young candidate any day. If nothing else, atleast he/she is YET TO LEARN THE TRICKS OF THE TRADE, so he/she cannot be too bad after all.
And yes, to think that someone born of two fully Indian parents is MORE INDIAN than someone of part Italian descent is simply ridiculous!!!

ewwwwwwwwwww, pathetic that was! how can they have such a question at the first place?
It was supposed to be a joke, Neha. FN usually has this sort of humour doing the rounds.

I am not in favour of congress party and its principles, so I would definitely not like to see him as a PM πŸ™‚
Hmmm… I’m not very political.. and have not been a fan of the Congress either, but then, given the choice of old politician puppets we have, I would infact like to see anyone as young as Rahul Gandhi as PM some day

OK, now thats news to me – the Faking News in FB !!! Let me check that out…
FN is usually very funny, Uma. You should read their other posts, they rock!

And coming to the news you had written about :

Ppl on FB pages, where you can become a fan of anyone or anything, go crazy sometimes, as this is not like a friend request, which needs to be approved by the other. And any page, be it stupid or crazy or intelligent, has thousands of fans or followers. So, how do they get prominence among that crowd…by writing the silliest of comments like – Rahul will be gay by next year or Rahul will be a papa of a Dalit – these are the attention seeking guys in a huge mass of people. May be they don’t mean it all, but they still write stupid remarks.

As u rightly put it, all they might be thinking is GAY is a swear word…and they might not know what it really means…
Right Uma.. people use it as a ‘swear word’, and that irks me. I am sure they know what it means, but they treat it as a ‘genetic freak’ incident.

Really, I thot that Rahul handled questions and other stuff, quite intelligently – was he bad as your frnd had written ???
I too think the same way, Uma. I would rather have an articulate PM than a dumb puppet!

Anyway, he is far more better than those illiterate politicians who dont know where to sign and what to talk !!!
Absolutely, Uma. I find it so amusing to think that people will accept an illiterate Rabri Devi because she is ‘true blooded Indian wife’ rather than Rahul Gandhi because he ‘is not fully Indian blood’. Isn’t that just ridiculous?!!

I so agree with you… The article was indeed distasteful

Thanks, Prats. Given the number of comments that were similar in nature, I was actually beginning to wonder if ‘I’ was the one who was taking it way too seriously!!

cracking jokes at others expense is always easy isnt it ??

I infact also hate such Tv shows where they just simply keep pulling legs of successful or celebrity people to keep their own shop running !!! 😐

That is MEEEEEEEAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Infact I think its the South Indian men who are really handsome and have great features.

I agree Pals!!
And Faking news is actually funny! but some of the comments are suaully way off!!

but, all said and done, he doesn’t look 40 now does he?!! πŸ˜‰

I saw that FN update too..didnt read the comments yet though. But now after reading your post, have no intention to read the comments.

I totally agree with all that you have said, Pals. Cracking jokes by belittling others is so not what being funny is. And the way people have used the word ‘gay’ in a bad taste proves how taboo that word still is in our psyche.

As for Rahul Gandhi, I love him and I admire his approach towards the youth of today but yes he has a long way to go. He has a lot to learn about the nitty-gritties of politics, but if given a choice from the above options I would choose option 2 for teh same reason that you gave- ‘If we believe that all politicians are corrupt and useless puppets in any case, then why not give a chance to someone who seems educated and is atleast presentable!!’ πŸ˜€

Excellent post as always, Pals!

@ Pix: Totally agree…. he looks like he’s in his late 20s πŸ˜‰ Did you hear, he has some Italian girlfriend…. πŸ˜‰

@ Deeps: Thank you, my dear πŸ™‚ I am so glad to see you saying so boldly, Deeps. People are so afraid to say things that are ‘politically’ incorrect, so Kudos to you, for speaking your mind πŸ™‚ And Deeps, if possible, do read the Comments section, its getting as bad as the one on Rediff news items!!!

These kind of people obtain sadistic pleasure by mocking and hurling insults at others and foolishly think that this makes them look cool. It is simply futile to reason with them. And the sad part is such people are quite sizeable in number.
If we look at the politicians of our country, only a handful of them are well educated, well-spoken, really work for the people and command respect. Most of them simply manipulate the guileless aam junta and fill their coffers with the public money. The kind of ruckus they create in parliament would put even an uneducated poor farmer to shame. It is outrageous that they sit in the parliament and actually discuss how to run the country. Shame!
In these respects, Rahul Gandhi stands apart from them. He never gave an inflammatory speech(unlike Varun Gandhi and many misguided rabble rouser of BJP), is well educated (M. Phil from Cambridge), has worked for the poor and causes of farmers and avoids attracting media glare. Hevisited Mumbai and took a local train and asserted that people are not afraid of Raj Thackrey and his goons and that Mumbai belongs to India, not Marathis. okay he may not be fit to become PM yet or ever but young leaders like him, Sachin Pilot etc. certainly look promising and are way better than the corrupt, uncivilized looters in the garb of politicians. It was an interesting read Pal and I concur with you. And lol @ being gay is an alternate state of normalcy! Isn’t it an oxymoron? or may be a euphemism πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

Excellent post Pal! U r so rt abt the ‘gay’ part and the ‘Papa’ part πŸ™‚

I second u on the Sardar jokes thing too IHM. Why not say ‘a man’ instead of saying ‘a Sardar’!

@ Ajay – you are so right.. it is quite sadistic and the number of such people is just increasing instead of being the other way round!! Thank you for your comment, Ajay, and also for supporting ‘young leaders’. I hope our country has the good fortune of a good and young leader some day…

@ IHM: Yes, using ‘gay’ to insult is rather unfair. I have to confess though, that I find the Sardar jokes really funny. Except that I KNOW, for sure that Sardars are intelligent people. I have known a couple of them, and they have all been so clever and sharp at their work. And they all have the most beautiful eyes!

@ Mon: Amen to that!!

@ Rakesh: LOL, you ‘hate’ the evil grandma ?? What abt Ms Priyanka?

I used to read faking news before; but these days, its become so stale πŸ˜€

But what I dont get is, I write posts, and there are people who comment in my posts saying I am gay. Of course they write it as a joke and I really enjoy it πŸ˜› When someone makes fun of some Gandhi guy, you go ‘Woah’, but when known people make fun of a regular reader of your blog, you go ‘LOL’ !!! hmmppphhh !!!!

People are ridiculous!! This is nothing …afterall its just fake…but I was astonished when I heard a bunch of politicians who said he is behaving insane (to some political reactions) because he is not married. Imagine a group of politicians…who have been elected afterall….

I have never read faking news..

but I don’t have any grudge against Rahul Gandhi… if he presents an indeology which gives some scope of improvement for our country I will surely vote for him…

@ Vimmu: Ditto, FN is becoming quite boring these days. As for people using ‘gay’ to tease/insult others, I don’t think that’s funny at all!! And if someone does that to you, you better fight tooth and nail!!

@ Dew: Gosh! Really?! That’s really crazy. But, why am I not surprised? This is Indian politics after all. Iss mein drama hai, comedy hai, romance bhi hai πŸ˜‰

@ Kanagu: Am not sure about ‘ideology’ as such, but I believe if we have some really good candidate, we must support him. If we don’t then atleast lets give this guy (R.G) a chance!!

Must check this Faking News site out…..

I think educated or not, they are all equally worthless. Besides, I’d rather not see a hardening of dynastic tendencies. But that’s wishful thinking. We love our mai-baaps.


Quirky Indian

Didnt had the patience to read all the comments.. I had intent though..
just wanted to know how people react to your post..

well fun can be different for different people, it has no common definition.

Some might find it funny..the popularity of faking news say it all..

the fact is he is eye candy for sure (wink)

He he, thank you, Anon πŸ™‚ Do you think (like I do) that Faking News is getting quite stale these days?

some people just believe in sensationalism..
The people who have commented don’t think that they are discriminating and will suddenly cry out when they are themselves discriminated against..hypocrites

Definitely, LP. Couldn’t agree more πŸ™‚

Indeed a good post bcoz you have touched some chords in little words..

Being a gay is not a crime,it is his business..Billions of indians needn’t worry about what he is doing in his bedroom..

Dalits are untouchables to ruling parties,so they dislike Rahul getting accustomed with dalits..

He don’t seem capable to me,well afterall who in near future,except Dr MMS,who is an educated person,was ‘capable’..They all played the game..

@ Nimmy: Thank you so much for your comment. I agree.. sexual orientation of a person is hardly a matter of ‘crime’ πŸ™‚ As for being ‘capable’ I am sure there are lots of youngsters who have the aptitude and attitude as well, but no political backing. In such a situation, we are bound to see our Crown Prince assuming the throne some time!!

Well Well RG … articulate eh? our man need’s mom or/and sis behind to give a decent statement … πŸ˜› talk of puppets yeah at least its his own family πŸ˜‰

Somebody says he is not ‘communal’ so he should be PM … can anyone define the word in question? Like what it means as per the dictionary?

people rooted for young blood but are they any different from their fathers/mothers/uncles/aunts except the Armanis and designer foot/eye wears …. these are not my words but I agree completely ….

But yes I agree one should not make fun the way they did using ‘gay’ or ‘dalit’ etc… that’s derogatory for the communities referred …

Each voter to his own opinion πŸ™‚ Derogatory usage of words.. glad we are all on the same platform on that πŸ™‚

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