55-er MommySpeak

My second love (55-er)

He stormed into my life exactly four years ago, when I was already happily married.

I still love my husband. But then, I just love him more!!

Though.. I know that one day, he will dump me. For someone half my age!!!!

I will have to love her too!

For after all, she will be my daughter-in-law 🙂

63 replies on “My second love (55-er)”

awww… true!!!
Happy that i did it to my INLAW tooooo [:p]

\Awww… sweet 🙂 Thank you for dropping by, Archana 🙂

gr88888 fellow tigress
frankly I don’t have much to say. But I liked this one. The twist was nice and liked how you ended it.
Thank you, Saurabh 🙂

PS: I want a header image like you…
LOL, this is a default header from WordPress. Choose this theme and the header is all yours 🙂 Infact why don’t you relocate to WordPress, its so much friendlier than Blogspot!!

sorry yaar have been caught up with too much. Either the happenings around me are too much or maybe I’m not organized enuf 😦

Hope u r back now, Urmi, for good 🙂

Good one Pal! 🙂
‘Though I know that one day, he will dump me for someone a third my age’
How about ‘much younger’?? Don’t give it away by mentioning ‘a third my age’ though of course we do make a guess. Just a suggestion. Mull over it. 🙂

Hee hee, I too was sceptical about that line, Shail. Sigh, the cat is out of the bag now anyway… brrr.. :mrgreen:

LOL! So true 🙂 and very cute 🙂 Four years old? Is it the cutie pie’s birthday today ?

Thank you Smitha. No, no, isn’t his bday 🙂 Was just telling a friend about R today and then the blog-addict in me decided to make a post out of it 😛

That was very nice….I love the way you spin tales out of daily life 🙂
Hmmm…I can see the editing that’s been happening all the way along 😉 😉


Thanks a lot. CB. I’m quite a blog-a-holic now 🙂 (I must quickly patent that word now!!!) Everything that happens turns into a blogpost in my mind!!!

err is it legally required to love the DIL?? 🙄 I thought someone once made a proverb about DIL and MIL which goes “…..and the twain shall never Love….” :mrgreen:
He he, really? And ‘legally required to love’ .. LOL, this goes ENTIRELY against my previous post which was about ‘don’t force love’ 🙂

Hmmm you love your son more than hubby? That’s one difficult question for me to answer 😥
No I don’t 🙂 This was fiction, remember 🙂 ?

How do you come up with such short, to the point posts?? 😯
He he, its the lazy way out Saksh!! I don’t have either the time or talent for longer posts 🙂

Ayyoooo then am nt letting my daughter marry S, just in case I hv one and they do decide to hook up 😛 😛
Pal makes a better MIL 😉 😉

Oh thank u thank u for that 🙂

Pallu, Haha loved the surprising element. and Sakshu, get ready to love your DIL and be ready with ghar ki chabi & khandani kangan. 😆

Thank u, Sols. LOL @ ‘ghar ki chabi and kangan’. Like Sanski says, I will keep a fake one ready too!! 😉 U never know though… she mightn’t even be interested after all!! Hmmm….

Ghar ki chabi?? 😯 will give it gladly if she will keep it neat and clean and keep dinner ready for me when am back from my blog hopping :mrgreen:
LOL!! 🙂

Sol Khandani Kangan ka ek fake copy tayar rakthi hoon…thank you for the warning.
Totally agree, what a great idea 🙂

Hehe…nice one.
I’ve read a dad’s version of this somewhere 🙂
Keep your word. Love her! 😉

Thanks, Scorpia! Oh really, do pass me the link, if u remember 🙂 And yes, I WILL keep my word 🙂

I guessed it in the first line itself !! 😀 😀 😀

Good one !

Btw..”I know that one day, he will dump me. For someone half my age!!!!” —- or maybe twice your age; you never know ! kids these days, you see !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

how did I become anonymous here ???

Aaaahh, you will know whose comment it is when you read it, na?

He he. Ofcourse, a comment like that can only come from one or two unique people 😉 But why has everyone guessed this right in the beginning?!! Where did the twist in the story go? Booo hoooooooooooooo 😦 😦 😦

To love the son’s wife as your daughter
Or son in law as your son for that matter
Is it possible only in the letter
for isn’t blood thicker than water.

Awww… I hope that’s not true in all cases 🙂 Well, atleast I have this post to remind me 😉

Pallu, great 55er. May you love Rishi’s wife as your own daughter, but don’t forget the hunk. 🙂

Thank u, PRG. Ofcourse, the hunk always reigns supreme 🙂 He’s the hunk afterall 😉

kyun ki saans bhi kabhi bahu thi? 😀

The post was super cute! I hope u get a super cute bahu as well! 🙂
Awww…thank u, Brat 🙂

..The karate brat has arrived in crocodile country…And i hereby bless ur blog! 😀 😀
So plz dont feed me to the crocodiles ,even if i post a silly comment!
Hee hee, not at all, thank u for your blessings… I feel.. er… blessed 🙂


Jab jab crocodile land pe ek Brat janam letha hai….uske vinaash ke liye ek Yakshi zaroor blog pe aathi hai *Shank Blowing Music* :mrgreen: Pal give him to me and i will throw him to the crocodiles 😛

Hee hee hee!! Sanski, he’s all yours 😉

Ooh looking so far ahead in time…. maybe 2 decades from now 🙂 ….till then You’ll be HIS first Love 😀 ……

This one me likes….nailed it here.totally relate wid possessiveness over son…gng thru it now.both as a mom n as a DIL…hehehe….cool twist!wud have nvr come up wid dat myself!!!

@ Dhiman: awww…thanks 🙂 Times are changing fast though.. 2 decades.. er.. 2 years would be more like it 😉

@ Wannabauthor: Oh I hear you.. caught mid-way between generations!! Thanks girl 🙂

Yup,I got you @ “He stormed into my life exactly four years ago” itself 😆

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😦 😦 😦 Everybody guessed this, and you guys/girls were still so sweet to say this was a good 55-er. It was a pathetic one 🙂

Pal, you actually changed the pic! :):) but really, the children in the picture were spoiling the mystery! :):)

@ Bedazzled: Thank u so much 🙂

@ LP: Thanks so much! And thanks for following me too 🙂

@ Piper: Ofcourse my dear 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

@ Masood: Oh yes, I love this theme.. very punchy 🙂 Thx 🙂

@ Sandhya: Thank you so much. This is the latest template from WordPress. Its called ‘Greyzed’.

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