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Joke of the day – 1

This is justice for you!! Kill, rape, molest, harass… do anything you please, and you are duly rewarded with 18 months of VIP comfort – so what if others call it ‘jail’ 😉

A real shame for our country!!!

There’s a lot of discussion about the ‘verdict’. Some interesting opinions in this website here. People have suggested 7-10 years rigorous imprisonment.

IMHO… I would sentence him to be hanged unto death. Let’s not waste the tax payer’s precious money in keeping animals like Rathore in prison.

What are your thoughts on the verdict? Please do share!

29 replies on “Joke of the day – 1”

This is what I hate! We slog, earn and pay taxes so that we hv better facilities! Not to look after such $%^& … in jail or wherever it is 😡

Ejjactaly Swaram!!

Very disgusting!

I think he should be given a min of 10 years rigorous imprisonment. Frankly speaking I am not sure whether I would want him to come back to society.

Exactly, Aathira. He just deserves the death sentence. People like him are worse than those of the Kasab clan.

18 months of imprisonment which comes years after the victim commits suicide and the criminal manages to lead a comfortable life all this while:(

Sad, deplorable.. A huge joke!

It is indeed. And it just makes me so angry!!!

I echo what Smitha said… all they could hand out was 18 months in prison after the family fought for years to see Justice done to their daughter??

I’m still trying to figure out why the media isn’t scorning the verdict?! 🙄 🙄

Why and HOW did the judiciary system get away with this ???? I mean, with the entire country and media watching them all the way, they still did this. Callous, brazen.. unable to find the right word. Outrageous, perhaps?!

I don’t think even this 18 months in jail going to be a punishment for him…. considering the facilities available in Jail for people who have money and political backup….

We need few death sentences to give a hell to whom think about these crimes… but who is going to do that??? 😦 😦

Exactly, Kanagu. This is just a fully sponsored VIP holiday he’s getting.

The punisments provided by law has to be drastically changed so that sentence does not become a mockery like this. Other than this verdict other punishments like 7 years for rape ,couple of years for acid attacks etc are highly ridiculous. Even with this, they will come out in bail, parole and then pardon for Gandhi jayanthi etc much before the pittance years that was already given. When the victim suffers life long, the offenders have a easy way out .. pathetic!

Brilliantly said, LR. Its the victim who suffers a life-long punishment! Criminals like these just go scot free! 😦

This is nothing! You don’t know what Pramod Muthalik does in jail.
Actually the media boom is such a blessing, thousands of such Ba*****ds would’ve gotten away scot-free otherwise.

Like u said, media is a blessing .. sometimes 🙂 In this particular case however I haven’t yet seen voices from the media ridiculing the judgement. They have just been announcing that Rathore has been sentenced to ‘enhanced term’ as if that itself were a big achievement.
I think we , as a country, have set our standards very low. For everything!

@ SavvY: Certainly is… wondering why the media isn’t taking this up? Everyone seems to satisfied with the verdict?!!!

@ Deeps: It is strange! Or perhaps they feel something is better than nothing! I think they should strongly protest against this mockery of justice. Since by law the death sentence would be too harsh, they should atleast ask for more years of RI. Infact I would say, anyone supporting Rathore, like his family, should also be thrown into prison for helping a criminal!!! What say?

As Lord Krishna mentions… in the “Bhagavad Gita”… a society which stood by silently and simply watched, did not react nor protested… on such a shameful event… the “vastrahaaran” of Draupadi… on the “apamaan” (dishonour) of the Queen of Hastinapur, the wife of the Pandavas, the daughter of King Drupad… an extraordinary woman, a major and important personality in her own right… what will such a society do when ordinary people… including ordinary women are subjected to ill treatment, injustice and torture.

It will shatter a society and give rise to all kinds of ills/evil.

Therefore, Lord Krishna advised Arjun and through him to all of us… to do our “duty”… to uphold “dharma”… without thinking or worrying about the “result” or the “aftermath”… failing which we are doomed forever. We should not blame “external” factors for the failure or the decadence of society… it happens due to our actions… only.

Unfortunately… his words are being echoed in our society today…

P.S. “Dharma” is not “religion” as we understand today. It is the “path of righteousness”.
If people deviate from “dharma”… what eventually happens or what their failing to do their “dharma” leads to… is shown very well through this one event/metaphor.

Very beautiful, Rashmi, thanks for sharing!!

Joke of the Day – Yes, this is really the ‘joke of the day’, Pal. I don’t remember to have read about his family members. His wife is a lawyer, I know. Has he got daughters?

Like in olden days, he should be paraded with black and red spots with shaven head on a donkey… I get furious whenever I see his smiling face while the police take him to the court. Hanging means, he won’t have time to regret (will he regret – that is another question!). Yes, he is going to enjoy the comforts of jail and he will be pampered like Kasab was pampered in Jail with our money.

For all you know, he might end up being one of our ministers in the future 😀 😀

My verdict – hmmm…cut his genitals and let him free ! He should regret each time his bladder fills ! Thats a punishment for a lifetime ! No kidding Pal, I am damn serious !

@ Kanagu: Hey, excellent!! Congrats and welcome!!! HAve you joined the Tiger Trails team group in the forum??

@ sandhya: Wonder what sort of values his wife has, for her to support a man like him!! A family of crooks, it seems! Your idea of parading and humiliating him sounds great! Coming to think of it, even Kasab might regret, but Rathore will not!

@ Vimmu: Really 🙂 Wow, what an idea. We must send a petition to include this as a legally permitted action 🙂 I wish the world had more men like you, Vimmu, and less like Rathore!

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