Satisfaction (55-er)

She surveyed the house. The party was at 7. Nikhil would be home any time now. To check.

She was nervous. ‘Would he approve, satisfied? Perhaps, flash that dimpled smile?!’

The car honked.

‘Pushpa..’ It was him! She straighted herself. Eyes on the floor.

‘All set?’

She nodded.

‘Y E S ?’

…Ji Saheb…’

‘OK’, he grunted.

She retreated, dis-satisfied!


Okay, its official. I’m obsessed. With Dentists and Cleaning Maids!!!


42 replies on “Satisfaction (55-er)”

Wow a cool 55-er with a confession(by the author) at the end 😀 😀
The house maid posts seem to be getting real popular these days, it’s my fourth read in 24 hours 🙂

Really? Send me the other links please… like I said, I’m obsessed 🙂

hehe… does that mean Pushpa has a crush on Nikhil?

Wow, Pix, after all those comments, you are the only one who actually ‘analysed’ the story 😉 😉 And you’re right on the first half, she seems to have a crush on her boss 😉

Or does it mean Nikhil is a hard man to please when it comes to party decorations and cleanliness… 😀 😀
How much does he pay her?!! :mrgreen:

I mean, she is a cleaning maid who wants to please her employer by her actual cleaning skills!!! Where can I get a maid like that?!!

ok ok.. stopping now!!!! :mrgreen: 😛 😛

Hehe, you can find a maid like that if you turn into a rich handsome dude 😉

Obsessed with maids – LOL !!!! But its so cute… 🙂

Yeah Uma, and after my previous post on ‘achieving a contract with a maid’, the maid Ben hasn’t even turned up!!!

Hey, my name is Taylor and I got an incoming link from this site, but I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know why I might’ve gotten an incoming link from here? Thanks. (:

Hi! I have no clue!! Blame it on WordPress 🙄 🙄

Lovely pals..unpredictable turn of events..:) crisp and nice..

Thank you, and now you have to stop being Anonymous 🙂

Oh Swaram , Am so sorry… some crazy problem with my reader, your blog didn’t show up at all.. have to check out. Btw, quickly caught up with all your recent posts… khush??

I so wish I could get a cleaning maid with a crush on me – that might get me a spic and span house 😉

And hey, I went to the dentist today and all I could think of, was your post 🙂 But my dentist was a really nice lady 🙂

* Smitha: LOL!! Wear on a mask or something? Or perhaps get the hujband to do the overseeing when the maid is at work 😉 😉 Oh, and thanks for remembering me.. is that why I had hiccups today?!! But grrr… how can you get a nice dentist? Brrrrrrrrr… 🙄 :mrgreen:

* Sanski: Hee hee I’m going to stick to that name hereafter 😉 ROFL @ what you said 🙂

LOL, IHM…that was classic!

I second that IHM 🙂 Didn’t realise the similarities with the Shiney Ahuja story. Though I must admit, he would be the perfect cast for this story 😉

Maids, dentists and your blog..they all go hand-in-hand, right, Pals 😆

Loved this 55-er!

Totally, Deeps. They are an integral part of my life 😉

Hain jee!!??? This one only works because of the footnote Pal. Sorry but without the footnote its kind of hanging in there …..

Oops.. this is just my obsession with maids, Ritu 🙂 Sorry it didn’t work for u 🙄

hahahahaha..whatta twist 😀

rather, what an obsession! I am obsessed with weird stuff and killing my character/s in the fiction stories i write the way you are obsessed with maids and dentists..

@ Nive: 🙂

@ Kanagu: Sigh!! I have to move on now 🙂

@ Neha: Gosh, killing characters? 😯 LOL, I have to catch up on all your earlier blog posts now 🙄 🙄

Hi,Pallavi-tks for ur comment on my blog…look fwd to ur visiting more often.
Grt blog u have here…I smiled at this post….and,ur last remark-that u’re obsessed with dentists and cleaning maids…hahaha..both can give nightmares,I guess…:)Will be back to read some more.:)

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