Short story

Woman in the rain

I chanced upon this ‘Complete the story’ contest by Yours Truly Theatre on Facebook.

Original story:
‘….rainy day on a bus stand, waiting to get back home, and then suddenly out of nowhere she comes along and then…’

My ending:
I held my breath. She stopped right in front of me. Panting.

‘Prashant…‘ she whispered. Still panting. How sweet my name sounded when it came from her!

I didn’t reply. I simply couldn’t.

‘Please… come back’.

I remained silent. This time, she had gone too far!

‘This is for your good! Trust me…‘, she persuaded.

I had made up my mind. I was in pain. Deep pain. If this chasm widened, I would die.

But I was not going back.

‘Come with me’, she continued.

I adamantly shook my head.



Never will I enter her dental clinic again. I’ve had it with dentists!!


And folks, you KNOW how much I like dentists.. so this particular ending arises from this post 🙂 and this one.

40 replies on “Woman in the rain”

@ Quirky: Ofcourse! Should have known!! Btw, you haven’t dropped by here in a long time!!

@ Prats: ROFL!! Dentist-phobic would be better, no?

@ Shail: Thank you 🙂

LOL … Nice one Pal 🙂
Sigh! Ogden Nash hs ensured I will carry this fear for ever. I cn brush my teeth even 10 times a day if I cn avoid them 😛

Thanks, Swaram. Atleast you brush .. I don’t even bother! Way beyond that point 🙂

😀 Lol!!! … whata twist 🙂 Is it time for you see the dentist? A Dentist-phobic ending?

It IS!!! And I’ve been postponing it for the last two months!!! 🙄

hehehe. no one wouldve thought such an end to that story !!! 😀 😀 😀 Good one ! Do we vote or something ?

Thank you Vimmu 🙂 No voting though 😦 Aren’t you participating?

This can be made easily into a Vijay movie
has everything that makes his film’s story
rains, romance,dialogues, pain and comedy
all I can say as I come out of my stupor is groovy.

Pallu, eppidida,room pottu yosipingulo?

ROFL!! Vijay movie ? I thought, Captain movie would be more like it 🙂 LOL @ ‘room pottu yosipingulo?’ 🙂

LOL pals… 😆 u can never ever leave them, right?? 😀 😀
On other thought is she a dentist? And so considerate to run behind her patient to give treatment 😀 😀

Never, Kanagu!! Did I mention already.. I hate them!!! And yeah, the dentist was considerate. Infact once I had a dental check-up, and the girl asked me to have an XRay done a couple of blocks away. I went there, and to my surprise this girl ran behind me all the way to clarify something!!

A brilliant ending 😛 and this comes from me who has an extreme phobia of Dentists!! I am suspicious even if my husband asks me to come along with him for his dental check up. Damn I buy all those flossing things and mouthwash in the hope that I will never ever have to go to a Dentist in my life 😦

Have to check your other posts

LOL, atleast you use all that stuff.. good enough 🙂

Haha Pal ! Thanks for a nice laugh in the morning !

Most welcome, Ash 🙂

And I hate visiting dentists to such an extend I keep on postponing even my kid’s appointment ! But that reminds me I have to take him before the school reopening and it is only two weeks away ! 😀
I hate them too!! But taking kids is easy as long as the Dentist does not say ‘Look at your mum. Thats how teeth should NOT be! 🙄 🙄 🙂

I read another post where a beautician persuades a teenager in the same style 😆 what are these dentists and beauticians up to these days?

Really? LOL! Money money money… its a rich man’s world 🙂

what an end to the story 😀

Like Uma I too thought ye love story hai (except I thought ???? this time she had gone too far??? </em? Was the guy nuts? )

Have never been able to understand the phobia of dentists
my teeth are intact :mrgreen:


With the sharp crooked tools, small hammer, and scary drilling machine, the dentist phobia is logical. . . I can understand ur feelings. . But never thought that ur phobia will reach to such an extreme level!

@ Indy: Thank u girl 🙂 Your teeth are intact? Brrrrrr…….. I used to like you.. until now :mrgreen:

@ SAvvy: Ewww…and now I’m even more scared 🙂

@ Lostworld: Hi-Fi to that loud ‘Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ 😉

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😦 You killed the possible romance with the end 😦 Me wants some rain songs, wet yellow sarees and a couple latka-jhatkas. Please rewrite with a nice romantic ending 😦 😦 did I miss this post! That was hilarious, Pals!

So whats the next post going to be about…maids? or dentists? or maids? or…..
dentists? 😀 😀

Hilarious !
I am a stranger to you..came to your blog for the first time today morning and am stuck here.. 🙂
Thank you Priya, that is an extremely wonderful compliment 🙂

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