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Why its possible to like ‘Pyar Impossible’

At first it was the cast that put me off. The title too. Expectations therefore were at an all time low.

So when a friend sent me the DVD, I promptly discarded it for a time when Sky TV would let me down by not airing anything worthwhile.

Lest I sound crazy, let me state very clearly (in Bollywood jargon) that this was not a ‘mind-blowing’ movie. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that I really liked. And here are the takeaways from the movie.

1- That the heroine, Alisha (played by Priyanka Chopra), comes across as such a wonderful, confident and happy woman, who struggles hard to juggle her career along with her personal life. This is so different to the heroines of a bygone era. Earlier, divorce was taboo, and the divorcee (strictly, the woman) would have to look sad, depressed and repentful, missing ‘her man’ at every juncture!

In sharp contrast, Alisha is a very happy and intelligent woman, not regretting the past, and only trying to strike the right balance. She enjoys her successful career, and is a really cool mum. Hats off to such characters, and may there be many more like them.

(A pity, though, that despite her obvious affluence, she doesn’t have much money for clothes. She seems to wear her little daughter’s outgrown shorts. And her other outfits seem like there wasn’t enough material left over to make a complete dress! Sigh! Yeah, I can see you gentlemen are resolving to watch the movie right away!)

2- That the ‘nanny’ is a man. I didn’t actually see parts of the movie, as I was multi-tasking with something in the kitchen, but yes, it was a very pleasant experience to see that a nanny need not necessarily be a woman. It can be a man too. Maybe this is lift-off from Mrs.Doubtfire, well, atleast partially. But it is good to see Indian audiences can accept this fact. There can be male nannies, there can be house-husbands, and there is nothing wrong about it. I like it!!

3- That the ‘male nanny’ did not find it ‘beneath his dignity’ to entertain the kid or to simply be a nanny! Even in the scene where he is given a long list of household chores, and cheekily outsources it, there is no indication that he thinks ‘being a man is reason enough to not do the chores’. To me, it just came across that he simply did not have a clue as to what to do / or / felt overwhelmed, and so outsourced it. That again, shows a shift in attitude and culture, as a whole. Even if it only represents one small portion of society, still, its a breakthrough, isn’t it?

4- And this song, is what actually made me want to see the movie in the first place.

The hero says ‘love’ is based on looks. For someone who looks bad, finding love is ‘impossible’. While Alisha first refutes it, she later on realises that, that is indeed true. Nobody gives a second glance to someone who looks like a geek, or is ugly. Now I partially agree with this. People (both men and women) give a lot of weightage to looks, far more than what is deserved. And many a time, love is not reciprocated simply on this count. All the same, I also believe, when someone only looks ‘average’, the love that one finds is very genuine, as it is based on something more substantial than just looks.

5- Then, I loved this line by Alisha ‘I’m not a princess. I’m an ordinary girl, but when I’m with you, I feel like a princess’. Well, what more can one say? That is what love is all about!! If your partner can make you feel special, what more can one ask for? The romantic in me loved this typical crazy Bollywood scene!

6- And lastly, I liked the character played by Dino Morea (and not just because it is played by him 😉 ). This character again, came across as a confident young man, who knows the difference between Right and Wrong, and consciously Chooses Wrong. And in the end, when ‘Truth triumphs’, he is equally sportive. He does not do any ‘dramatic repenting stuff’, and not does he ‘swear revenge’. He simply acknowledges the other’s success. I think that is a very nice trait to have. To be able to lose graciously 🙂

So, now I’m not asking you to watch the movie. Watch this song, for sure.

There are a lot of aspects about the movie that are not so good … some of the stereotyped college scenes, the little daughter being so grown-up, that there is no change at all in the looks of main characters despite the time-leap. Despite all this, though, I think the movie has its positives. Apart from the above, Priyanka Chopra looks stunning, the music is pleasant, and every actor perfectly fits the role.

So, those of you, who have found your soul-mates, congrats once again, and work hard to continue to treat them like a Prince/Princess as the case may be 🙂

And to those of you who are looking for love, all the best 🙂 I hope you will care to consider values that will last forever 🙂

Happy Weekend, all 🙂

[P.S: All pictures, courtesy the great WWW. Linked them back to the original source whereever possible]

20 replies on “Why its possible to like ‘Pyar Impossible’”

I am glad I stopped by here first! 🙂
I loved your post… and had marginally liked the movie just for the same above mentioned reasons!
But, the movie is a rip off of many many movies all jelled toegther!! :mrgreen:
I got bored after a while though… 😀

But, I liked it for the same reasons you have stated.

Birds of a feather, Pixie 🙂 I didn’t have to watch the entire thing as I had the remote, you see 😉

Reminded of an old 90S Mal movie, Suchitra Krishnamurthy debuted in. Jayaram was the hero (u know the actor?), falls in love with this woman on the road, turns into a housekeeper-nanny looking after her 3 yrs old daughter and old blind father, in some bizarree looking oily hairdo n small shirts n pants, outsources all the chores listed to him, finally he turns out to be her new boss or colleague in office:) Feel good Mal movie, with Jayaram, one can expect comedy and laughs… now to think that Uday Chopra (he scripted P. Impossible right) would have watched Mrs Doubtfire and this Mal movie, the resources they have!!

Oh!! No wonder all these movies are familiar.. they are an uncreative rip-off from various other movies. And btw, the story you said reminded me so much of a Sophie Kinsella chick-lit book. wonder who came first? The movie or the book?!!!

Oh, and did Uday Chopra script this movie? No wonder he got to act in it!!! I was wondering how he managed to get the role of Hero, and that too, a single one!

Anyways, I loved the song lyrics too:)
🙂 Me too 🙂

lol @ ur dig about Piggy Chop’s clothes 😀

You know what?? When I think I will hate a movie I never even try to watch it and if I have to I concentrate in finding faults in it so I applaud you for looking for finer details in here 😉

OK. I did think of watching the dvd the other day. I will now. 🙂

Oh, what have I done? Banno, if you do like it, then you can think of me 🙂 And if you don’t, you chose to watch it, remember? 🙄

i am extremely selective about the movies i watch.. n this one never made it to my list of “must watch movies”…somehow it looked like a glossy presentation of a vey cliched story line.. some of the songs are catchy, but they somehow sound like lift offs of some angrezi ganas…. but going by ur review, it was not THAT bad a movie,was it?

Mandy, either that. Or the fact that I was bored to death and there was nothing else to watch!! 🙄 🙂 If you do watch it sometime, remember me WITHOUT swearing, will you? 🙂

Nice review… BTW if you are a fan for FRIENDS you would relate to the Male Nanny 😀

Thanks, Prats. And thanks also for reminding me of FRIENDS. There was a male nanny in there, right! But if I remember correctly, Rachel didnt want him because he was male. No?

So much to my knowledge .. I did nt even know she is a Mom in the movie 😛
Ur review makes me wanna see the movie sometime or atleast nt miss it when it comes muft on TV 😉
LOL, Swaram, you are going to curse me for making you waste 2.5 hrs of your life 🙄
LOl@ daughter’s shorts .. will remember to nominate this one for the ‘Best Movie Review’ next yr .. gr work Pal 😀
He he, that’s nice, thanks Swaram 🙂

Wow, I must say amazing review! Liked the point-wise approach. 🙂 Probably, I tend to write like that, too! 😉
LOL, thanks 🙂

I’m surprised despite so many new & significantly good things about the movie (from what you’ve written, had not even heard the name of this movie), you’ve not been very positive about the movie. This makes me curious what your absolute favorite bollwyood movies are! 🙂
Oh , its just another typical Bollywood movie, the ‘no other option’ sort of movie to watch. If you really want to know my Fav movies.. they are ones like DCH, and more recently 3 Idiots and MNIK 🙂

You shouldve read my 8th std Moral Science text book instead; that was actually more entertaining than this movie ! 😀 😀 😀

LOL! 😀 can you courier it to me please? 🙂

I rarely watch hindi films… and for sure I won’t watch this one..
but accepting the things given by you.. I am all for home-husband… how good it will be… 😀 😀
:-)) :-)) LOL! All the best!
I have to try that in some part of my life… 🙂 🙂

You saw the movie? 😯

*saashtang pranaam*

Anything to do with Uday Chopra is such a turnoff …
I have to agree 200% on that!
Liked your review .
Might catch it on cable for these very reasons 😀
(You know whom I will err blame dont ya? 😛 )
Blame is too tame a word.. ‘curse and swear’ would fit the bill better :-)))))

And that bit at the end? aww

hey pal…i think it was definitely better than ajab prem ki gazab kahani!!! and yeah…that song where she dresses down was taken really well. But male nannies for little girls ….in today’s world??? that would be a big NO from me!!

Oh yes, Arch. APKGK (gosh!!) was absolutely terrible!! You’re right about the other aspect, but then, aall eez vell in Hindi films, you see, we don’t believe in reality! Brrr…

There’s an award waiting for u Pal 😀

Thank you thank you Swar!! Been so irregular at my blog for the last week! Time to get back on track 🙂 And what better way to do it, than this… 🙂

Thats probably the nicest and most painstaking review of pyar impossible I’ve ever read… quite a bouquets… 🙂 all I read were brickbats instead! 🙄

LOL! Like I said, just goes to prove how jobless I am!! Its a crap movie after all, but I wanted to showcase the points I liked!

Though I was (till now) destined not to watch the movie because of lack of great expectations, after reading your writeup, I have decided otherwise. The movie seems a bit more approachable now. Thanks to you. 🙂

Oh please!! What have I done here? 😯 😯 Encouraged people to watch a crappy movie? Please don’t watch it unless its thrust upon you.And then, if you do, you might find there are some positive aspects about the movie. Though, it takes a great deal of courage to sit through 2.5 hrs of Uday Chopra!! 🙄 🙄

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