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Something here and there

Part I: Inspired by Vimmu’s ‘Once Upon a Time’ series

So I’ve been out of sight for the last two weeks. We had been wanting to see Cairo for almost seven years, and we finally made it! We spent the week before last on a beautiful trip to Egypt. Landed at Cairo on a Sat early morning, and our first stop was the magnificent Pyramids of Giza, and the even more majestic Sphinx.

We spent the next day in Alexandria. Our guide misguided us though! While he claimed it was a ‘day trip to Alex’, we spent almost the entire day travelling by car, and a miserably short One hour in Alex. The Catacombs were intriguiging (the Brat especially loved venturing underground!) , Pompeii’s Pillar was beautiful, and the Gardens were vast. The strawberry milkshake at McDonalds was awesome 😉

We then set sail 🙂 Well, it isn’t as grand as I make it sound. Our ‘Nile cruise’ was on a dusty old ship (with an enchanting name: Sheherazade) that sailed very slowly at night, taking us from Luxor to Edfu, and Aswan. And every stop we got to visit beatiful temples, each steeped in mythology!! Luckily, this time we had a very knowledgeable guide, who (though he insisted we start the tour at 7 AM every day) took a lot of effort to make us understand a bit of Egyptian mythology and culture.

He proved he was a ‘guide’ when he insisted we spend adequate time ‘shopping in the nominated centre’, and once we had bought a couple of souvenirs, he dashed back into the shop (rather too obviously!) to collect his share! 😦

The Nile Cruise was a very restful experience. There wasn’t Internet to distract or TV to occupy, therefore only Nature to enjoy!

We concluded our trip by returning to Cairo, just for a day. We saw the beautiful Mohamed Ali mosque at the Citadel. We made the Brat believe that was the palace of Aladin/Jasmine and that the King of Thieves was waiting to capture any naughty children. So that made him sit quiet 🙂 while we admired the beautiful ceiling/roof of the mosque.

Our trip culminated in the Khan-e-elili bazaar. A shopper’s delight! But then, I was roaming the streets with three surly men (2 guides and my husband), and one surly buy (the Brat, ofcourse), so I had no choice but to restrain the Shopaholic in me 😦 Like I said earlier (on FB), ‘Moral of the story: Do not go shopping with men’!)

And, back to base now, we are still trying to re-adjust to the cold weather. Its been raining, very unlike Spring! But the coming week, is expected to be better, in comparison!

Part II: Inspired by Pragya’s ‘Nothing’ series

Speaking of ‘comparisons’, I am so baffled when I see other mothers.. girls who are hardly 25, being so fiercely competitive about our children. I mean, our kids are only 2 and 3 years old. And they already make comparisons, start judging kids/behaviours/parenting. I have only just started teaching the Alphabet to my child, when someone I met recently started when her child was just 14 months or so. And she pointedly said it to me, and kept prodding me to find out ‘what my child is doing currently’.

I am afraid of such people. I want children to be children. I don’t want a genius in my son. And I certainly don’t want a bookworm. All I want is for him to remain enthusiastic, happy and gung-ho. I am probably complacent… ignorant… even stupid!

I know that everything is a rat-race. I know my child would have to participate too. Just, not now.. not so soon!!

Cheerio, people. Enjoy your long weekend. We stayed indoors today, and Sky TV betrayed us by not sending a signal! So we had our revenge by watching two movies – this one for the fourth time! and this for the first – in a row 🙂 and hope to see more tomorrow.


21 replies on “Something here and there”

Thanks for crediting me for the inspiration, Pallavi!

I am so much in agreement with your piece about parenting. There really are some scary moms out there with even scarier kids who are into everything! I want my daughter to be a free spirit and just want us (the parents) to be gentle, guiding hands.

Great writing.



Seems like you guys had a whale of a time. It’s kinda nice to sort of disconnect once in a while, isn’t it?

As for “comparisons”, you’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg, my friend, trust this seasoned veteran. Spent last 10 years trying to shield my kid’s report cards from parents who are overly interested in finding out how much other kids scored 😀 .

I saw Egypt and even traveled through Nile, the boat ride was crazy and I had to hold on tight, then I climbed those huge stones, by God, they were quite high, but the trip lasted for just 45 minutes, cause I was in 3d dome theatre in Mumbai but the experience was real…… :)) gr8 to know u had nice time…next time come to Mumbai, I will take u there.. :)))

* Pix: I hope you visit soon(est)! Though I must admit: the cruise was exceptionally restful 😀 and the Pyramids and Sphinx are marvellous, but that apart, honestly, our temples back home are far more beautiful and architecturally superior, IMHO 🙂

* Pragya: I really enjoyed your ‘Nothing’ series and look forward to more 🙂 I am so glad to see your take on parenting. I hope more mums realise that by pushing their kids into ‘achieving milestones early’, they are infact eating up into their childhood itself?!! 🙄

* Dreamer: Bang on, as always, Dreamer. It is very nice to ‘disconnect’ as you so beautifully put it.Sort of rejuvenates 🙂 And on the ‘tip of the iceberd’ thing, I dread the rest!! 😦

* Brandy: You will love it too! Good luck 🙂

* Pushy: Wow! I was fascinated by the quick account, and was wondering how we missed this sort of adventure. Until I read the last line 😀 I would love to come to Mumbai to see you and go to the 3d dome together 🙂

Amazing pictures..looks like you had real fun on this trip 🙂

Yes it was awesome.. very restful despite being hectic.. and I think that’s entirely due to the energy drawn from Nature Herself!!

When you said your inspiration is Vimmuuu, I thought this series may run for a year… but thankfully you took only one post as an inspiration 😀 😀

very nice Pal… as I am not aware of most of the places of Egypt this has given me a little insight… hope to see Pyramid someday 🙂 🙂

and yeah about rat race.. you are a good mother not forcing anything into your son… there are years to come and he will do well for sure with you around… 🙂 🙂

hope your weekend went fine.. 🙂 🙂 cheers 🙂 🙂

Lollu!! If I manage to travel any more this year, then I certainly will make more posts out of it 🙂 And I hope you see the Sphinx (and all the other wonders too)! Thank you for endorsing me as a ‘good mommy’ Kanagu 🙂 Sometimes I am in doubt when I see all these other fiercely competitive mothers!!

One day Rishi
will be very busy
today let him be
happy and cushy 🙂

Glad to know you had an envigorating holidy.

Thank you, PRG, for another cute 4-liner 🙂 my response:
‘Babies must be cushy
And not struggle with ABC!’
(Sorry, it isn’t even half as good as yours!!)

Thanks for the gr8 virtual trip and ur honest opinions Pal 😛
I so agree with u abt the kids part … when my 4 yr old neighbour keeps cribbing abt completing home work and coming first all the time, well atleast most of it, I feel so sad that she is not being a child or enjoying it at all 😦

Thank you 😀 A 4-year old cribbing about coming first? Whatever for??!! Gosh! My kid is going to curse me years later, for not pushing him hard enough, methinks! Like you, I feel sad too, for such kids… how do they enjoy simple life then?!

Oh !!! So lovely !!! The pyramids, the mythology – WOW, EGYPT !!! All the pics so fantastic !!! Shld chk out FB now !!!! 😉 To see more pics !!!! 😉

Yes, there is no comparison between children of same age – each child is unique and its high time the parents and the teachers understand this.

Keep going, mother of the sweet little boy !!! You seem to be on the right road in parenting !!! 🙂

Did u see them Uma? I usually delete pics after a week, but think I left a couple of them still around. How do you manage the competitiveness in children, Uma? Write a post please…

First and foremost, thanks for the mention; even if it had different meanings one of which Kanagu pointed out ! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Ohhh, Egypt has always been in my tour list and in a year or two, I will make it there ! I would contact you for help !!! primarily because, I need to avoid going to that shopping place you mentioned with the missus ! 😀 😀 😀

The little one is going to read this some day and he is going to strangle for calling him Brat a few times in this post !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 waiting to read that post 😉

and on that comparison thing, I was a victim in my school among my teachers. My bro used to be one intelligent guy who was also active in sports. I used to be one average student active only in culturals. Intelligence and sports against average and arts; the former always won ! 😀 😀 😀 But I cared a damn and so did my family ! 😀 😀 😀

LOL! It had no other meanings.. just straight and simple.. I was inspired by you to post something on my travel, thats all 🙂
Ofcourse you must take Lax to the Bazaar.. that would be TOP PRIORITY, methinks!! Just send me her email Id, will tell her all 😉 😉
Little one will read this? Brrr… first he has to learn ABC!!
And congrats on being the ‘Average Bloke’!! It takes a lot of courage to be ‘just normal’ 🙄 and ‘happy’ 🙂 Going by that, you’re doing great 😉

/*Little one will read this? Brrr… first he has to learn ABC!!*/

Is this the reason you are not teaching him alphabets??? 😛 😛 😛

Btw, Kanagu, he has finally learnt A, B and C! And your comment was in true ‘coder’ style 😉

Wow! Egypt… the pictures were really nice… you surely are having a gr8 time…. as far as competitive mum’s are concerned it seems some things hardly change… it reminds me of my childhood when my friend’s mom would be more interested in my report cards than my own parents 😛

Thank you! It is sad, no, that people are more interested in what others are doing. Their kids would turn out exactly like themselves! What a pity!!

gorgeous pics like i told u before egypt has been in my list to go from a very long time

and i just cant understand the comparison bit just cant

and u are awarded dearie 🙂

Thank you! I am sure you will go there one day and come back with gorgeous pictures 🙂
I can’t digest the comparison thing either Mon. I don’t think it was this bad when I was a kid. People used to compare us on ‘looks’ but atleast on education, they couldn’t care less. Or maybe life has become severely competitive over the years, and people NEED to push kids into being achievers! But where does it all lead? IMHO, someone with natural talent will anyway emerge as the leader!! So no amount of goading is going to help. Oh, and thanks so much for the award. Much appreciated 🙂 esp as it comes from you 🙂

ya..its a wonder experience to be there.. and did people there asked about BigB? hindi movies are big there..

Oh yes! I have to edit the post to add that now.. thanks for reminding, Yuva. Everywhere we went, the first thing people said was ‘Amitab Bachen?’ and next ‘Namaste’ and last, ‘Are you from India? Do you know where I can buy Saris from?’ I was thinking, must open a Sari Franchise soon 😉

Egypt is one of my best friends dream place… she is very sure that she was an Egyption in her previous Janam 😛 and finally she visited the country last year and her facial expressions, pics and the big smile told a lot about the country (though I feared she will marry someone there and would never return :O ) Your post reminded me her 🙂

Hope you had an amazing time.

And ya about pushing the kids to the rat-race at tender age… When i went to native i was shocked to see kids doing 7th std already going for IIT coaching class :O

Gosh, you’re kidding LR! IIT Coaching in 7th std? That’s absurd!! Scary too!

Hey Pal,
So good to see you back! I cant believe you went to Egypt!!!! :):) The pictures are awesome!!
And you`re right of course, about young moms being fiercely competitive! And it`s always the lil ones who suffer in the bargain..
I finally saw ‘Three Idiots’ :):) Liked it mostly..though I wish they would dramatize everything so much. Bollywood directors dont believe in subtlety, do they? :):)
Great to have you back!

Mish, you’re online? 🙂 Yep, did go to Egypt. Infact you can see me (a tiny speck) in the first pic 🙂 I agree with you on the Dramatisation in Bollywood. But hey, who wants to see real life huh? We are all suckers for ‘happy endings’ .. ‘Wangdu Scientist… 400 patents… famous photographer’.. that’s what we WANT to see on screen 🙂 🙂 😀 😀

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