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Tags people use!

One of the most interesting aspects about Blogging is the way readers randomly land at one’s blog.

I am always fascinated by the different tags that directs people to my blog. I remember Swaram had posted something on Facebook, where a reader had landed on her page, using the search words ‘how to torture/harass husband’ or something of the sort 🙂 🙄 Knowing her as much or as little as I do, I think it is quite an apt tag 😉 (Please spare me, Swaram.. just kidding 🙂 ) Though, it is very strange that this landed at her blog!

So, let me share the most common tags (based on what WordPress claims!) people have used and got redirected to my blog….

* Poem on myself – Aww.. Cute as it sounds, I don’t understand how a person expects the great WWW to throw up something on his/her personality?!! Btw, this is the post that will come up if you seach my blog. And it is hardly a poem, if someone were looking for one. As a matter of fact, this actually makes me think ‘serves them right’! :mrgreen:

* Semiya Payasam – I actually love this post of mine.. its the absolute truth and I really don’t mind you having a good laugh at my expense 🙂

* Touching elder’s feet – This I remember was quite a recent post, and a lot of discussion ensued on it. Here is the link, if you would like to read it again.

* P.S I love you Here is my review of the book, but its disappointing that there are/were so many readers but hardly any new comments! 

* A walk in the rain – I’m actually glad someone read this, because this post is quite special to me 🙂

* Kkasauti zindagi ki – GOSH! Someone actually wants to watch this crap again, and has found his/her way to my post right here! I ought to delete the post now!

[P.S: All pictures are from the Internet]

Now, ahem…. this is what I find both bizarre and interesting.

How can search terms like ‘aunty feets’ and ‘aunty in bus’ throw up a link to my blog?!!! I actually googled this today, and I swear my blog did not show up in the results!!! 😯

And, someone actually searched this: ‘recipe for a crocodle poem’ 🙄 What were they thinking?!!!!! 😀

God save Innocent Bloggers!

Ok people, now why don’t you share the search terms people use to land up at your blog?

(If you don’t already know, you can go to DASHBOARD -> BLOG STATS -> SEARCH ENGINE TERMS)

Come on… Let’s spice up BlogVille…