Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?! Blogville has been awfully neglected the past few weeks..months.

One devil entered Wedlock and was away for some time, but has just come back with this beautiful song (his own voice, mind it)! I hope he is regular from now! 😀

Another, probably smitten by Rajamma, has decided to zimbly quit blogging. This is awful news.. and I hope he changes his mind.. er.. about blogging I mean. 😯

The Don posts very rarely.. like the Big Khans.. one release a this case, a month! I do miss her insightful posts. 🙄

One little comment monster disappeared sometime back, but has returned recently, with a rocking post titled ‘Qatar Calling’! Hope she stays on now.. no more disappearing act. 🙂

Big Brother (Read: Bhai) recently moved location, and is hardly on the Internet (hmph..not even Scrabble!) Be back soon, Hitchy! All the ladies are a-waiting! 😉

This techie guy says he has no time either.. and has invited guest bloggers..but well, he has cheekily tagged some of us 🙂 in his last post!

And this dreamer, a wonderful writer, has been away too, until just this week! Looking forward to some smashing hits from her now! 😀

Oh, and this Devil-ee too, who leaves loads of comments, but doesn’t post often enough 😦


YAY to the foll. bloggers,who have resumed blogging…

The very sweet Piper!

The already popular Mystic girl, who has resumed blogging..and has recently churned out some really nice stuff (as always!).

At the same time, Kudos to all of you lovely people, who have been blogging regularly and keeping Blogville alive…

Mon, Pix (the upcoming Fictionist 🙂 ), Deeps (who managed to keep our Scrabble board in ACTION, despite being away in Delhi!!), Smitha, Kanagu, Swaram (who is going to Shaan’s concert :mrgreen: ), Kanagu (who has been on a whirlwind trip to Hyd, and has had the pleasure of eating Swaram’s aloo parathas… yummmm), Uma , Supps (who has just tagged me, thereby giving me another excuse to blog 😉 )and ofcourse the inimitable IHM and Quirky!

Now, these are some blogs I’ve started reading recently.. and have found very interesting!

LR of Ginger Chai fame 🙂 who has just conducted the ‘Finish the story’ contest and is now kindly spreading the word on offering FREE BOOKS to bloggers!

Sanz – I am already a fan of her 55-ers!

And the very famous Krish Ashok.. I was bowled over by this particular post.

Happy Weekend people!

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S: To those whom I’ve missed mentioning.. please throw some bricks at my site.. (er.. without damaging your screen, that is…) so I can add you onto the List.. this linking business takes a lot of time.. 😦 )

38 replies on “Where is everyone?”

Aliyaaaaaaaaaaaaa…, you are still around !

and you are going to comment only if we leave a pingback to your posts, huh ?? 😀 😀 😀

Mohanlal style – Ippo tech-nick pidi kitti ( Now, I get the technique) !!!

From now on, I am going to link a few of your posts, even if they are relevant to what I had written !!! 😀 😀 😀

Miss you in the blogworld Buddy ! 😀

aliyaaaa, I read your latest posts…………… it is just that I did not comment 😛

and also heard that song…torture annu aliyaaaaaaaaa…….. :mrgreen:

nalla vrithikeedu ayrinnu………… :mrgreen:

Oyyy, thanks for the mention ! But I was away for only two weeks !!! I am not planning to leave the blog world as of now. I am not done with torturing you all ! 😀 😀 😀

Regarding others, its actually sad ! Last year same time, it was chaos all over with the posts, the comments !! But now its just a big vaccuum. I used to have atleast 20-25 posts to comment each day and now theres hardly 5 or 6. It indirectly affects us too; we feel lazy to post when we know that our regulars arent gonna read it !

I just hope everyone comes back. bas itna sa khwab hain !!! 😦 😦

Pallu! I’m here! Here!! 😀 😀

Haven’t stopped blogging or commenting!!! :mrgreen:
It’s people like OG who have stopped!! 😛 😛

Like Vimmmuu says, we will still be around! But, it’s nice when the regulars come by and comment – it feels nice! 🙂
(I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Vimmmuu here! :shock:)

Thanks for the kind words, girl. I find I don’t have anything to blog about these days — hoping to get hit by the inspiration bolt soon. Meanwhile, it’s friends and fellow bloggers like you keep my from shutting shop altogether 🙂

Pallu, –air kisses– muah muah.

I need to blog again. I’ve so many things to write but it ends up on twitter.

I love love this theme. My fav. color. Have a great weekend!

I have been so so lazy with life in general. I need to get everything back in order, and my life should have some order in it too… But, I think the fun is the disorder… anyhow… I solemnly promise that I shall be more regular!

I’m here, Pallu, Didn’t realize things in Blogville were so slow! I hope to try and post more often but I guess with summer hols coming up and lots of travelling coming up, I am not going to be able to post as much as I’d like to 😦

I am trying to be regular again, and I also noticed how many of us have disappeared. Very disappointing. Blogging is no fun without friends 😦

I think many of the devils will be back soon, blogging is addictive 🙂

:):) I`m so flattered you thought of me :):)
Not to mention thrilled to the core!! 🙂
*Piper does a jig around the room!*

OG: So you finally de-lurk!! With your usual bunch of smileys and ‘ROFLs’ 🙂

Vimmu: LOL at ‘linking OG’s posts’ even if they are not relevant.. good idea actually 🙂 Seriously, my Readomatic is also languishing these days!!

Pix: Ofcourse u r here.. that’s what I said in the post too 🙂 I infact referred to you as ‘our budding fictionist’

MM: Awww..that’s recession at its worst 😯 Blog soon!

Prats: 🙂

Sols: Hugs and Kisses won’t do! We need a post! We need a post 🙂

Swaram: Nooooooo way… this is getting depressing, really!

Mon: Absolutely!

Ritu: Thank you, glad it made you Delurk. This was a sort of tribute to blog-buddies 🙂

Aathira: You have a valid reason to have been away, but time to get back now, girlie!

Dreamer: This is REALLY getting depressing now!

Smitha: Hope Sky showers you with blessings in the form of Broadband and you are back soon. Will miss you at our Scrabble board too!

IHM: Absolutely.. what’s the fun in blogging if there aren’t any devils and monsters to read and comment and pull legs?!! Well, cheers to what you said.. hope the blog-addicts are back soon 🙂

I am really glad to be in the active people list of blogging… Me too feel that our blogsamaj activities were really reduced… 😦 😦 my post frequency also reduced to terrible.. But I am happy that I am able to read al the posts now 🙂 🙂

hope everybody comes back soon 🙂 🙂

and the last bit of news is good.. thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂

Hey !!!!!!! you missed me !!! someone missed me !!!!! Hee Haw !!!!!! what a major boost to my already INFLATED EGO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you would have forgotten to write my name I would have hunted you down in london and put my shoe on your head !!!! btw I hope to be more regular from now on and pull legs as vigourously as earlier !!!!!!!!!! 😛 😛

* Dreamer: So you can blog about Cricket now 🙂 See, there’s no way out, really!

* Kanagu: Ofcourse… I really hope everyone is back soon.. Blogville is boring without bloggers!

* Hitchy: Phsawwww… I just had to include your name, otherwise, I knew what the consequences would be!

Indeed Pal, you are right !!! So many absentees !!!! Someone shld mark attendance every week, so that everyone shows in their head or face !!!!

I am around, except for weekends, when the comp is not mine – the girls snatch it from me !!! 😉

Gud you linked everyone – see how they have come running to comment !!!! LOL 😆

* Uma: ‘Mark attendance’.. LOL! What a good idea 🙂 Lets have an online register 😉 but will the devils and comment monsters actually log in sometime? Sigh.. I miss them!

* Shree: Thank you.. bang on.. there’s no fun blogging without blog buddies 😦


* Sandhya – Exactly, and I think we need to do something to revive it!

* Anish – What do you say? Btw, really liked your latest post!

hello plas akka, hope u’re doing fine, and its so good to be back here!! with all of you and I was about to drop in a complaint that U missed me in ur post… and I read ur comments in my blog and tell you something .. that was the best thing that happened to me in the recent while,,, that I write after four months and I still have someone to read my posts!! U mad emy Day.. Thanks a ton and take care!! and love to little rishi boy!!!!

Well the Tag’s still pending …..Ok I am back now(though not with vengeance) and you on vacation … not fair 🙂 …

Me: I know 😦 Sorry, the tag is still to be done!

I missed the pingback or the incoming link..and saw it at OG’s 😀
and came running!
awww what a sweet post Pal!:)
This makes one really feel like part of the blogworld:)
I am stuck here like fevicol babeyh! I aint going anywhere now *fingers crossed*

I think when the lazy weather’s over in India people will resume blogging
I too missed this world when I was away and now more so coz so many friend are missing in action. 😦

Hey how come I missed this post? that too when someone is doing Black Magic to call the Yakshi to her blog? 😯 I have to learn to use all the features of WP to know when someone links me.
Seriously, how come u missed it? It should have appreared when u chk stats!! ‘Incoming links’ thingy.

So as u can see I finally came back from my holiday with fellow devils deep down in the jungles of ******** (yup we keep our hideout a secret).
Ofcourse you’re back…and I’m glad of it, even though you claim to be ‘anonymously disguised’!! Gosh, how did u ever come up with that?!!

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