Incidents Thought and Reason

Celebration: 200th Post!

#1: I didn’t think I would ever get to the 200 mark! But here we are! Alive and kicking and making more friends than before (though I sorely miss my old blog-buddies and hope they return soon!). Thank you, friends, for taking the time to read and comment, and for being just so nice!

#2: The local grocery store has started stocking Priya Pickle!! And that too, both Avakkai and Lime…. can one ask for more? Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

#3: Saved this for last. DHL has, after five long years, replaced their very sweet, balding gentlemanly delivery person with… a HANDSOME HUNK 😉 Tall, fair and dashing.. and that is an understatement 😉 [Fervently praying hubby doesn’t read this, or he may just cancel my ticket for our forthcoming vacation 😦 ]

Heee Hawwww…. Anyway, now you can see me ordering more stuff Online rather than instore 😉 Three cheers to DHL!

Ok folks.. am off on a blog-break for a week. Will be back next weekend, to check out what you wonderful people have been upto.

Gosh! Now I sound like Priyanka Chopra or Shahid Kapoor on Twitter. Their standard line being: ‘Luv ya all, time to hit da gym’. (Only, I am miles away from the gym 🙄 )


Incidents Thought and Reason

Tags people use!

One of the most interesting aspects about Blogging is the way readers randomly land at one’s blog.

I am always fascinated by the different tags that directs people to my blog. I remember Swaram had posted something on Facebook, where a reader had landed on her page, using the search words ‘how to torture/harass husband’ or something of the sort 🙂 🙄 Knowing her as much or as little as I do, I think it is quite an apt tag 😉 (Please spare me, Swaram.. just kidding 🙂 ) Though, it is very strange that this landed at her blog!

So, let me share the most common tags (based on what WordPress claims!) people have used and got redirected to my blog….

* Poem on myself – Aww.. Cute as it sounds, I don’t understand how a person expects the great WWW to throw up something on his/her personality?!! Btw, this is the post that will come up if you seach my blog. And it is hardly a poem, if someone were looking for one. As a matter of fact, this actually makes me think ‘serves them right’! :mrgreen:

* Semiya Payasam – I actually love this post of mine.. its the absolute truth and I really don’t mind you having a good laugh at my expense 🙂

* Touching elder’s feet – This I remember was quite a recent post, and a lot of discussion ensued on it. Here is the link, if you would like to read it again.

* P.S I love you Here is my review of the book, but its disappointing that there are/were so many readers but hardly any new comments! 

* A walk in the rain – I’m actually glad someone read this, because this post is quite special to me 🙂

* Kkasauti zindagi ki – GOSH! Someone actually wants to watch this crap again, and has found his/her way to my post right here! I ought to delete the post now!

[P.S: All pictures are from the Internet]

Now, ahem…. this is what I find both bizarre and interesting.

How can search terms like ‘aunty feets’ and ‘aunty in bus’ throw up a link to my blog?!!! I actually googled this today, and I swear my blog did not show up in the results!!! 😯

And, someone actually searched this: ‘recipe for a crocodle poem’ 🙄 What were they thinking?!!!!! 😀

God save Innocent Bloggers!

Ok people, now why don’t you share the search terms people use to land up at your blog?

(If you don’t already know, you can go to DASHBOARD -> BLOG STATS -> SEARCH ENGINE TERMS)

Come on… Let’s spice up BlogVille…


Where is everyone?

Where is everyone?! Blogville has been awfully neglected the past few weeks..months.

One devil entered Wedlock and was away for some time, but has just come back with this beautiful song (his own voice, mind it)! I hope he is regular from now! 😀

Another, probably smitten by Rajamma, has decided to zimbly quit blogging. This is awful news.. and I hope he changes his mind.. er.. about blogging I mean. 😯

The Don posts very rarely.. like the Big Khans.. one release a this case, a month! I do miss her insightful posts. 🙄

One little comment monster disappeared sometime back, but has returned recently, with a rocking post titled ‘Qatar Calling’! Hope she stays on now.. no more disappearing act. 🙂

Big Brother (Read: Bhai) recently moved location, and is hardly on the Internet (hmph..not even Scrabble!) Be back soon, Hitchy! All the ladies are a-waiting! 😉

This techie guy says he has no time either.. and has invited guest bloggers..but well, he has cheekily tagged some of us 🙂 in his last post!

And this dreamer, a wonderful writer, has been away too, until just this week! Looking forward to some smashing hits from her now! 😀

Oh, and this Devil-ee too, who leaves loads of comments, but doesn’t post often enough 😦


YAY to the foll. bloggers,who have resumed blogging…

The very sweet Piper!

The already popular Mystic girl, who has resumed blogging..and has recently churned out some really nice stuff (as always!).

At the same time, Kudos to all of you lovely people, who have been blogging regularly and keeping Blogville alive…

Mon, Pix (the upcoming Fictionist 🙂 ), Deeps (who managed to keep our Scrabble board in ACTION, despite being away in Delhi!!), Smitha, Kanagu, Swaram (who is going to Shaan’s concert :mrgreen: ), Kanagu (who has been on a whirlwind trip to Hyd, and has had the pleasure of eating Swaram’s aloo parathas… yummmm), Uma , Supps (who has just tagged me, thereby giving me another excuse to blog 😉 )and ofcourse the inimitable IHM and Quirky!

Now, these are some blogs I’ve started reading recently.. and have found very interesting!

LR of Ginger Chai fame 🙂 who has just conducted the ‘Finish the story’ contest and is now kindly spreading the word on offering FREE BOOKS to bloggers!

Sanz – I am already a fan of her 55-ers!

And the very famous Krish Ashok.. I was bowled over by this particular post.

Happy Weekend people!

🙂 🙂 🙂

P.S: To those whom I’ve missed mentioning.. please throw some bricks at my site.. (er.. without damaging your screen, that is…) so I can add you onto the List.. this linking business takes a lot of time.. 😦 )

Short story

The birthday present (‘All for love’ – Cafe Gingerchai)

This story is my entry for FINISH THE STORY contest conducted by Cafe GingerChai where we sip thoughts!To get updated on future contests,register at Cafe GingerChai.

Part I (Original story)

[Link to the original post on Cafe Gingerchai]

It was a warm night, neither humid nor too hot – in fact just right for a stroll. But it was 11.30 pm , not late by metro standards. But in the suburbs where the company township was situated, it was way too late. The highway was about ½ km away  and occasionally the hum of heavy vehicles passing by, could be heard but other than that , it was quiet with only the chirping of the cicadas in the background.

    Ranjan hurried along the small lanes of the VIP quarters , isolated and further away, in the moonless night, frequently giving furtive glances around him. He seemed tense but strode ahead with purposeful steps, until he reached a particular bungalow. He stopped in front of it and stared at it for a few minutes. The senior level executives were issued spacious bungalows with lawns while the junior and the mid level executives were assigned one bedroom and two bedroom apartments, a fact that did not go well with them , after all the divide was quite unreasonable they thought. But this was not the issue at the moment. He was here for his own personal reasons…

       It was quiet and dark on the other side of the wall. One notable thing was that the street lights were few and far between and most of them were not working.  The spot, where he was standing was shrouded in darkness, which suited him just fine.. There was no sign of any activity inside the rooms of the freshly whitewashed bungalow of Mr. Gupta. Only a dim red light flickered through the curtains of a room, most probably the master bedroom. He scratched his head and tried to remember if Mr. Gupta had a dog and, No ! No dogs, no watchman., so nothing to be afraid of. Yes! Everything was going according to plan. Mr. Gupta was out with the executive board members in the Company Club house entertaining the overseas client trying to secure the coveted deal, which meant that he will not be back before 2 am. That left him with enough time to accomplish whatever he had come for.

       He gave another glance towards his left and right and also the two bungalows flanking it , but all was silent. It would be a fool who would be out at that hour leaving the comfort of a bed and wife to roam about here and there…. He smiled at the private joke. He touched the gate gingerly. It was an iron gate. He tried to move it but it gave a low audible creak and he stopped.

    “Damn!Asha , my sweet little fool. Why does she have to wish for near impossible things.” He could not afford to make any noise. He was dressed in track pants and a rubber soled shoes . He also shockingly realized that he did not have his cell phone nor any identity proof with him in case of an emergency.

    He decided that the best and fastest approach inside would be to climb over the low brick wall.

   “ Asha! How you bewitch me!” He sighed, “All for love!” The brick wall  was not high  but it still disrupted the normal functioning of his 37 year old  body for a few seconds, after he climbed over and jumped onto the other side clumsily. But thankfully the grass was thick which carpeted both his fall and the noise. He panted. His heart was racing at 100 beats/min ( more out of anxiety) and coupled with that he experienced an alien sensations gurgling deep inside his stomach. After all this was the first time he trespassed someone else’s property.

      He nearly gave up and retreated , but then he calmed himself , took some deep breaths and sat on the soft grass for a few moments.

     “ No snakes, I hope” he thought peering in the darkness. He had to do it today. He was not going to get a better opportunity to come here.

     His hate quotient multiplied, knowing his nemesis Gupta, deserved every bit of it. Mr.Gupta fitted the description of a monster boss to a Tee. Ranjan first came across him eight months back when Mr.Gupta was transferred from their Bareilly unit. The dislike was mutual and the Monster made his life miserable. Finally after requesting the administration and literally prostrating himself in front of them, he was transferred to another unit ,but the scars remained till date . It took all his patience not to physically assault his boss.  He used to often wonder how could anyone tolerate Mr.Gupta. How did his wife and children cope with him? He knew that Gupta had two sons aged 9 and 6 years. What did they think of him? Was this monster a normal person? He did not seem to have any friends or associates either. The only admirable thing about him though was that he had not seen  anyone else with a greener thumb than his. He kept an impeccable garden and was the subject of envy among the others.

      He looked at his watch . He had sat there lost in thoughts for almost 15 minutes. He stood up, smiling , he turned towards the verandah!…

      “Asha,! Its your birthday and I want you to be happy”.he chanted in his thoughts. He felt the air cooler comparatively, on his way back home. Was it so late? He again looked at his watch and then his eyes went to the ‘ package ‘ he was holding. Tenderly , he shifted the banana leaf holding ‘it’ slightly. He smiled , pleased with himself his face glowing with  satisfaction. He did not feel the least bit exhausted after his nightly caper. His step was light and springy.

     He smiled again when he reached his apartment block, but his smile disappeared when he saw the watchman napping in  a chair near the lift. If he was seen , it would give him away  instantly and there would be a big scandal. As it is, it was a small town and things get to spread fast over here – be it news, rumors, fire or illness.

    “What do I do now?” he thought shifting restlessly. There was no other way out.

    He had to take the stairs, but for that he had to walk through the well lit lobby and down the corridor. He looked up at the window of his apartment on the third floor.

   “ All for love”! He sighed and he tip-toed towards the staircase… He gave a last timid glance at the watchman before disappearing up the stairs. “Thank God! He is asleep” and stifled a chuckle at the irony. He started climbing the stairs slowly . sprinting was not an option, lest he woke up the entire household!. Panting, he reached the door of his flat. He took out his key and silently opened the door. When his eyes adjusted in the darkness, he walked past the drawing room to the bedroom. He stared at his wife from the door. She was still sleeping . She looked so innocent and angelic in the dim light. He walked in , sat beside her and touched her cheeks tenderly. She stirred in her sleep . He was still holding the ‘package’ and he moved towards the bathroom, when, she woke up.

    She was fully awake within seconds.

   “Ranjan? Where had you been so long?”

    He froze and then turned around slowly- smiling broadly.

Part II (My entry- completion of the story)

She caught his smile and beamed back.
‘Did you get it? Really? Oh, thank you darling!’, she hugged him clumsily, and grabbed the package to rip it apart.

The cold, dull yellow metal fell into her sweaty palms. ‘Oh beautiful! Divine..’ she cooed, trying the ruby necklace on herself, and glancing at the mirror. ‘Don’t I look gorgeous?’

Ranjan slumped into the sofa, and yawned.

It had been a long night. ‘Hey! I said, don’t I look fabulous?’ He gave an imperceptible nod, and closed his eyes.

Back in the bungalow, Mrs.Gupta sprawled carelessly on her king-sized bed, a dreamy smile adorning her beautiful, full lips. She was indifferent to the loud snores from the boys sleeping in the next room. At 9, they were already teenagers..lost in their world of sport, music and friends. They reminded her so much, of her own past life.

Her thoughts wandered back to college .. the air resounding with laughter, tingling with excitement .. arms interlaced with her lover’s they enjoyed an evening stroll on the beach, or nibbled each other’s ears reading romantic classics in a corner of the desolate library.

They were clearly in love. But he wouldn’t admit it. After all these years, she still could not put her finger on why they could not be united in marriage. They had felt that electrifying current whenever they met.. when they touched. And yet, he had never confessed.. never proposed. At first she had been heart-broken, thinking she was at fault. Gradually, she realised, he had perhaps simply been afraid. Of commitment, of relationship failure.. or parental pressure!

They never spoke about it. Even when they met now, it was in complete silence. It was the pairs of eyes that did the talking.

‘How have you been?’

‘Not bad, and you?’

‘Good.. You know, I miss you’

‘And I dream of you..’

And to a few minutes back, when he had risked all, to be with her at the stroke of midnight. She had blown a tiny candle, stuck hurriedly into a pink cupcake on a banana leaf. They had held each other tightly, in silence. Tears had dried up a long time ago. It was mere acceptance now, of the fact that they tread very different paths. And this was all they could dream of. Hurried, clandestine meetings.

They bit into the cupcake together.. he crushed the leaf.

‘Don’t..we need it, remember?’ she whispered. And proceeded to wrap her old ruby necklace in it. One of the first few pieces of jewellery Mr.Gupta had wooed her parents with. She did not feel for it anymore.. neither loved nor hated it. It was a lifeless piece of metal, something she could not bring herself to care about. However, it had been the envy of Ranjan’s wife.

‘No, Asha.. this is yours’, Ranjan had protested.

‘Its not often that wealth can buy happiness, Ranjan. This is in return for these few moment with you… for these precious, priceless memories on my birthday!’