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I wonder at possibilities (Poem, Indus Ladies contest)


As I grow older, and a little wiser, I observe vast disparity all around me. Sometimes it sickens me. Sometimes it just makes me numb. Thinking about this, made me realise, that I believe what CAN make a difference to situations, to destinies, is education. Not that all educated people are sensible or sensitive. Still, I believe education empowers. So this is the topic I have chosen. Here is my entry to the Indus Ladies contest on Women’s Day (P.S: Been tagged by Shail).




Sometimes I wonder
If I were the girl who delivers milk at my door
What would I have done?
..Borne silent testimony to
..The brutality of a man who hit me?
..Toil endlessly day after day, only
..To donate it to the local liquor store!
..Walk my children barefoot on scorching roads?
..Hoping they, at least, would lead a better life!

Sometimes I wonder
If I were the girl who irons my clothes
What would I have done?
..Been a speechless spectator
..To baby clothes that morphed into designer wear
..And peers who eventually flew high
..While I gazed from below, Resigned!
..Wiping away an endless stream of sweat
..Amidst fumes from a hot coal box!

Sometimes I wonder
If more girl children
Could go to school, rather than
..Skip around potholes
..Oblivious to the heights I scale
..Or sweep or swab my home
..While I whistle in a cinema
..Or skilfully balance a brick wall on the head
..As I crib about glass ceilings!

I wonder at this wonder
This creature – smart, practical, beautiful
Who is just like me
..Only we live worlds apart
..Because I am empowered,
..I have read widely
..About how life CAN be
..About basic rights that belong to me
..And about infinite POSSIBILITIES

I wonder, if she were educated
Would she too, learn to believe
That destiny CAN be changed?


And now, I have to tag three people.. hmm.. and that would be (1) Roop (2) Pixie (3) Piper

(Thank you, Pragya, for reviewing this at such short notice!)


43 replies on “I wonder at possibilities (Poem, Indus Ladies contest)”

Can I still enter the contest?
I have registered but need to go home to check and activate the link!
I will anyways submit my entry by today evening…
I hope it gets picked up!
Thanks Pal!
Myamusingmind also has tagged me and I so couldn’t check emails yesterday with way too much work 😦

Going back to read your post now…
me first! πŸ˜€

He he he, you are a darling girl!! Ok, go back to read the post later, and I think today’s the last day for participating, so you can certainly do it. Plus, I think your fiction (the latest one, in parts) itself is the perfect entry as it deals with domestic violence/abuse. All the best, Pix! Was just wondering, if you don’t have the time to open the link, etc. just add the Contest banner to your post, and email the link to and tell them that the rest of the work (setting up account, etc) is in progress.

Ayyo! Even to mail them, I need gmail access Pals! 😦
I don’t have gmail/gtalk access from work 😦
So, have to wait a good 3 hrs before I can submit it… sigh!

Beautiful pals…very nicely written, and it is so true…education does empower people to grow beyond their limitations and be hopeful about tomorrow and its infinite opportunities.

Very well Written Pals πŸ™‚

We are changing DEstiny and we will make it happen…
I guess if each of us make a promise to ourselves that we will help change and mould the future generation, however small it may be, we will achieve this.
We can change Destiny collectively! Im optimistic! πŸ™‚

Pix: I’ve emailed them to say you want to participate and will send in your entry by tonight, as access to gmail/blogs is blocked at your workplace πŸ™‚ And thank you for liking the poem, as also for your exuberance on the subject πŸ™‚

Lavy: Thank you my dear! Education makes us confident, doesn’t it?

* Uma: Thank you! You changed your profile pic?

* Mon: Thank youji πŸ™‚

* Shail: Thank you so much! I’d infact forgotten abt the contest until you pinged me πŸ™‚

* PnA: Thank you very much!

* IHM: Thank you! Every post of yours would be eligible for the contest, all you need to do is add the banner and nominate it as the entry, sure you can do it now! Give it a shot. But with you participating, none of us would stand a chance πŸ™„ ( πŸ™‚ )

For once, I understood a poem ! Good one Pal !!!

and out of context, I just love your blog template !!! I did say this before, but the more I look at it, the more Im falling in love with it !

Vimmu: If you understood, i.e. if this was ‘understandable’, then I doubt if its a poem at all πŸ™„ as I myself can never fathom poetry πŸ™‚ And yes, you did mention you liked the template. Go get it man.. Infact if you just scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will find the theme called ‘MOTION’. Psst: Don’t tell Lax u r falling in love again 😯

Very well written Pal! Hw I wish they cud get to go to school too 😦
Gud luck πŸ™‚
Me missed participating this time 😦 One relevant entry, but I ended up posting it one day before the qualifying day πŸ˜›

Well said, Pal. Between you and Smitha, you’ve covered the basic tools of empowerment: education and financial freedom.

The state of primary education in this country is pathetic. We seriously need to start looking at that if we want to get anywhere.


Quirky Indian

* Kanagu: Thanku thank u very much!

* Sols: Awwww… thank you πŸ™‚

* Swaram: Thank you! Hey, about your entry, can you not email them to find out if you can still qualify? They are pretty understanding, methinks.

* Quirky: Thank you! I’m hoping this contest does not just fizzle out into nothing, at the end of such enormous effort from Bloggers across the world. I hope something comes out of it! Infact I would say, instead of awarding winners, they must donate it to a specific charity!

Pals, That was beautiful!

‘I wonder, if she were educated
Would she too, learn to believe
That destiny CAN be changed?’ I wonder too. And I do think education is the biggest factor that will make a difference. Loved loved your piece!

* Anish: LOL πŸ™‚ I’m terrible at understanding poetry too, but this one is hardly a poem.. more facts formatted to look like a poem 😯 Thank you!

* Smitha: Oh thanku thanku thanku πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading your piece too. And I really hope that this entire exercise by IndusLadies actually achieves substantial πŸ™„

first.. as always..its wonderful..

second.. its belief that educate with empower but it does not automatic make everyone to take better decisions..and actions.. humans are just human.. yet another imperfect animals but thankfully with some conciseness & curiosity to make tomorrow little better than today..

Thank you so much, Yuva! I agree.. if not a huge change, education can atleast move a drop in the ocean, and in the long run, it will certainly make remarkable waves πŸ™‚

Indy: Thank you!

Saksh: That was sooo sweet, thanks πŸ™‚ Or was that little red devil referring to ‘jack of all trades…’ 😯

Oh dear Lord, I`m seeing this now! :(:(
I even tried to ask them for an extension of the deadline(Helen of Troy that I think I am!) but alas! No joy! 😦 But I shall do the post anyway..
Thanks a ton for thinking of me :):) HUgs

I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout of your site?
Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with
it better. Youve got an awful lot of text for only having one or
two pictures. Maybe you could space it out better?

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