Let’s have a blast!

Barkha Datt’s tweet: ‘…strange how brutalised, almost numb, we have become as a society after continous exposure to violence and terror…’

A year ago, the entire nation was riveted to the TV screens, watching in horror, as terrorists held Mumbai city to ransom. We are nowhere near sentencing the guilty (the Kasab trial is a mockery of justice!). And we have been attacked again?!

I fail to understand the point of this all! Who is trying to prove What, in the larger scheme of things? Isn’t it obvious to a man of even bare limited intelligence, that killing people is futile? This is wrong…inhuman.. barbaric!

I am angry at the audacity of the group/people who have bombed Pune. And too numb now, to write anything sensible here.

As Sols tweeted again, the blame game has already begun. Let’s ready another VIP suite near Kasab’s in case a terrorist is found alive, and let’s feed and take care of him for the rest of his life. After all, we Indians believe in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

SRK, Bollywood – go ahead, promote ties with Pakistan! Let’s have a blast!!

Also take a look at Open letter to SRK here, and Roo’s post here.


19 thoughts on “Let’s have a blast!

  1. We need to look beyond their design that is bizarre
    the people who bomb are the ones who want war
    and to keep the people of the two countries afar
    what we need now is not words that spar.

    The Indian government is caught in a Catch 22 situation. Kasab deserves a highest punishment for his brutality which is death, but with killing him goes the proof and maybe the perpetrators would confer martyrdom on him and enlist more people for their dastardly actions. Anyways he set out on a suicide mission and it would not make a difference.

  2. See it was only matter of time before this would have happened…there were warnings already coming out for last few weeks….also the indo-pak talks are on anvil so people out there want to disrupt it and more such reasons to have a blast…. problem is we don’t have a mechanism to detect and prevent such things….

  3. it’s all just a political vote bank gimmick. Most people in power don’t give a damn about the country or its people. They’re just interested in making money for themselves. That’s why kasab’s not being killed at one go. they’re using him for something else.

    1. * PRG: Agreed…words that spar are not going to help. But the victim must not remain silent either.

      As for the Kasab trial, I thought it was a mockery of justice. But I see your point is very valid. He will be a hero figure anyway. A skewed world we live in.

      * Dman: Right! Do u think, once we accept that ‘violence is the way of life’ people will be more cautious? But then, human memory is a traitor. Another a few months, and we would have forgotten all about it, until the next attack. And there is no way we can have a preventive mechanism..just look at the size and population of our country. Its overwhelming.

      * Nive: I agree..people only look at their own benefits. Hey, please leave your blog’s url behind 🙂

  4. Pal, I am nt sure nw if I we cn even hv a ray of hope that they will grow above selfish politics 😦 😦
    N abt Kasab, he went on killing ppl in front of sooo many and yet it hs to be proved that he hs committed a crime 😦

    1. * Vichu: Exactly. Much has been spoken/written about it, and it doesn’t change a thing. Will read your post shortly. Thanks for posting the link.

      * Swaram: Seriously baffles me too, Swaram, that someone who is evidently guilty is still deemed ‘innocent’ until PROVEN guilty?! Isn’t this mockery of justice? But as PRG and Nive have said above, there seem to be more than one reason to keep him alive!

      * Indy: 😦 Ditto, Indy!

  5. Seriously,Pal I can relate to all the frustration and anger that you’re feeling now. Its sad that we’ve allowed ourselves to be a soft target for all thse terror preachers time and again. I wonder when our leaders,our chosen representative will learn to look above their selfish interests and start to think for our country.

  6. Very sad, indeed. But have we become so hard-hearted to read the story and go on with life, as though nothing has happened. Ppl are becoming like that, with the kind of justice system we have.

  7. *Deeps: I guess the answer is ‘never’! Not until people start exercising their vote to get the right people into power.

    *Uma: Exactly! We are hard-hearted!

  8. Sigh… I echo your sentiments on this!
    My friends were right there, you know, in Pune, minutes before the blast happened, they left the place! that was scary!
    I agree with Nivs as well…

  9. I really don’t know Pal… what to say… or what these terrorists are thinking… but we have to accept that we have some lapses in the security issue…

    In US and UK after a single attack… there is no other terrorist attack… but in our country in 2008 there is attack every fortnight…. 😦 😦

  10. Pal, it is such a depressing situation. We have a govt with no will, no real direction when it comes to terrorism and we as a people too, don’t seem to care. We care enough to watch a movie to make a political statement – but don’t feel the need to vote in elections.. What can we expect?

    1. Kanagu: Yes, with you on that! Sometimes when I walk down places like T-Nagar, I am so overwhelmed by the crowds.. I mean, there is no way, the govt. or anyone can do anything to provide security in such scenarios. Its quite a helpless feeling, really.

      Smitha: Exactly, we don’t seem to care anymore! Maybe we, as individuals, can take the effort in future, to do simple things like vote, be extra cautious while outside, etc.

  11. I’ve ranted and raved to what use!! Let’s do one thing… pray to the one above!! because the government and the defense and the intelligence aren’t doing anything concrete… at least we’ll know whether there is a power above or not and decide on to believe in it or not the next time round! what say Pal?

    1. PnA, you make me smile 🙂 I have often typed this, and then done a Backspace… ‘If there is a God watching, why does He/She allow such things to happen’? And that is another interesting topic that we can endlessly discuss.

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