55-er Short story

Romance at the table (55-er)

Her gaze, to the floor. His, on her.

‘Pop’! Champagne.

‘What are we celebrating?’

‘Our seven-year-itch, honey’.

She shifts uneasily.

They plough through the four-course meal.

‘Burrrp’. She glares.

‘Sorry!’ he smiles, picking his nose.

The bill arrives. ‘ Crap!!!! 7000 bucks?’

She watches, aghast. And suddenly, laughs.

‘Happy Anniversary’. Hands him the yellowed divorce papers.

50 replies on “Romance at the table (55-er)”

Whoa! It served two purposes though .. awesome 😀
May be I shud find some such thing in my code too 😛
Less code .. moreee work 😀

Ha ha, maybe you should 🙂 Then you will have more ‘blogging/shopping time’ 🙂

Pix: He he, second 🙂 7-yr itch is indeed a bad thing, but a friend of mine, who recently survived it, said it was a cakewalk! Guy with fingers in nose…er.. he was being his natural (albeit, a little disgusting) self 😉

Uma: Thank you 🙂

Deeps: Phew..thanks..after all those ‘guy’ comments, finally a sane ‘girl’ response 🙂

Prash: He he, that was one of the reasons she had to let go. 7000 was just a random figure, co-inciding with ‘7’ years 😉

ok, who paid the bill ????

….and she is divorcing him because he burped and picked his nose, huh? chey chey !! what wife ? the same situation — if she gets a disease or becomes handicapped in some way, would it be ok with her if he sent her the divorce papers ??? why cant people love each other as how they are ??? anyway, he escaped ! thats all I got to say 😀 😀

Exactly, Soli. Bang on. High time the ‘accept people (read: man) as they are’ facade ends 🙂

Vimmu: The beauty of 55-ers is, that while the story is told, not everything is defined by the author. So, lots of background/foreground is left to the imagination of the reader. What I was thinking of, when I wrote this was, the man and woman belong to two different worlds entirely. They tried to pull through, but finally the woman decided she has had enough. Burping, nose-picking..all are mere indications of an uncultured man/woman. Plus, a man who treats his wife to dinner, and then exclaims about the huge bill… er… isn’t there something wrong?

Exactly .. that ws wat put me off first 😛
Ws wondering y u said it ws just random before .. ya, it is .. but it shud nt hv put him off on a special day 😦

Blame it on my communication skills, Swaram!! I didn’t mean it to be ‘random’, but only ‘the way he is’.

hmm. good one pallavi..

Opp to Yuva ‘s comment –
yep freedom..for the lady after 7 years.. phew. good timing.. .

Aathira: Lady, new brides are banned from commenting on this piece 😉 LOL 🙂 Wait another 7 years, and you might just agree about the ‘timing’ 🙂

Soli: Ha ha, thank you, my friend. Puke, indeed! Infact, wanted to add this, but couldn’t!

Ratna: Perfect! Freedom indeed 🙂

Dreamer: He he, isn’t that very spunky of her?

‘Yellowed Divorce papers’ … hmmm… so she waited till the 7th anniversary hoping he would stop picking his nose & burping right? … this time the yucky nose picking etc was integral part of the story not a distraction like the Lizard last time ….

Yes, Dman, where there is life, there is always Hope. But I think the man’s crude reaction on the bill (also the other unparliamentary habits) made something crack, and she realised ‘What am I doing with such a guy?’

Ofcourse the guys will disagree and counter-attack with a ‘women are snobs’ comment 🙂

As for the ‘lizard’ reference, it was meant to carry a little more than dramatic effect. But, blame it entirely on me, I wasn’t able to communicate it well enough!

Ahem….Pal just hold on for a few more days for my comment as my 7 year itch is gonna be over then and we will be entering the 8th year where I am gonna rule :mrgreen:

lolz at the video…yuck!!!!

A good story about a couple whose life was adrift
He sure did everything possible to get his wife miffed
and she chose a perfect present as her anniversary gift
an end to his thoughtlessness couldn’t have been more swift.

@ Sakshi: Ooohh…I will chase you a week later to find out then 😉 Yuck @ the video? LOL!!!

@ PRG: That was a beautiful and perfect 4-liner…thank you 🙂 You know, you must think about writing poetry.

@ Sanz57: Thank you, thank you , so much. I enjoyed reading your pieces of fiction too. Thank you for blogrolling me, and I’d like to do the same now 🙂

@ K: Exactly, the lady decided to split, as she could take no more.

eeps Pal I comitted a big mistake 😳 It seems we already went through the 7 year itch in 2008 and this is our 8th anniversary coming up according to the spouse 😳 He says he was tortured for 8 years legally and illegally for another 2 years :mrgreen:

Ha ha ha ha ha… ROFL!! That was a good one!
(To tell you the truth, even I’m always confused on how many years of ‘happy matrimon(e)y’ I’ve been into!

hehe …I know there is something wrong with me now a days…like though i’m totaly held up, i’m finding time to watch ugly betty and Desperate Housewives and all 🙂 (it is not that bad…kinda comedy-drama type)

That’s ok Anish..infact I think its ADMIRABLE to accept one’s preferences 🙂

Wow thats cool Sakshi :).Even i’m also not a person who wait every week for some soap.But i liked this one for some unknown reason.Now Ugly betty is my fav

Between ,i missed last few episodes of DH :(.

Thank you, Sorcerer. Loved reading your blog.. and promptly blogrolled you. Infact wanted to tweet your latest post out, do let me know, if that’s going to be Ok?

Unexpected twist.. I was wondering what was going to happen in the end!! His mention of 7 year itch made me think he was going to drop a bomb shell, instead she did!

It’s amazing how much we can convey in 55 words! 😆

hey,thanks for stopping by my place.. u doa good job with 55ers.. its something im not very good at.. ok, its something i am BAD at! 😛
liked the twist in the tale..but i dont think i’d ever want to be on the receiving end of dovorce papers!!

@ Mish: Oh thank you , thank you , so much!

@ IHM: I’m glad the twist wasn’t quite expected. I love 55-ers too, IHM (also because I don’t have the time for anything longer.. Sigh!)

@ Mandira: I did enjoy your blog, and will be a regular, you know!! And thank you for appreciating my 55-er.

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