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Give me some sunshine…

OK. There have been hundreds (er…or was it thousands?) of reviews of ‘3 Idiots’ and much has been spoken and written about it. What with the Chetan Bhagat controversy, www has been inundated with opinions and viewpoints on the movie, the book and the reality of the movie itself.

So what is it that I want to talk about in this post?

The simple fact, that one is somehow touched by this movie. And FEELS a sense of loss, thinking of lost opportunities, and faded dreams.

I, for one, am a very simple person. I generally look at the positive side of an event (or so I claim 😉 as people who are close to me may think otherwise 🙄 ) and don’t regret most of the decisions I’ve taken. (Well, except perhaps that adorable bag I missed buying during the Debenhams Sale last year. Or some huge decisions like taking a break from work, at the peak of my career! Sigh! And that’s just the occasional ‘sigh’.. Mind it 😀 )

But this particular movie made me feel remorseful..

For all the dreams that I stopped chasing…

For all the wishes I thought could never come true…

For all those moments when I had suppressed my thoughts/emotions and did not speak my mind out.

Maybe it was all for the best. Maybe I would have gotten into serious trouble because of my foot-in-the-mouth disease! Maybe I would have been financially affected due to a wrong decision. But atleast I would have tried! And maybe, things might be better?!

And what interests me MOST, is that, everyone I know/see is touched the same way.

Does it mean that we have all compromised on important things in life, and made decisions against what we really wanted? Or were we just too timid to fulfill our deepest desires? To put it very crudely, are we a bunch of Losers?!

‘Losing’. In direct contrast to what our parents prepare us for! The Rat Race starts in pre-KG, with lakhs of rupees worth donation, to get admitted into a prestigious school. From there on, the Race just goes on and on. Until, by the time we reach the Finishing Point, we are so jaded, that Winning or Losing does not even matter any more. We are simply relieved that the Race is over, and we can head back home, for some peace and quiet.

But hey! Who knows? The guy who honestly chased his Dreams.. if there was any such person out there.. is he entirely happy? Or does he, too, have regrets of his own?

Like they say , in advanced computer terminology, ‘GOK’, meaning, ‘God Only Knows’ 😉

Atleast, one thing the Movie has taught me, is to be bold enough to TRY new things. Better Late, than Never!

I might just start with trying to write a poem/fiction this week?! Or maybe, sign up at the local gym! Who knows!

So, simply Give me some Sunshine.. Give me some Rain.. Give me Another Chance, I want to Grow up Once Again…..

36 replies on “Give me some sunshine…”

Very well said Pallu…I too have so many regrets and i would love a chance to correct my wrongs….but what the heck thats life for you I guess! Well I should be saying the exact opposite that not to just go with the flow….but my attitude is that and cant change it now. I hope my daughters make a better life for themselves and thats all I can wait for!

You were again, one of those ‘bold’ girls I’ve admired…so you just keep going at it, MR 🙂

As you know, Pal I was one of those really touched by this song even before I saw the movie. I saw the movie recently and I was really touched by it in the way you’ve mentioned. A sense of nostalgia,loss, of what could have been. You know the best part, in my case, everybody’s favorite whipping boy – parents, were even remotely culprits. Quite the other way round. My Mom, in fact urged me to chose and study English literature, contrary to the trend. But I admit I buckled under social and peer pressure and opted for science :(, when I did not even like it :(.

I know, Dreamer. Infact, when I went to see the movie, I remembered your post with a link to this particular song! How sweet of your parents to have been so supportive. Hm… still, glad you are blogging, aren’t you? A beautiful vent to your creative side!

I’m not quite sure everyone who chases his/her dream is happy although one should opt for a career one is interested in…I think to be happy one needs to compromise because happiness is not just about chasing dreams…Yes, I too have many regrets, but then who doesn’t? Hindsight is 20/20…

Absolutely.. life is about compromises. Its just, when you suddenly stop, turn back and realise all those turns you did not take, thinking the straight road was the safest….
Love your take on ‘Hindsight being 20/20’!

Awwww I need a ‘like’ button on your posts as well. Actually make that ‘love’

Cuz I loved this post Pal 🙂

Awwwwwwwww… awwwww… I want to print out this comment and frame it, for future inspiration you know 🙂

In spite of all the controversies, the movie really makes one feel good and touches one’s heart. It was an absolutely fun watch and made me remember the fun times of college and since I am still in school, it also made me want to have more and more fun when the student life lasts 🙂
True..brought a lot of happy memories back to me too!Student days are the best, aren’t they? Without a care in the world…

lovely post Pal I know what u mean I have had the same feeling when I came out of the movie… a 9 to never ending job is that what I dreamed for? is that what I aspired for… I have started asking myself these questions and I personally think its good because its never to late to chase ur dreams…

go pal figure out urs

Shall I just say, ‘same pinch’ LOL! 😉 But I think you are doing a FANTASTIC job of blogging and cookery too. Look at all those Blogadda accolades .. whoa lady! Keep it up!

Aha! new WP theme. I was waiting to see someone test it because something went wrong when I tested it. This looks good. Now let me go read your post.
He he, you know how bad I am with Themes.. just thought I’d try this..and quite like it. Whadya think?
You back from Chennai darshan, Pallu? Welcome back.
Yes yes, back and freezing! Thanku!

I don’t agree with the preaching part of the movie. I mean given a choice any kid would prefer fun to studying. Tomorrow if my daughter comes to me and says that she finds this subject tough and hates it then I would ask her to try and help her. I don’t want to raise a quitter. They should do what they like but they should at least give other things that they hate a try at least.
Totally agree on that.. and I think the movie is not about ‘quitting the path you don’t like’, but about CHASING a dream, fully knowing that you are capable of the same path that you have left!

Also, many of us are capable to keep our hobbies separate and also work towards a better future. It is not necessary that everyone who chased their dream are happy. I always loved writing and was an activist since teenager still chose a different path as my career (no one forced me. I was always practical 😉 Now I am doing everything and content with my life. This is just my take on it.
Would say you are lucky, Soli, to be able to ‘choose’. Or maybe choice itself is a matter of courage? Hmm.. more questions…

As for 3 Idiots just as a comedy film..I loved it. Since we live in a small town, we don’t have the luxury to catch a Hindi film on big screen so I grabbed the oppurtunity on our NY trip. I was just happy to see a Hindi film on big screen and lapped up everything from humor to tears. 🙂 Some jokes were borrowed from forward mails like the astronaut pen. Still loved every bit of the film I watched. Pure fun-no message.

And yes! also loved the college fun esp. 3 best buddies. Though we were a gang of 5, 3 of us were notorious bunch. So loved that bit. 😀
…And, it is no wonder, then, that you are the DON of our times 😉

Cruel Pallu. Hehehe Now all 5 of us are in different continents. 😦 The group mails and phone calls reminiscing old times is so much fun. Sigh! (come back to present,Soli) 🙂

Pallu, the thing is even when you chase your dreams there is competition. Like Virus says okay if his grandsom wants to become a footballer then so be it. Isn’t there more competition in sports that say Engineering? 🙂
Definitely, Soli. There is competition, but atleast , you know you are competing for YOURSELF, and not to chase someone else’s dreams 🙂

Also, just like TZP in here too they always show people topping everything. Farhan (Madhavan) is such a famous travel author/photographer. Rancho/Wangdoo has 400 patents. That is what I don’t like about preachy movies.
He he, I agree, that was a little unbelievable! Life’s hardly like that. You’re right.. they should have made the movie more ‘realistic’. Like Maddy says ‘by being a photographer, he will probably have a smaller gadi, a smaller house..’ – they should have maintained that till the end, and not turned it into a fairy tale of sorts. But hey, we WANT to see fairy-tale endings, don’t we 😉 ?

Personally, I think to live in this society we need to compete with someone/something every day. Even among animals it is survival of the fittest. Waht we need to bring is strong confident children. Of course not part of a rat race but encourage them to be a leader (as in someone who has the guts to chase dreams while stay put in his life) and nip the herd mentality.
Kudos, Soli. Well said.

Pallu, yes! I think I am very lucky and content. I had a fabulous childhood and life so far and never had to compromise on anything. That has made me a happy person and a confident one so I decided to use that to help others. This is a small place (as I have mentioned several times) and many people here have not seen any other place. Almost no education, teenage pregnancy, abuse. I impart confidence in them. I don’t take a penny because when one woman stands on her own feet, the happiness I get is my fees. Yes! I have the luxury to help someone so I am doing it. Also, a small town made me an active part of this society.


I love you blog on this theme. Even though a header is missing still monochrome is a fav. Why am I not allowed by my cruel friends (read IHM, Indy and some others). When I change they all keep saying that I ned to go back to Vigilance.

Wow.. and now my admiration for Soli has tripled!! I considered you a writer/woman with substance, and now you are a wonderful wonderful person too 🙂 GBU!

Btw, try out the new theme, can always restore old settings, can’t you?

But i don’t know how practical is to ‘follow’ our dream in real life.Most of us work hard to achieve things rather than following there dreams.At times i also regret about the lost opportunities\mistakes that i have made in the past
Absolutely. Most cases it is not practical, and that’s the story of my life, and almost everyone I know too!! I only hope, that, from today atleast, we are conscious of the Time slipping out of our hands, and DO SOMETHING we enjoy doing. What say?

Awesome post … u did get the msg out in the review .. hv read so many reviews but I am nt sure it figured in any of them and I dint do one 😛 so no blaming me 😉 😉

Gud luck Pal .. I so wanna read that poem/fiction soon 🙂

And that song, I just lovvve it 😀
Thank you, dear!

Beautiful post.. and new look on the page!! Hope jetlag is gone n ur settling in back to routine! 😀
He he, its the new Monochrome theme!

Well, i for one loved the movie…it was fun… insightful and so filled with emotions[ yes, there were some scenes i felt they could have done away with]…. there are times when i get frustrated hearing people talk about how i shd get a 9-5job cos they dont understand this whole “working from home” concept.. to them, me @ home = me being vetti, idle, not doing anything!!
Methinks its more to do with the revenue producing capability. Stay at home but earn money, is still ‘respectable’ than ‘not producing any income’.

i got bugged, pissed off and one day sat em down n explained all i do, and how much $$ i make!!
LOL… good going 🙂
For now, my dream is to learn something everyday….
do what my heart enjoys
and enjoy everyday….!! :))
Super! But I always thought you were one of those few people who actually does not try much to ‘conform’, you know, and that’s quite admirable!
Go for it girl.. write, work out , cook, do wotever makes u grin from ear to ear!! Hugss

Thanku. Does finishing a packet of ribbon-murukku count as ‘chasing a little dream’ LOL!

When I left my wonderful career, to be a homemaker taking care of my little girls, I felt a deep saddening inside me at the career I left.

I’ve thot on so many occasions, that if I had some support help at home, I could’ve had a career and a family, too.

But I am happy now, with whatever decisions I took that time. I am happy for the rapport between me and my girls, the silly giggles we share and many more.

Because of that decision then, I’ve found so many new talents in me, now. Finally, its all for the good.

Atleast you made a CONSCIOUS decision, and that is great, Uma. People say homemakers ‘sit at home’ while actually that isn’t true at all. I am yet to digest the fact that I am a homemaker and not a career-woman any more!
Btw, loved the ‘silly giggles’ part of it. Reminds me that my sis and I also have many lovely memories of having our mum stay at home to look after us, rather than go for work!

Oh… sitting at home taking care of the place, kids is beyond tough…infact i dont think any of us can do half a decent job as u, uma, my mom n rest of the ladies i know do!!! 😀
Completely second you on this! Staying at home with kids is WAY TOUGHER than going to work at a workplace!

Somewhere i think u guys are smarter n better cos u get an management degree without having to pay/study… u learn on the job[home maker:D]
He he, but there’s no pay, my dear. No bonuses either!

Yeah, Aarti – its not only no pay, no bonus – overtime always !!!!

Anyway, I am not complaining as of today – I am happy as I am – And I am happy to have worked and experienced that financial independence too !!!!

Pals, I loved your review -though I haven’t seen the movie yet. So I can’t actually comment on it. However, I have seen people equating following your dream with easy life and in that sense I think that even while following one’s dreams, we do come across problems, people who persevere and stay at it – succeed while others who give up midway fail.
Oh you MUST see it, Smitha!
As for regrets – as Bones says, hindsight is 20/20 – all that matters is that we are happy at the end of the day. Funnily- I had no regrets taking a break from my career. I have really enjoyed it and even today when I plan to go back – I want to go back only to a job that helps me balance work and life.
That’s awesome, that you have no regrets. Don’t let IHM see your comment, though 😉

hey pallu, nice review of the movie … saw the movie n really loved it … i think v r most times taught to not be a dreamer!! if only v dream BIG can we chase them … but the only time we dream is when we asleep and we forget them in the mornin!

and if we happen to have our BIG dreams, most of us tend to be conformist (we call this bein practical) and tread the old path taken by others. its very few who have taken the ‘road less travelled’. whether they have succeeded or not is not somethin that we can judge. evybody has his/her own scale of measuring successs. EVA (economic value addition) or in simple terms the moolah being raked in, is not the scale for evybody. it takes a lot of guts to take the road less travelled. and to ensure success on this road, one needs to really prepare himself/herself ‘cos there may not be ready directions for travel. so its not about entering the road, its also about the travel and reachin the destination.
Well said!! We do tend to simply ‘fit in’ rather than ‘stand out’ and there’s where all the difference lies!

maslow’ hierarchy might have to be rearranged for a few!

as i write this i remember my summer project, when i was told by my mentor about career planning, how we should take into consideration performance, potential, and passion. i think the point where the 3 meet, is the best time in one’ life 🙂

Thanks , Deepu. What a rarity, when those three parametres converge! What can I say? ‘Sigh!’ I do hope, though, that we realise what we have lost, and try to make it up in other ways from now.

I don’t like films being preachy.. I am more comfortable to take the things according to my understanding..

as you have said.. everybody have their dreams and drops few at some point.. we can’t do everything in one life.. that’s also a reason…

Sure, we can’t do everything in life… maybe thats why we need ‘hobbies’?!

Some how i loved the movie so much I just dont want to judge it… !

but like you said… it connects to everyone as everyone at some point of time or the other we all have given up something to do something that is more responsible.. or more practical, realistic.. but the idea of the movie is to just tell people to not fall in the blind race of being first… and also to pursue your dreams… !
Exactly, Hitchy! I came out of the theatre thinking ‘Shit..I’ve let life just slip through my hands…’ Unfortunately, the entire education system and work culture is such that acads takes precedence over everything else..and there’s hardly a way out. Unless ofcourse, you are a multi millionnaire and can decide how you want to spend your life!

Thats the larger message… and most of all the movie is thoroughly entertaining and most laughable !!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Hey Pal,
First things first. A very happy new year to you! It`s been so, so long.. How`ve you been?
This is such a well-written post! I have to see the movie.
I guess I shall relate to it too, from what you`ve written.
It`s a huge career decision I`ve taken – to give up clinical medicine and do something I`ve always wanted to do. Lord knows whether I`ll be happy. Lord knows whether it`s the right choice. All I know is that it seems right for now.
I guess such is life..

What happens to someone who is born confused? Well to chase my dream in my ‘bachpan’ I needed to have a dream…. honestly I could never answer ‘bada hokar kya banega?’ and so I guess today I am lagging in the ‘rat’ race…. but I don’t regret anything as such you see my profession is something that I love and I am very grateful to my parents who actually supported me in my ‘experiments’ with life…. but ask me I would never let my child do that cause I don’t want him/her to end up like me :D… I would probably say “Mera beta/beti to Engineer hee banega” 😉
Lastly nice template Pal! I was also thinking of getting this template but I am too lazy change anything now 🙂

Dmanji, you sound so much like me 🙂 I never had a ‘favourite subject’ or a ‘lifelong ambition’ either. I’ve just been floating my way around, but today, I feel like I WANT to do something. Like even chase a short term goal. And like you say, even I want my child to ‘do something specific’ in life, and not just meander like I did.

Barring that delivery scene which got a bit too dramatic for me,I loved the movie immensely,Pals. And I loved your post too 🙂 Loved the points tht you’ve raised.

Talking from personal experience,I chose tourism as my stream as it was my field of interest although my mom would have preferred me to take up teaching after her. But I was fortunate that my parents wholeheartedly supported me in my decisions.
But I also wanted to be a singer and to this day I regret not having pursued it as fiercely and passionately as I should have. Maybe it was,like you pointed out,the fear of failure or maybe I lacked enough passion.

Having said I’ve not given up hope 😀 😀

So let’s hear a lovely recorded song on your blog soon(est), Deeps. Maybe you and Vimmu will turn out to be playback singers when you grow up 😉 and we can all pile on to the fame and glory 🙂 Yoohoo!! I wish, we had another chance, to grow up once again (he he, plagiarism!)

I would have appreciated if in the movie they would have suggested ki HOW TO IMPROVE rather than just mocking it…Its tough to suggest than to laugh i think…

ANd regarding that DREAM thing…I am actualy quite struggling with that thought…Wanted to be a cricketer but destiny had other plans..NOw want to make my foray into writing but people say its MBA time…Passion for writing is surely thetre but for how long..GOK as they say 😉

* Shweta: He he, interesting viewpoint. When are you going to watch the movie?

* Nish: Its true..we all have dreams..but ‘something more important’ always comes up (like a career that guarantees return!) and we end up squashing our dreams. GOK is a good term, don’t you think? I use it quite often too 🙂

* Maverick: Thank you thank you 🙂

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