55-er Short story

The second-born [flash fiction]

Green-masked faces crowded around…’Push harder!!!’

The ugly yellow lizard watched, unblinking.

You’ll understand..’ she murmured. little girl.. fair.. pretty.. just like Sister..’


‘And this second?!’


‘…What if… she’s .. you .. or me???
…Another lifetime.. of inferiority begins…’
[Blink]                                              ‘PUSSSSHHHH!!!!’
She gave in.
It was a boy.
She laughed.
She cried!

37 replies on “The second-born [flash fiction]”

“Fair” seems to matter for guys too, nowadays, if we are to believe all the fairness creams that are flooding the market. Seems we are losing our right to be called the “fair”er sex :(.

🙄 Good one!

but the lizard ???? whats it got to do with it ?? … the lizard is delivering….lizards dont deliver, do they ?? Aaaahhhh….

Vokay…inhale..exhale..relax and forget about the lizard. And if you insist, do read the comments to understand better 🙂

Ya actually ennakum onnume puriyale. espe when I saw the words ugly lizard.. 😦 Ok but now I understood 😀

Understood right!

She laughed it was a boy, lighter or darker
now the skin colour didn’t really matter.
She cried it was not a girl,for her daughter
she dreamt of a fair sister,if not fairer.


Thanks, PRG, for another apt 4-liner… hope you had a very happy Pongal too!

Hmmm. But these days even boys are not sparred… as far as the ‘fairness monster’ is concerned. Remember ‘Fair and Handsome’ cream… ??? Plus the stunning discovery… that the skin of a human male is different from that of the human female…

Is the nobel committee listening… ???

Hey, what’s this male/female skin thing? Links please!

Sigh! Sad but true 😦 But the other sex r also smitten by the fairness bug nwadays 😦

Ha! The virus spreads…..

lovely! that was so beautifully put!

Thank you, Ganga. Such a pity, that people still hanker after ‘fair skin’ despite being educated and ‘cultured’. Why does ‘fair and lovely’ have to be the benchmark?

The lizard is like a side dish right, not integral part of the story, added to create the dramatic effect 😉 … very nice and I agree with people above me that ‘fair’ ness is a factor for men too … creams or no creams ….

Even I didn’t understood this one… After reading Vimmu’s and Hitchy’s comments and your reply, same question, What is the lizard doing there, must be a terrible hospital?

Lizard explained by Dman And, lizards are terribly ugly, too. Which is why the woman felt she could communicate her deepest fears to that being, rather than anyone else.

That was great, Pallu. Sadly – this must be going through so many women’s minds during their labour – when they should be excited 😦

Thank you 🙂 Seriously, Smitha. People are so obsessed with COLOUR, that they don’t realise that having a healthy baby is itself a blessing!

Sakshi: Thank u so much!

Anish: He he, I know how awful it sounds, but its got to be done!! Atleast not by you 😉 Thank you for reading/liking the post.

Shweta: Thanks a lot!!

Thank you, IHM. Didn’t realise the ‘lizard’ would have so many interpretations 🙂 Glad about it, ofcourse!
To me, he was just an equally ugly onlooker who, in the woman’s opinion, would understand her inferiority complex.

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