2009 – Year of blogging!!

As you already know, its the last two days for sending in nominations for the Avant Garde Bloggies Award.

All you need to do is check out the Categories here (spreadsheet) and here (additional categories) and write down your nominations in the Comments section on the blog.

I have sent in Nominations Part 1 and Part 2 already, and will be sending in a couple more today.

And I want to thank Hitchy, Dreamer and Smitha , Monika AND Urmila, for having nominated some of my posts in Fiction, Poetry (Lol) and Culinary categories (:roll: ). Thank you so much, people, you made my day!!

Now, these are the posts I’ve written this year. (Thank you, IHM, for sharing the secret 😉 to the archives code 🙄 )

So if you liked any of these, please do remember me 🙂 whenever the voting phase begins.


(Signing off from a snowy land)


14 thoughts on “2009 – Year of blogging!!

  1. Wow! What a list!

    I intend to nominate your blog for this award… haven’t got around to doing it yet. You see… we librans sometimes have a visitor called Mr. Procrastination. He’s pretty much like Ruskin Bond’s Uncle Ken 😉

    Will do it tomorrow…

    1. @ Ums: I used to love snow too, when ‘snow’ meant ‘flakes that fell silently to the ground’. Last few days, its been more of a continuous whirring of soft but icy little spears!!

      @ Poonam: Ofcourse!! This is a very interesting event, close to every blogger’s heart.

      @ Roshmi: He he! Thank you, for thinking of me. That is more than enough (ahem, until the voting begins 🙂 )

      @ Vimmu: Yeah, its a nice tip from IHM!

      @ Monu: Ohh, didn’t see that…sowie…! And thank you. Will edit the post 😉

    1. Urmi- I hope to thank you in person some day 🙂

      What will I do without you blog buddies?! I really don’t know.

      Thank you peepals. Touched 🙂 Sniff sniff 😦

  2. I am really new to your blog.. so will read the missed posts by leisure 🙂 🙂

    and why you have archived so earlier… still 10 days for this year to end… 😀 😀 and we are expecting posts from you… 🙂

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